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April 1928


Portioning Out the Scriptures Rev. A. W . Orwig gets at the heart of 2 Tim. 2:15 in the following comment: “The Apostle Paul was writing to Tim­ othy, a young preacher, and giving advice as to the Gospel ministry. And the pri­ mary intent o f his words was that Tim­ othy should always maintain sound doc­ trine, and so preach and teach as to meet the various.wants o f the many kinds of people. " ‘Rightly dividing the word o f truth f, means therefore, more particularly, as Jesus said, giving people ‘their portion in due season.’ That is, one .should be

'Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.’ In the Scripture there was a man with a ‘withered hand’—what pathos, what tragedy! How uneven are the chances o f success in the world to a man with a withered hand! Such is a handicap indeed. But this is not an in­ curable ailment. Christ said to the man with the withered hand, ‘Stretch forth thine hand.’ Do it, brother. Obey! There is life, character, achievement, service, career, immortal, in that hand—stretch it forth ! For Christ’s sake, for your own sake, for humanity’s sake, stretch it forth — now !”—Chas. E. Locke in “A Man’s Reach.” “I never remember, in all my Christian course, a period now (in March 1895) of sixty-nine years and four months, that I ever sincerely and patiently sought to know the will of God, by the teaching o f the Holy Spirit, through the instrumen­ tality of the Word o f God, but that I have been always directed rightly. But if hon­ esty o f heart, and uprightness before God were lacking, or if I did not patiently wait upon God for instructions, or if I pre­ ferred the counsel o f my fellow men to the declarations of the Word o f the living God, I made great mistakes.”—George Muller. “ Let me follow in Thy footsteps, O Jesus! I would imitate Thee, but cannot without the aid of Thy grace! O humble and lowly Saviour, grant me the knowl­ edge of the true Christian, and that I may willingly despise myself; let me learn the lessons so incomprehensible to the mind of man, that I must die to myself by an abandonment that shall produce true humility.”:—Fenelon. 11 me a» Who Will Roll the Stone Away? Dr. Jowett quotes’ Mark 16:3—"Who shall roll us away the stone?" and then draws the following lesson : How anxiously these women had grap­ pled with the disturbing problem of their own weakness! They yearned to do the last love-service to the dear body o f their Lord. “ But who shall roll us away the stone? W e shall not be able to move it! And no one will be about at that early hour! It will be still dark and the gar­ dener will not have come to his work 1 We may take our spices to the grave, but the stone barrier will mock our weakness, and we shall have to turn home again!” They saw no way out o f their difficulty. “'And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre. For the angel o f the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone from the door.” That is only one example of countless others in which we bother about things for which our Father has made ample provision. The angel has already received his commission, and at the appointed time he will remove the stone. I f we leave the angel out of our thinking, the stone will appear ah overwhelming hindrance, but if we think o f the angel, we can quietly believe that the stone will be rolled away.

thoughtful and wise, in properly minister­ ing both to saint and sinner. Jesus set us a fine example in this. The Gospel is boundless in its adaptation to the diversi­ fied necessities o f human nature. And therefore' to every worker in the Lord’s vineyard comes the important admonition, ‘Study to show thyself approved uhto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’ Such a charge cannot be over­ estimated. Diligent, honest study, and constant prayer are necessary to fulfil the charge. God grant that we may measure up, as far as possible, to the divine stand­ ard.”

“The Bible kept me in that night"

A LONE in vast and cold New York t / l City, many men have been kept true and steadfast by the Bible they have found in their hotel room. Many thousands of Bibles have been placed in New York City hotels by the

New York Bible Society. Millions more have been given to immigrants and sailors in their own language, to sick in hospitals and to the blind in raised type. For 119 years this great work has been maintained, but never have there been enough funds.


Y OU can provide Bibles for the needy andat the same time receive a fixed yearly income on all money you devote to the cause. From 4°/o to 9%, depend­ ing on your age. You receive an in­ come check every six months as long Exchange your Liberty Bonds for Bible Annuity Bonds New York Bible Society, Dept. 37, 5 East 48th St., New York City. Without obligation, please send me descriptive pamphlet about your Bible Annuity Bonds. as you live. Absolutely safe. Find out about this truly Christian investment. Mail the coupon for full particulars. New York Bible Society 5 East 48th Street, New York City


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