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different expertise and back- ground from the design and construction industry that has helped DMS grow and prosper. We live in Light- house Point, Florida and love traveling around the country meeting new people and visiting project sites. So it has not only been a perfect union for us personally but professionally as well. This way we get to spend our days and nights together! Who do you feel was most influential in your life when choosing this profession? My parents but in two completely different ways. My father comes from a background in design and construction. I witnessed his ability to construct and fix

with the contractor, issuing monthly reports to ensure the goals defined during design are not compromised and are implemented as intended. DMS strives to encourage a team-oriented collaborative approach with each of the team members, but most importantly, al- lowing them to focus on their responsibilities as the architect, MEP engineer, civil engineer, lighting de- signer, contractor, etc. DMS streamlines the efficiencies and efforts avoiding overlap- ping responsibilities. What was the most de- fining moment for you in the profession you are currently in? Greenbuild 2008 when I met with Wiley to speak

things. He would take me to the classes he taught for the electrical trade where I actu- ally learned how to calculate square roots. He ultimately became a chief electrical in- spector and even authored a chapter about fire alarms for the general contractor’s exam in Florida. Although he had aspirations for me to be a landscape architect and design golf courses, he still helped to guide me down this path. My mom on the other hand, she always just pushed me to pursue my dreams no matter what. If I hit a road block, she helped to clear them; if I got discour- aged, she knew just what to say to motivate me again; and if I got hungry and was on a deadline, she cooked my favorite foods to keep me nourished. So I really have to thank both of them. What outside activities do you enjoy during you free time? Before Kyle joined our lives, I would have respond- ed working on my tan, bike rides, yoga, spa days, and visiting new restaurants. Life changes when you have a baby though. My time laying poolside has been exchanged for time at the playground and I couldn’t be happier! What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young woman about to go into the field of com- mercial real estate or your allied field? Regardless of the indus- try, figure out what you love to do! We spend most of our days working so why not enjoy what you do! This way you really don’t see it as work but just life. I have met so many people that do not enjoy what they do and you can tell without them even telling you. If you don’t know where to start, just start somewhere. I truly believe everything happens for a reason so wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it must have some meaning. I started in ar- chitecture and design and loved it but always wanted to focus more on sustainability and the integrated design process. While working at a design firm I was able to gain project management experience acting as the Owner’s representative. This experience, coupled with my design background, is the groundwork I needed to be- come a successful LEED and certification management consultant. n

about authoring a book about LEED. I felt so honored to be chosen to write their first publication specifically about LEED. While I loved to write, I never saw myself as an author or had any ambitions to write a book but when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it. I knew it would redefine my career. Tell us about your fam- ily. My husband Juan and I have a 19-month old son, Kyle, and a 12-year old Mal- tese, Izzy. Juan now works with me at DMS after a family decision for him to give his equity back to his business partner at his con- struction management firm. Juan brings a completely

AP credential to flourish in “the land of LEED”. Using my experience as an owner’s rep, I have approached each project with a very hands-on manner, guiding each team personally through the cer- tification process, mindful of the budget and schedule where these efforts resulted to earning LEED certifica- tion for a variety of project types using the different LEED rating systems. Ap- proaching a project in this manner is intended to relieve the developer/owner of man- aging and coordinating each of the different consultants to ensure the design meets the intentions and goals of the project. During con- struction, we also coordinate


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