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T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s

April 1928

A pril 13, 1928 T ext: 1 Cor. 15:54

There is a story told o f a workman o f the great chemist Faraday. One day he knocked into a jar o f acid a little silver cup. It disappeared, was eaten up by the acid, and couldn’t be found. The question came up whether it could ever be found. One said he could find it; another said it was held in solution and there was no possibility o f finding it. The great chemist came in and put some chemical into the jar, and in a moment every particle o f silver was precipitated to the bottom. He lifted it out a shapless mass, sent it to a silversmith, and the cup Was restored. If Faraday could precipitate that silver and recover his cup, I believe God can restore my sleeping and scattered dust. ( Youth’s Companion.') A man arose in one o f Mr. Moody’s meetings once and said: “ I have lived on the Mount o f Transfiguration for five years.” How many souls have you led to Christ?” was Mr. Moody’s reply. “ I do not really know,” replied the gentleman. “ Have you led any?” Mr. Moody again asked. . “ I do not know that I have.” “ Sit down then,” said Mr. Moody, “ for we do not want that kind o f mountain-top experiences in our church.” Mr. Beecher was once asked why his church was so suc­ cessful. Mr. Beecher replied: “I preach to 450 people on Sunday morning and evening, and they take up my message and preach it all week.” , The Rev. J. Hudson Taylor relates that a Chinese pastor, meeting a young native convert, asked him if it was true that he had known the Lord for three months. The reply was: “Yes, it is blessedly true.” The pastor continued: “ And how many have you won for Jesus?” - “ Oh,” said the convert, “ I am only a learner, and never possessed a complete New Testament until yesterday.” “Do you use candles in your home?” “Yes.” “Do you expect the candle to begin to shine when it is burned half­ way down?” “ No, as soon qs it is lit.” The young man saw the point, and went to work. Within six months several of his neighbors and others had received the light o f the Gospel. A pril 15, 1928 T ext: James 5:20 A nose and throat specialist had to operate on a little girl who was unable to take any anesthetic. He took a fifty-cent piece out o f his pocket, and said: “ That’s for you to spend exactly as you wish. I’m going to hurt you a little, but take a good look at the fifty cents before I begin, and then hold it tight in your hand, and remember what you saw while I’m at work— it won’t hurt nearly so much.” When it was over, the doctor patted her on the head and said: You’re a brave little girl. Now tell me what you thought about while I was at work.” “ I thought o f the words,” she replied. The words!” said the physician. “The date, you mean ?” for he had hardly remembered that the coin had any words on it. “No, I mean the words at the top, ‘In God we trust,’ ” she said quite simply. “ It was the first half dollar I ever saw, so I A pril 14, 1928 T ext: Prov. 11:30 A pril 16, 1928 Text: Psa. 84:12



Putting the Church on a Full Time Basis By Dr. A. Beaven This new book presents a flexible but definitely con­ ceived program for making re­ ligion a seven-day affair, and for using the Church in all departments to serve the com­ munity at all hours. Dr. Bea­ ven explains that he has been using his church for several years as a laboratory in which to conduct unusual experi­ ments in religion. Theise ex­ periments have netted unusual results and in response to many requests from ministers all over the country he has as­ sembled his findings in this new book. Cloth $2.00 By Dr. John M. Maclnnis Dr. G. Campbell Morgan says from the standpoint of intellectual interest this book is a real delight but that its greatest value lies in the fact that it helps to clear thinking upon the really fundamental things of our faith and life. Dr. Maclnnis’ masterly discus­ sion of vital questions in this new book should prove of great interest and help to ministers at this particular time. Super Cloth $1.50 Pulpit Mirrors By Edwin H. Byington Here is a unique book for ministers—a laboratory study of “ specimen cases’’ in preach­ ing. The author presents the results of his observations in more than twenty instances, analyzing the strength and de­ ficiency of the minister in each instance. He also lays down fundamental principles and proceeds to suggest the meth­ ods by which they can be most effectively applied. Cloth $2.00 By A. C. Gaebelein An exegetical examination of every New Testament refer­ ence to the Spirit of God, forming a splendid text book for seminaries, Bible institutes, and all ministers, Christian workers and Bible students. The volume also contains one hundred New Testament facts as to the Holy Spirit. Cloth $1.00 Peter the Fisherman Philosopher The Holy Spirit

Modem Religious Liberalism By John Horsch If you want a summing up of the modern apostasy, witn plenty of proof in the shape of actual quotations from leading theological professors a n d ministers of the liberalistic stamp, here it is. One cannot read this book without being impressed with the weakness and also with the dishonesty of the New Theology. Cloth $1.50 Training the Teacher This book provides the es­ sential elements f o r t h e teacher-training course in four sections: 1. The Bible material which is the basis for all Sun­ day school instruction, under the title of “The Book,’’ by Dr. Schauffler. 2. “ The Pupil,” by Mrs. Lamoreaux. 3. “T h e Teacher,” by Dr. Brumbaugh. 4. “ The School,” by Mr. Law­ rence. Paper 60c By Martin C. Brumbaugh This volume is of inestim­ able value to both experienced a n d inexperienced Sunday- school teachers, and an earn­ est study of the guiding prin­ ciples here set forth will un­ doubtedly result in the king­ dom of righteousness being ad­ vanced through the Sunday school. 350 pages of helpful information and instruction covering many phases of the teacher’s work. Cloth $2.00 The Fundamentals An encyclopedic collection of information that answers fully and authoritatively all the questions that arise about the great fundamental doc­ trine of the Christian faith. More than 60 of the world’s greatest Bible teachers and schplars contributed these ar­ ticles. Set of 4; Cloth $6.00 Jesus’ Habits of Prayer By S. D. Gordon A helpful, inspiring message in which the author shows that the man Christ Jesus prayed—prayed much—needed to pray— loved to pray. He also shows that there is no emergency, no difficulty, no necessity, and no temptation that will not yield to prayer. Paper 25c The Making of a Teacher

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