2022 AFBA Financial Planning Guide

Table of Contents (Cont)

Chapter 9. Important Papers, Wills & Trusts Important Papers Wills Estate Planning Trusts Personal Record System Health Care Decisions Location of Important Documents Worksheet Chapter 10. Savings & Investments Why Save And Invest? Investment Prerequisites Risk and Return Types of Investments Short-Term Investments Common Stock Fixed Income Securities Mutual Funds Derivatives Real Estate Other Tangibles Retirement Accounts Education Savings Investment Goals and Strategies Time Value of Money Savings & Investment Terminology Investment Worksheet Chapter 11. Personal Credit Credit Cards Credit History Credit Freeze Bankruptcy Chapter 12. Social Security & Medicare Social Security Benefits In General Social Security Eligibility Applying For Social Security Estimating Social Security Benefits Retirement Benefits Consumer Loans Home Mortgages Education Loans Reverse Mortgages

Chapter 13. Life Insurance Introduction Building a Personal Insurance Program Why Life Insurance? Types of Life Insurance Term Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Other Types of Life Insurance Contract Provisions How Much Life Insurance? Risk Classification Selecting a Life Insurance Company The Language of Life Insurance Insurance Worksheet Chapter 14. Annuities The Annuity Principle Annuity Classifications Annuity Pros and Cons Life Expectancy Table Chapter 15. Federal & State Taxes Federal Income Tax In General Determination of Tax Liability When To File Your Return Combat Zone State Income Taxes Federal Estate And Gift Taxes State Inheritance Taxes Tax Tips Income Tax Worksheet Appendix A — Internet Resources

Appendix B — Military Information Directory

Appendix C — Identity Theft

Appendix D — Spotlight on Commissaries

Disability Benefits Survivor Benefits Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Medicare Nursing Homes


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