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April 1928


didn’t know they were there; but it’s lovely to have them, so the folks who have half dollars can think about them all the time.”

P A I O L A " ' I l iF ) rs

A pril 17, 1928 T ext: Luke 6:35



A Chinese man, lying on his death-bed, was told for the first time o f “Jesus and His love.” “A h !” he exclaimed, earn­ estly, “ I always thought there was a God like that, somewhere." An old Hindu woman made a similar remark: “ I always thought there ought to he a God like that.” A student in India, longing for spiritual enlightenment, yet believing his own reli­ gion to be entirely true, said of it: “ It exacts unflinching duty, and knows no grace . . . . but we err, we know not why. W e are led on, as it were, on the waves o f sin and mistakes. There are powers too great for our own frail being, and I wish then that there were a God who would be kind to me; who would feel my weaknesses, and who would extricate me from the meshes o f sin and temptation.” He did not know that the Lord Jesus had told us that God was kind; nor did he know that our Saviour was “ full of grace and truth.” ijg A pril 18, 1928 T ext: Isaiah 12:2 A young Irishman went to the minister and told him, with a very long face, that he had seen a ghost. “Where, and when?” said the pastor. “ Last night,” replied the timid man. “I was passing by the church, and up against the wall o f it did I, without a shadow o f a doubt, behold a specter.” “ In what shape did it appear?” inquired the man of God. “ It appeared in the shape o f a donkey,” replied the man. “ Go home and hold your tongue about it,” rejoined the minister. “ You are a very timid man, and have been frightened by your own shadow.” IP •H A pril 19, 1928 T ex t: 1 Tim. 1 :15 John Newton, who ran away to sea, and then to Africa, so that, he said, “ I might be freed from sin,” was sold at last to a negress, herself a slave. He sank so low that he lived only on the crumbs that fell from her table and on the raw yams that he dug by stealth at night. His clothing was reduced to a single shirt, which he washed in the ocean, hiding among the trees while it dried. Yet he never thought o f the better life. When he escaped from the drudgery he went to the natives, accepting base life. It does not seem possible for a civilized man to have sunk so low. But the power of Jesus laid hold o f him; he became a sea captain. Afterwards he was ordained a clergyman of the Church o f England. If we think his life meant nothing to us we are mistaken, for it was he that wrote the hymn we often sing, “ Safely Through Another Week.” He was also the author o f “ Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare,” “Glorious Things o f Thee Are Spoken, Zion, City o f Our God,” “ One There Is Above All Others Well Deserves the Name o f Friend,” “ How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds in a Believer’s Ear.” In the Church o f London o f which he was rector you can still read the epitaph he wrote for himself: “ Sacred to the mem­ ory of John Newton, once a libertine and blasphemer, and slave o f slaves in Africa, but renewed, purified, pardoned and ap­ pointed to preach that Gospel which he labored to destroy.”— Bible Champion.

A Cross-Reference Study of Acts By Keith L. Brooks A new. •veirse-by-verse com­ mentary in which the Question and Answer method is em­ ployed because experience has proved this one of the most effective methods of making a deep impression on the mind. Blank spaces are provided in which the student writes his answers after looking them up in the Bible. Paper 50c Thirty Studies in the Gospel of Matthew By Wilbert W. White Not a short cut for the intellect, but a real incentive to apply the mind to vigorous study and made so intensely interesting that hard study becomes a pleasure instead of a task. I 10 pages, including review and preview and appen­ dix of helpful review ques­ tions. Paper 50c Simple Studies in Daniel By William L. Pettingill Daniel’s predictions h a v e much to do with the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, so a study of the Book of Daniel should be undertaken by every true child of God as well as the earnest Bible student. This little volume helps splendidly. Send for a copy in order that you may “ study to show your­ self approved.” Cloth $1.00 Perplexing Passages in the Fout 1 Gospels By Keith L. Brooks This is a book needed by thousands of Bible students who do not have access to many reference books. The au­ thor has searched the best commentaries for the simplest and clearest explanations of difficult passages, and the re­ sults are here compiled in con­ venient form for quick and ready reference. Paper $1.00; Cloth $1.50 Simple Studies in the Revelation By William L. Pettingill This book is just what its name indicates— simple, easily comprehended studies, avoid­ ing all difficult questions and technical language and pre­ senting the truth clearly, for­ cibly and scripturally. This little volume is well worth the attention of every child of God and every student of God's Word. Cloth $1.00

The Divine Unity of Scripture By Dr. Adolph Saphir Dr. Saphir, a man of genius and an eminent scholar, whose Jewish mind and training en­ abled him to easily apprehend the typology and imagery of the Bible, has given us in this volume a very clear insight into the spirit and connection of the two great divisions of the Bible. This is one of the most instructive and. faith­ strengthening volumes you ever read. Paper $1.15; Cloth $2.00 Old Testament Types By Dr. Wm. B. Riley ■It is necessary to under­ stand the types and shadows of the Old Testament in order to understand all of the New Testament and its correct teaching. In this book the au­ thor has produced a work which will prove of great as­ sistance to any Christian who desires to know his Bible bet­ ter, as it explains the Old Tes­ tament types in a clear, simple and interesting manner. Paper 50c A Study of the Book of Revelation By Alexander Hardie To study the Book of Reve­ lation—which contains th e most glorious manifestations of Deity ever vouchsafed to a human being, fills the hearts and minds of all thoughtful and prayerful students with the triumphant hopes and joys of this great salvation. The seeker after truth who wishes to obtain knowledge of the sig­ nificance of the glorious vi­ sions described in Revelation will be wonderfullly a i d e d through the use of this vol­ ume. Cloth $1.50 The Importance and Value of Bible Study By Dr. R. A. Torrey This volume contains the gist of Dr. Torrey’s methods of Bible study, and all Bible readers, students and teachers will find this book a very help­ ful “ first aid” in •the use of the Scriptures. The famous Bible scholar and evangelist tells here in simple language how he thinks the Bible should be read, studied and interpret­ ed so that the great truths of Christianity may be clearly un­ derstood. Cloth $1.00

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