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April 1928

one day, “ I wish you would tell me how it is that I never come into this room without seeming to detect the fragrance o f roses.” The gentleman smiled and said: “ Ten years ago I was in the Holy Land, and while there I bought a small phial o f attar o f roses. It was wrapped in cotton wool, and as I was standing here unpacking it; suddenly I broke the bottle. I took the whole thing up, cotton wool, and all, and put it into this vase.” There stood a beautiful vase,' and he lifted the lid, and the fragrance o f roses filled the room. That fragrance had permeated the clay of the vase, and it was impossible to enter the room without consciousness o f it. If Christ be in us, the fragrance of the Rose o f Sharon will pervade and permeate our whole life.



Making a Life

God ’s Present Kingdom

By Rev. Cortland Myers This is ' a most convincing book—-dompact, fervent, and vigorous with profound and eager conviction. Dr. Myers presents numerous aspects, in­ cluding reasons why we do not find ourselves engaged in ef­ fective work for Christ, and he builds up a powerful, consis­ tent argument for answered prayer based upon promise and experience. Cloth $1.25 The Second Coming of Christ By Evangelist Britton Ross Is the coming of Christ an important doctrine? Does it make any difference which view of the Lord’s coming you hold—whether before or after the Millennium? Read these splendid sermons covering six important questions concern­ ing the second coming of Christ if you want to know more about this great truth. Paper 35c The Messiah By David McConaughy A series of devotional medi­ tations adapted for the “ quiet hour,” yet intended to illus­ trate a method simple but suf­ ficient to yield substantial re­ sults among busy business men and students in the schools. Cloth $1.00 The Imperial By Richard Hayes McCartney A volume of beautifully me­ tered verse in which this well- known poet gives us a pic­ ture of Jesus as the Prince— the King—and the Rejected. Nor has he forgotten in L’envoi to give a glowing, po­ etical description of the day when Jesus shall return to earth again in His Majesty and Power. Cloth 60c Familiar Failures By Dr. Clovis G. Chappell With his rare ability for character analysis Dr. Chap­ pell here depicts the Idler, the Slave of the Second Best, the Distant Disciple, the Success­ ful Failure, and other well- known types of men who in Bible times and in our own day have made a failure of the business of life. He also shows how dangerously com­ mon to all are the mistakes of each. Cloth $1.60

By Philip Mauro Those who are interested in p r o p h e c y , “ dispensational eras,” etc., will find in this volume a rich storehouse of carefully gleaned material on these subjects. This is one of the best books yet written on t h e kingdom of God—its founding, nature and functions. The author also submits a searching analysis, v a r i o u s views and opinions currently held, which, in his judgment, are entirely unscriptural. Cloth $1.25 A Present-Day Challenge to Prayer By Capt. E. G. Carre An inspiring account of in­ cidents and experiences in the life of the late Rev. J. N. Hyde, the saintly character known as “ Praying Hyde,” and one of God’s choicest gifts to His Church in India. Published with the hope that its reading will encourage others to a deeper spirit of intercession. Cloth $1.00 How to Be Saved and How to Be Lost By Dr. R. A. Torrey Here is a series of sermons by this famous evangelist and Bible teacher, marked with all of his old-time vigor and cer­ titude, in which the way of salvation and the way of condemnation is made as plain as day. Dr. Torrey proclaims a straight Gospel and this vol­ ume is sent out into the world for the same purpose that Jesus Christ came into it, “ to seek and to save the lost.” Cloth $1.50 The past, present and fu­ ture work of Christ is ex­ plained in a most interesting and instructive manner by this1 able writer and teacher. Dr. Gaebelein shows that Christ’s past work was accomplished by Him when He became in­ carnate. It was finished when He died on Calvary. Soon His present work may end and then His future, kingly work begins,, when He comes the second time. Boards 50c The Work of Christ By A. C. Gaebelein

A p r il 10, 1928 T ext: 1 Pet. 1:3

After the. battle of Inkerman, in the Crimean War, some sol­ diers picked up a dead man for burial, and heard something tear. Looking more closely, they saw an open Bible upon which he had placed his bloody finger and the congealed blood had carried with the finger a portion of the leaf. Scanning the scrap closely, one of them read aloud the w ords: “ I am the resurrection, and the life,”—and with that text upon the finger o f the dead Chris­ tian they buried him..

A pril 11, 1928 T e x t: John 5 :25

An army chaplain tells o f having bivouacked with his brigade upon an open field, each soldier wrapped in his blanket, but with nothing over him but the cold, cloudy sky. On rising next morning, all over that field were little mounds like new-made graves, each covered with a drapery of snow, which had fallen during the night, and covered every sleeping soldier as if in the winding-sheet o f death. While he was gazing upon the strange spectacle, here and there a man began to stir, rise, shake himself, and stand forth in momentary amazement at the sight. It was a symbol o f the resurrection and failed not to make its im­ pression upon the beholder. (Trimner.) Paper—that article so useful in human life, that repository of all the arts and sciences, that minister of all governments, that broker in all trade and commerce, that second memory of the human mind, that stable pillar of an immortal name—takes its origin from vile rags. The rag dealer trudges on foot, or drives his cart through the towns and villages, and his arrival is the signal for searching every corner, and gathering every old and useless shred. These he takes to. the mill, and there they are picked, washed, mashed, shaped, and sized—in short, formed into a fabric beautiful enough to venture unabashed even into the presence of monarchs and princes. This reminds us of the resurrection o f the mortal body. When deserted by the soul, we know not what better the body is than a worn and rejected rag. Accordingly it is buried in the earth, and there gnawed by worms, and reduced to dust and ashes. If, however, man’s art and device can produce so pure and white a fabric as paper from filthy rags, what should hinder God by His mighty power to raise this vile body from the grave, and refine and fashion it like unto the glorious body of the Lord Jesus Christ? (Scriver.) A p r il 12, 1928 Text: 1 Cor. 15:38

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