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Business Continuity? Is Your Supply Chain Hardened to Ensure

What’s your risk? According to research from the Business Continuity Institute, 73 percent of businesses experienced a supply chain disruption in the past year.

Large parcel and truckload/LTL carriers invest millions in disaster recovery. The wide range of smaller carriers and suppliers may not have the capability to deter or minimize the effects of a disruptive event. About 91 percent of U.S. trucking companies operate six trucks or fewer. Many are not able to invest heavily in data security, so when a breach occurs, they may not have the resources to recover quickly from a problem to ensure loads keep moving. A logistics partner provides redundancy for your shipping information.

In the survey, companies identified the top threats in the next five years:

The bad guys only have to be right once in a while for a successful attack. Your IT defenses must be on point every time. When your supply chain faces disruption, working with an expert partner can deliver continuity.

• Cyber attacks and data breaches

• IT outages

• Adverse weather

• New laws or regulations

• Acts of terrorism

As trucks and trailers and parcels become more connected, vulnerabilities will be exposed. Data about each package, from consumers’ personal information to contents and pricing, must be managed and kept secure at each step.

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