PABC Mediakit 2022

Media Kit 2022

About Us The Physiotherapy Association of BC (PABC) is a registered non-profit organization. Founded in 1927 as a Branch of Canadian Physiotherapy Association, PABC was incorporated in 1945 and is governed by physiotherapy members who are elected to the Board of Directors. As the voice of our members, PABC ensures members have access to practice support, professional development, and advocacy avenues to provide opportunities for people in BC to receive quality care that keeps them moving for life. PABC represents our members to government, health authorities, insurers, other stakeholders, and the public . PABC has been serving its 2,800+ members for over 75 years.

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Get Noticed by Our Audiences

Who Is Following PABC andWhere?

PABC Website *Statistics taken from January 2021 to November 2021.

PABC Social Media

Our Members 2800+

+51.5% 2021

+4.5% 2021

PABC boasts an engaged membership of 2800+ physiotherapists (PTs), physiotherapy assistants (PTAs) and physiotherapy students (MPTs) across British Columbia.

+1.7% 2021

Key age ranges 109 740+ New Users 405 710+ Unique Pageviews Male 61% Female 39% 25 - 34

+100% 2021

We offer non-member information about practising physiotherapists, news, articles, jobs, and more. The website also serves as a PABC member portal including exclusive professional resources.

Physiotherapists hold a Master’s Degree! Did you know?

Physiotherapists are licensed healthcare professionals who work both independently and alongside healthcare providers. With a patient-centred approach, physiotherapists use evidence-informed knowledge of rehabilitation sciences, anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology to assess, treat and manage pain, injuries, movement dysfunctions, and chronic conditions. The goal of physiotherapy is to empower, promote independence and improve the quality of life for all British Columbians.


How to Reach Our Audiences PABC Advertising Opportunities and Channels Members, vendors, suppliers, and sponsors can purchase advertising space on any one or more of the available channels reaching engaged audiences. New opportunities for ad placements open up regularly. Packages can be tailored to suit your advertising needs and budget.


Sponsorship& Special Projects

Emails & Postings

Postings Pages OnlineAdvertising Get your message noticed by PABC’s 100 000+ annual website visitors. Choose from a wide array of advertising options: Promot- ed Job Posts, Featured Ads, Sidebar, Header, and Footer placements on the most visited pages with consistent- ly high traffic. Get your job listings, events, educational courses, and products noticed by our audience. PABC boasts an average of 12, 500 monthly page views.

Directions Magazine Directions Magazine is an esteemed publication created by PABC for its members and their communities. Be a part of the magic of storytelling and pursue one of many engaging advertising opportunities that will put your organization on the main stage.

As a dynamic and nimble organization, PABC regularly takes on exciting projects that pique members’ interests. Be a part of these initiatives by pursuing multimedia advertising offerings. Member Benefits Program Be a part of our member benefits program and get your brand and services used by top physiotherapists and clinics across BC.

Gain exclusive access to our social media audiences by choosing to feature your Job Posting as our monthly Featured Ad. PABC’s social network reach grows substantially every year, with members and non-members alike choosing PABC as their trusted source for physiotherapy related content. Expand your reach by leveraging ours!

PABC has dedicated monthly emails reaching an engaged member audience. Members, vendors, suppliers and sponsors can purchase advertising space in one, more, or all emails, including special events. PABC boasts an above average email open rate of 50.1% and link click through of 12.5%.


3. Digital & Print

Digital & Print




Postings’ Pages & Emails Do you have a job opening, product or course you want to advertise? At a low cost you can add a posting to our Jobs, Courses, or Marketplace pages. Additionally, your posting can be featured in our monthly e-blasts that get sent directly to our members – see extra rates below. PABC takes a needs-based approach to website advertising and will work with you to meet your advertising needs. Contact to receive a curated advertising package to ensure your marketing goals are achieved. Standard Website Postings – book online

What is a featured ad? A featured ad links to your original posting and helps drive traffic to your posting. There are three types of Featured Ads. 1. Featured Ad in an e-blast The ad appears in the header or footer of the e-blast, is titled "Featured Ad", includes an image/a logo and a description of max. 25 words. 2. Featured Ad on the website The ad appears at the top of the relevant postings page on the website and includes an image or a logo. This is available on the Jobs, Marketplace and Courses pages. The ad is created using information from your existing posting, so there is no need to provide artwork.

Posting Type


Member Rate

Non-Member Rate

5 free per membership year (Oct. – Sept.) 5 free per membership year (Oct. – Sept.)

Job posting


4 weeks


Marketplace posting

4 weeks

Privately hosted course Privately hosted course E-blast*

$150 $300 $75

$300 $600 $150

0-6 months 0-12 months 1 e-blast

*Email newsletters that PABC sends to its membership.

See page 6 for featured ads on social media.

Featured Ads for Postings – contact to book Posting Type Duration Member Rate Non-Member Rate

$250 for 1 $400 for 2 $300 for 1 $500 for 2

Featured ad in e-blast

1 e-blast

$350 per ad

1 month

$500 per ad

Featured ad on website


Job Postings Page

Job Posting Packages – contact to book Get extra discounts by purchasing a job posting package.

Posting Type


Member Rate Non-Member Rate


10 job postings

1-year package*


*All posts in the 1-year package are valid for 4 weeks.

Promoted Ads for Job Postings –

contact to book

What is apromotedad? Promoted Ads help to push your job posting to the top of the list. Promoted Ads enable you to ensure that your posting is being seen by people looking for a new position. Promoted job postings run for one week, with a maximum of 5 being purchasable per week. Purchasing Promoted Ads for your job posting enables you to be strategic with how you advertise with PABC. Disclaimer • The promoted job posting will be listed on the Job Postings page in order of the purchase date. • All promoted job postings are displayed with the disclaimer ‘Promoted’. • Purchased promoted ads are rotated Monday to Monday. If an ad is purchased on Friday afternoon and/or during the weekend, PABC will process it the following Monday at the latest.

Do you want to advertise a job posting and ensure that it is featured on the top of our Job Postings page? Did you advertise your job posting a little while ago and it has since moved down the list on the Job Postings page? Submitted job postings are approved on a rolling basis and often times, individual job postings may only receive one day or less of coverage on the front page. Promoted Job Postings can fix that problem! You can purchase a Promoted Ad for your job postings either during your initial checkout or after the first week your job posting was published. Promoted Job Postings will be the top 5 posts on the first page and updated on the Monday of each scheduled week.

Posting Type


Member Rate

Non-Member Rate

Job posting


1 week


Didyou know?

With over 40,000 pageviews yearly, PABC’s Job Posting Page is the second most visited page on our website.


Social Media Packages Our Social Media Packages will give you exclusive access to PABC’s social audiences. Drive visitors to your job posting from social media by purchasing a package below.

Packages & Rates – contact to book




Posting Platform Duration



1x per month


Featured Ad – Job Posting

Dimensions & Considerations • File type: JPG or PNG • Dimensions: 1200 x 628 pixels • Resolution: 144 ppi • Description: max. 50 characters


1x per month

Featured Ad – Job Posting




1x per month



Featured Ad – Job Posting

• File type: JPG or PNG • Dimensions: 1080 x 1080 pixels • Resolution: 144 ppi • Description: max. 125 characters • File type: JPG or PNG • Dimensions: 1200 x 627 pixels • Resolution: 144 ppi • Description: max. 100 characters • File type: JPG or PNG • Dimensions: 1200 x 675 pixels • Resolution: 144 ppi • Description: max. 280 characters



1x per month


Posting Type Featured Ad – Job Posting


Member Rate

Non-Member Rate



Combination of 2

1x per month

Choose two



1x per month

Combination of 3

Choose three



1x per month

Full Social Package

All Social Platforms

What is a featured ad on socialmedia? Featured ads appear on the social media platforms as purchased and include an image/a logo. The ad will be shared on the selected social media platform on the first of the month with a link to your original job posting on the website. Disclaimer • PABC only offers image ads for job postings on social media platforms. Video, carousel and collection ads are currently not available. • *Pinned posts are only available for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Instagram Story • File type: JPG or PNG • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels • Resolution: 144 ppi Pinned Posts Get your featured ad pinned to the top of our social media pages!* Contact for more details.


Website Advertising Get your business/products/services in front of our audience NOW! PABC’s website is visited by 10,000+ unique visitors monthly. Choose from a selection of highly- visited pages with proven and consistent records of high traffic. We offer banner, footer, and sidebar options on these pages. Due to high demand for these pages, ads are placed on a first-come-first-serve basis.



Ad Location

Ad Duration


Job Postings/ Course Postings/ Marketplace Postings Job Postings/ Course Postings/ Marketplace Postings Job Postings/ Course Postings/ Marketplace Postings

3 months 6 months



3 months 6 months



Sidebar *placement rotated monthly


3 month 6 months

3 months 6 months


News and Publications



3 months 6 months



UBC Corner


Events Pages

3 months


Contact to secure your ideal advertising spot on the PABC website.


Website Advertising Design Specs & Considerations • Ad spaces subject to availability. • All ads need to be approved by PABC marketing ensuring the products/offerings are in line with PABC services, supports the physiotherapy profession, offers value to the public or PABC members. • Ad space is booked once payment has been received. • All ads need to be supplied within 14 business days prior to start date. Ads will be published on closest business day until end of duration. • Ads will be supplied to PABC in high quality, full colour JPEG, PDF or PNG format.

Banner&FooterAdDesignSpecs • 728 x 90px, 150dpi • CMYK or RGB • Format: JPEG, PDF or PNG

Inhouse Design Options PABC offers design services by our diversely talented in-house creative department. From graphic design to copy editing we can help you create the perfect advert to get noticed by the PABC audiences. Use our team’s expertise and consumer knowledge to elevate your advertising opportunities.

Only $300!

SidebarAdDesignSpecs • 270 x 360px, 150dpi • CMYK or RGB • Format: JPEG, PDF or PNG

All content to be provided to PABC and 2 design reviews will be considered per static design for banner or sidebar ad.


Directions Magazine

Directions Magazine is an esteemed publication composed by PABC, for its members and their communities. This magazine is brimming with emerging physiotherapy news, exciting advocacy work, new membership updates, and plentiful resources to help members better serve their patients, support their teams, and advance their clinics. Be a part of the magic of storytelling and pursue one of the many engaging advertising opportunities that will put your organization on the main stage!

Directions is also uploaded to the website. Each issue is available to view in an interactive digital format to make it easily accessible on the go. Every issue remains on our website for members to read and share digitally over and over again. Directions Online

Directions in Print

A classic print format enables the members to showcase their community magazine in their clinics, office spaces or at home.



Early Bird Rates Regular Rate

Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Outside Back Cover Full Page 1/2 page (horizontal)

8.625 ” x 11 ” 8.625 ” x 11 ” 8.625 ” x 11 ” 8.625 ” x 11 ” 8.625 ” x 4.25 ”

Submission Dates: June 2022 Issue

Please contact

• Early bird rate deadline: April 30 • Regular rate deadline: May 15 December 2022 Issue • Early bird rate deadline: October 30 • Regular rate deadline: November 15

1/4 page (horizontal)

8.625 ” x 4.25 ”

Insert (bulk pieces)



Directions Magazine Design Specs & Considerations • Full page ads must be submitted with full bleed: Bleed: 8.5 x 10.875” Trim: 8.375 x 10.75” Safe zone: 7.5 x 10” *hint - keep text well within the safe zone parameters. • Half page ads : 7.735 x 4.875” No bleed or trim required. • All ads are in full colour. • Submit in print quality PDF format ONLY without print marks. • Convert spot colours to CMYK. • Embed fonts. • Ensure image quality is minimum 300 dpi. • Quarter page ads: 7.735 x 2.5” No bleed or trim required.

Full Page Ad Specs with Bleed

Safe Zone 7.5 x 10 ”

Trim 8.375 x 10.75”

Bleed 8.5 x 10.875”

In-house Copy & Ads Leave the storytelling to us!

Quarter Page Ad

Our professional team of creatives will thoughtfully craft your brand’s story to strategically engage our specific readership. Our in-house communications specialist has years of experience crafting compelling stories. Our team will do all the heavy lifting as you work directly with us in sourcing interviewees, quotes, testimonials, photos, and other essential ingredients that go into making and baking the savour-every-last-word kind of story.

7.735 x 2.5”

7.735 x 4.875”

Half Page Ad

*Placement of half and quarter page ads may vary according to articles and space available.


Sponsorship & Other Opportunities PABC hosts numerous courses, webinars, in-person and virtual events, andmore...

PABC’s Physiotherapy Conference This exciting annual conference for the physiotherapy community in BC is presented in partnership by PABC, The College of Physical Therapists of BC (CPTBC), and the UBC Department of Physical Therapy. This engaging and highly anticipated event provides physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, and physiotherapist assistants with the chance to take part in innovative professional development, the discovery of the latest products and services, and access to networking and community building with colleagues and leaders from across the province. PABC offers various sponsorship and advertising opportunities for both in-person and virtual events associated with the BC Physiotherapy Conference: • Opening ceremony and keynote address • PABC AGM • Education sessions • Gala dinner and awards ceremony • Tradeshow with exhibitors • Post conference educational courses • Agenda and program (virtual and print options)


Sponsorship & Other Opportunities PABC hosts numerous courses, webinars, in-person and virtual events, and more...

PABC Hosted Courses & Educational Webinars Does your brand support professional development? Get your brand front and centre by sponsoring any one or more of PABC’s educational courses, webinars and webinar series. Our attendees are engaged and focused. Recordings are also housed on our website with exclusive permanent access for all members. Sponsorshop package includes: • A thank you and your logo included in the follow-up email to participants • A 30-second video presentation at the beginning of presentation (provided by sponsor) OR PABC Moderator to read a brief sponsorship promo (provided by sponsor) • Banner ad on webinar page once published to website library

MemberBenefits Program Want to be in our carefully curated community of member benefits partners? PABC prides itself on offering members exclusive and competitive benefits; everything from discounts on internet and phone services to savings on fitness studios and clothing retailers, these valuable offers support our members in their profession and personal life. Offers are only available to our members and are hidden behind a member portal.

Is this the right fit for your organization? Reach out to us at today.

Other special projects include educational/informational material for PABC members and the public. Contact to get involved in our special projects.


Why Partner with PABC? We’ve spent decades advocating for this diverse group of healthcare workers and understand their unique needs. We are well-versed in propositioning relevant services and products to our community of members and the public. We owe it to our members to introduce them to organizations that will make their lives easier. Our professional team of creatives will support you every step of the way in making your dream advertising objectives a reality. You can leave the storytelling and engaging imagery to our editorial team and have complete trust in the process as we use the most up-to-date website analytics to thoughtfully dictate each creative decision. PABC offers intimate access to BC’s buzzing community of physiotherapy professionals.

• In-house design services • Ad services • Tailored packages to suit your advertising needs • Direct consumer knowledge

Contact Our Team

Reach out to us to learn more about how we can support you in reaching BC’s physiotherapy community.


#402 - 1755 W Broadway Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 4S5


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