Viking Views Winter/Spring

MVC MURRELL LIBRARY HOSTS DANNY CLINKSCALE The Missouri Valley College Murrell Library hosted Danny Clinkscale on Tuesday, February 19 at 7 p.m. for an author presentation and book signing in the Murrell Library Reading Room. Danny Clinkscale, a longtime personality for Sportsradio 810 AM WHB, is one of Kansas City’s most notable and longstanding broadcast voices. He is also the author of “Leaving Cancer for the Circus” which details his battle with cancer and a solo journey through small Midwest towns that are not typically found in travel guides. His reporting skills have been showcased at a number of the largest sports events in the world including Super Bowls, World Series, Final Fours and U.S. Opens. Though primarily focused on sports, he has often written and commented on film, music and more.

NEW CRIME SCENE LAB ADDED TO MVC CAMPUS Missouri Valley College’s criminal justice program has added a crime scene lab to campus, which is located in the lower level of the Collins Science Center. The addition of this crime scene lab allows faculty to set up extensive mock crime scenes so students can determine what is considered evidence from the scene, collect samples for evidence and submit evidence to the lab for testing. Some materials provided in the lab include fingerprinting/lifting materials, GSR testing kits and a forensic mannequin with trajectory rods. Additionally, this lab provides faculty members the opportunity to go more in depth when they train on blood splatter, locating evidence that someone has attempted to clean up, and the use of luminol. MVC ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR RELEASES NEW BOOK Dr. Christopher Libby, associate professor of religion and philosophy, has published a book, “Truth, Community, and the Prophetic Voice: Michael Walzer, Stanley Hauerwas, and Cornel West on Justice and Peace” released by Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group. The book seeks to provide a theoretical retrieval of the moral and theological vision of the biblical prophets, in light of contemporary philosophical and theological arguments. It situates a defense of the prophetic vision of justice and peace in the context of arguments holding that all truth claims are fallible and mediated in and through various communal contexts.

MVC STUDENT RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM EXCELLENCE IN STUDENT RESEARCH AWARDS The fall 2018 Student Research Symposium was held on November 30, 2018. There were 50 student presentations at the symposium and of those that presented, 23 majors were represented. Mariah Kochell won the Excellence in Student Research Award for Best Poster for her research project, “Sexual Activities Impact on Self Confidence and Body Image.” DaShonda Johnson won the Excellence in Student Research Award for Best Performance for her performance, “Shattered.” Endurance Toro won the Excellence in Student Research Award for Best Presentation for her study, “Analysis of Microbial Composition Differences between Rhizosphere and Non-Rhizosphere: Biphenyl Degradation, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.” Campus is now gearing up for the spring student research symposium which will be held on Friday, April 26. 15

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