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April 1928

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Balanced Burdens By Stuart Robertson There is imagination, sim­ plicity, brevity and freshness in this book of fine story ser­ mons for young people. Not only does the author tell a good story and tell it well, but he has the genius aptly and tellingly to point the moral and apply the message. We recommend this volume to all parents in search of a good book for their children. Cloth $2.00 The Conflict By Elizabeth Knauss Here is another splendid book which should be put into the hands of young readers to h e 1p s t e m the tide of disaster that is following the evolutionary teaching of so many present-day schools and churches. Its reading will check the flood of indifference and unbelief and bring young people back to the faith of our fathers. There’s human interest and romance, too, in this splendid piece of fiction. Cloth $1.75 Fine Gold By Josiephine H. Westervelt This interesting story is il­ lustrated with eighteen full- page photographs. It is a mis­ sionary romance of S o u t h American wilds and is filled with mystery, romance and thrilling adventure, yet all the while it points out the fact that there is no place in all the world so sweet to the child of God as the will of God. Cloth $1.50 Beautiful Girlhood By Mabel Hale ' This book will help girls solve the perplexing problems that are common to the life of every teen-age girl. It will help to develop a strong char­ acter, a winning personality and also help girl readers to become leaders and ma k e friends. Bound in a pretty shade of blue with colored me­ dallion on front side-;—making it an excellent gift book. Cloth $1.00 Scarlet and Purple By Sydney Watson This is a splendid story to put into the hands of yourig people, especially those who are unconverted, for it brings the reader face to face with Jesus Christ, as Saviour, and emphasizes the “must” of the New Birth. Full of romance, adventure and thrills, this pow­ erful story carries the reader along in a fine sweep of action to its most surprising ending. Cloth $1.75

Overcoming Handicaps By Archer Wallace These fascinating stories of great men !who counteql mis­ fortune a spur to achievement will interest and inspire every young reader. The stories in­ clude: “The amazing story of Arthur Kavanagh,” “ The little cripple with a giant mind,” “A poor negro boy who thrilled a king,” “A Quaker boy who astonished the world,” “ The newsboy who became a great inventor,” "The lad w h o learned to read at twenty,” and many others. Cloth $1.00 By Keith L. Brooks An intensely entertaining and dramatic piece of fiction that should be read by all young people to . save them from the pitfalls of evolution­ ary teaching. The fate of Jean Whitney is an experience that is happening with alarming frequency and this splendid book provides an excellent safeguard through its expo­ sure of the Devil’s old lie now so cunningly disguised. Paner 50 cents Blue and Gold Keratol $1.00 Cynthia Stands Fast By Florence Nye Whitwell The problems of present-day social life that Cynthia faced are like those of many other young Christians, and this bright little story will encour­ age itg young readers to “stand fast” in the face of the many temptations daily en­ countered. A touch of romance is added through Cynthia’s ac­ quaintance with a fine young Christian man who is expect- ting to go out as a missionary —yes, she decides to go with him. Paper 75c; Cloth $1.25 Both young and old will en­ joy this wholesome, refreshing series of diary letters written by Mary Ellen to her chum, Edith. Her intimate picture of church life and the revival meeting is so true to life and drawn so naturally that your interest will be held from start to finish. The young evangel­ ist and Mary Ellen finally de­ cide to combine their efforts in the Master’s service and so the book ends happily. Decorative boards 75c The Betrayal of Jean Whitney Mary Ellen’s Diary By Mrs. H. S. Lehman

A pril 7, 1928 Text : 1 Jno. 5:11

“ I was taking a short drive one day in a southern city,’' says James McConkey. “ Coming homeward I began to give the Gospel to the man who was driving. I tried to show him that eternal life was in Christ Jesus and that when he received Christ as his Saviour he would receive that life. But he could not see it. I owed him a dollar for his fare. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a dollar bill. Then I took a small coin purse; folded up the dollar bill; put it into the purse; snapped the clasp ; and handed him the purse. ‘William, you have the dollar I owe you, don’t you?’ ‘Yes, sir,’ said he. ‘How do you know you have?’ T saw you put the dollar into the purse, and I have the dollar because I have the purse.’ ‘Well said, William ! Now listen to this : ; “ ‘ “This is the rècord, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life, and he that hath not the,Son hath not'life.”-;’ “ ‘William, this iis God’s own record, that He hath ' given unto us eternal life. Mark, it is a gift just as surely as I gave you that dollar, only more so, for it is a gift without price. Now God has put this eternal life in His son. That is the record of His Book. As soon as you break with sin in your heart and take His Son as your Saviour, you will have eternal life, just because it is in Him as surely as that dollar is in that purse. Will you do this? Will you take Him now?’ I held out my hand as I spoke, offering him the Son in whom the Father has placed eternal life. He took my proffered hand ; the tears came into his eyes. He said, ‘I see it, sir’ : and right there, as I verily believe, he. found the Christ in whom God has put everything He; has, for lost; men and women, the Christ in whom alone, is eternal life.” 3& A pril 8 , 1928 Text: Rev. 22:16 Dan Crawford used to tell how, when his Africans were on the march and night was- coming on, they would lie down to sleep. But before dropping off to sleep there would pass from group to group about the fires the Watchword “ Lutanda” (Morning Star).- It was a laconic agreement to be up and ready to move when the morning star appearéd. To Mr. Crawford it was ever a parable for those who lay down in their last sleep with heart and mind fixed on Him who' is the bright and morning star, and who will awaken the sleeping to resurrection life and glory.

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A pril 9, 1928 Text: 2 Cor. 2 :15

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Campbell Morgan says that he once went into the home of a gentleman who was entertaining him, and in one room he always detected the fragrance o f roses, and he said to his host

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