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April 1928

A pril 20, 1928 T ext: Luke 6:12

General “ Stonewall” Jackson had in his service a negro who had become so accustomed to. his ways that he was enabled to discern whenever he was about to start on any expedition, without receiving notice to that effect. When once asked how he was able to ascertain this, as his master never divulged his plans, the negro replied : ‘.“Massa Jackson alters prays ebery night and ebery morning; but when he goes on any expedition, he pray two or tree or four times during the night. When I see him pray two1 or tree or four times durin’ the night, I pack de baggage, for I know h e’gwine on an expedition.” toL I A . couple started off to ride to a friend’s house. The morn­ ing was pleasant, and they were enjoying themselves, until they happened to remember a certain bridge which was very old, and probably unsafe. “ I shall never dare to go over that bridge,” exclaimed the w ife; “and we can’t get across the river in any other way I” “ Oh,” . said the man,!; “ I forgot that bridge. It is a bad place; .suppose it should break through, and we should fall into the water and be drowned!” “ Or,” said the woman, adding to his complaint, “ suppose youfshould step on a rotten plank and break your leg, what wjspld become o f me and the'baby?’!’;:; “ I don’t know,” continued her husband, ‘Svhat would become of any o f us, for I couldn’t work, and we should all starve to death!” So the lugubrious talk ran on until they reached the spot where the. old bridge had stood, and lo, they’ discovered that since they had been there it had been replaced by a new one ! All their anxiety had been worse than useless. Most, if not all, the worry people take— for they do half the time take it to themselves—is waste. Ill A pril 22, 1928 Text : 1 Pet. 3:15-16 Max I. Reich tells of a man who had a wonderful blessing in Christ. He wrote out the story of it, and frequently used to read it to his friends. One day when a visitor came to his home, he said to his wife, “Would you mind going upstairs and getting -my blessed experience?“ I have not seen it for some time.” When the wife returned she told him that the “blessed experience” had been chewed into small bits by the mice. Do we not need to ask God to keep us fresh, that our testimony may be an ever-new and living realization o f the saving and keeping power o f our all-sufficient Lord? A pril 21, 1928 Text: Phil. 4:6



Is Salvation Safe? By Keith L. Brooks Can the real, born-again child of God become a child of the Devil? Practically every believer and Christian worker has to meet that ques­ tion in dealing with those who lack assurance and Mr. Brooks settles the question with God s Word— giving splendid expo­ sitions of the difficult pages which some quote as teaching that it is possible to fall from grace and “ get unsaved.” Paper 50c; Cloth 75c Diamonds from the Rough By E. G. Phillips A volume of original inci­ dents and stories of “ re­ births” that are far more in­ teresting and thrilling than fic­ tion. Profusely illustrated and containing graphic ac­ counts of eighty-three experi­ ences in various revivals and gospel meetings where the power of God transformed the roughest kind of "Diamonds” into polished gems, sparkling for Christ. Paper 50c Why Will Christ Come Back? By Dr. F. E. Marsh With this splendid volume available there is no reason for any reader to be left in the darkness of uncertainty regarding the purpose of our Lord's Second Coming. A vol­ ume of twelve stirring ad­ dresses which will be found exceedingly helpful and in­ structive to those who want to learn more about the glorious appearing of our Saviour. Paper 65c Fox’s Book of Martyrs By William Byron Forbush Not to have read this his­ tory of the lives, sufferings and triumphant deaths of the early Christian and Protestant martyrs is to have missed reading one of the great Eng­ lish classics—a book that will never die. For over three hundred and fifty years it has been one of the most influ­ ential books in Christendom. It should be in every Chris­ tian home library. 370 pages; Cloth $2.00 How the Blessing Came By Rev. Robert Middleton A little volume of eleven short chapters that will re­ fresh your soul and give you one of the biggest spiritual treats you have had in a long time. We heartily commend this book because no one can read it without being the bet­ ter for it. Send for your copy today. Paper 40c

The Return of the Lord Jesus By Dr. R. A. Torrey Sinceit is true that the Lord is coming at any time, for His own, thensurely that is an important truth for every child of God to look in­ to. This book sets forth very clearly, what the Bible teaches in relation to the personal vis­ ible return of Jesus, and shows that His return is the only so­ lution to present “world prob­ lems.” Be sure to order and read this message. Paper 75c; Cloth $1.25 God’s Best Secrets By Andrew Murray This book is a particularly desirable volume for the read­ ing table of every home—to be picked up night after night and explored with constantly increasing delight. It is made up of eight sections, each con­ taining thirty-one short chap­ ters with Scriptural headings, so that it is particularly help­ ful when used for daily medi­ tation. Considered by many to be the best of all this beloved author’s books. Every Chris­ tian should own a copy. Cloth $2.50 Divine Healing By Andrew Murray The deeply devotional life of the author can be recognized throughout this, series of ad­ dresses on Divine Healing, which he frankly stated were published “with a view to showing, according to the Word of God, that ‘the prayer of faith’ is the means appoint­ ed by God for the cure of the sick, and that the study of this truth is essential for every­ one who would see the Lord manifest' His power and His glory in the midst of His children.” Cloth $1.00 Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Heaven By Rev. E. L. Hamilton “ Why call ye, me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” is the challenge hung forth to all Christians by this volume of striking ad­ dresses. The author believes that much of the powerless­ ness of the Church tod&y re­ sults from the self-excusing in­ difference towards the direct words 'of Christ, and he has endeavored in these messages to arouse his fellow-believers to a point of believing that Christ always meant what He said. Cloth $1.50

A pril 23, 1928 Text: 1 Kings 19:4

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“ I heard once,” said Moody, “of a man who dreamed that he was swept into heaven and he was there in the glory world, and oh, he was so delighted to think that he had at last made heaven, that he had got there. And all at once one came and said, ‘Come, I want to show you something.’ And he took him to the battlements and he said, ‘Look down yonder; what do you see?’ ‘I see a very dark world.’ ‘Look and see if you know it.’ ‘Why, yes,’ he said, ‘that is the world I have come

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