ABOUT ACADIA ASSESSOR The Acadia Par i sh Assessor ’s Oce bel ieves that proper ty owner s have a r ight to know how the dut ies of the Assessor ’s oce aect them. Our webs i te i s des igned to expand our services to the publ ic whi le al lowing access to assessment informat ion beyond normal work ing hour s . I t oer s everyone the abi l i ty to search for valuable parcel informat ion including, but not l imi ted to, owner ship data, assessed values and legal descr ipt ions . Addi t ional ly, vi s i tor s can view and pr int aer ial photography and digi tal maps of Acadia Par i sh proper t ies , access ible on desktop and mobi le devices . We are al so commi t ted to providing t imely informat ion on the most up to date technological innovat ions to the Assessor ’s oce. Social media has been a valuable resource for our res idents to gain quick ins ight of day- to-day operat ions , develop per sonal connect ions wi th our sta, and have access to informat ion they otherwi se wouldn’ t have sought out . Whi le reaching an average of near ly 1,000 individual s each day, our oce st r ives to promote dai ly l i fe around Acadia Par i sh to bui ld a bet ter communi ty amongst our res idents .

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