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November 2018

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What I Am Most Thankful for This Year MY FIRM, MY COUNTRY, AND ITS SYSTEM

I can’t count how many times someone has asked me what inspired me to pursue a career in law. Every time they ask, I feel like my answer disappoints them because I don’t actually know what inspired me to be a lawyer. There wasn’t some earth-shaking moment or some major outside influence; I just somehow knew the job that I wanted, and once I started my undergraduate degree at BYU, I never veered from that course. As I celebrate my 11-year work anniversary here at the Advocates of Driggs, Bills, & Day this month, I have the opportunity to reflect on the voyage I took to get to where I am today. I’ve determined that if there is one word to describe how I’ve felt about my job over this last decade, it’s “thankful.” I wake up in the morning with ample opportunities regarding my education, my career, and my own personal growth, and I am completely unfettered by anything other than my own lack of ambition. “ ” I’m thankful for so many features of my job, but this month, I want to point out three of the most salient aspects that can oftentimes be overlooked. The first aspect of my job for which I am surely thankful is the particular firm that I have been a part of these last 11 years. Due to their avarice — be it alleged or authentic — many lawyers have a negative reputation among clients, but our firm is unique because our success is bolstered by our genuine care for our clients’ well-being. In fact, I don’t think any lawyer can ever be honestly successful unless they are personally invested in each and every case. Our firm is constantly seeking new ways to better help as many clients as we can. With this goal in mind, I spearheaded the opening of two new offices in Twin Falls and Boise, Idaho. Every week — with my caseload in the passenger seat — I make the trip up to both of those offices to help establish their infrastructure, consult medical

providers in the area, explore marketing options, and physically prepare the offices. Because I play a role in handpicking the staff for these new offices, I can see just how important it is to hire people who genuinely care for clients. These experiences have reminded me just how thankful I am to work for not just any law office, but this one in particular. That being said, I wouldn’t be able to open these Idaho offices if I didn’t reside in a country that allows me the freedom to do so. For this reason, the second aspect of my job that I am thankful for is its location here in the U.S. If you are like me and have never lived anywhere other than this country, then you might be inclined to forget how great it is. But this recent expansion serves as a phenomenal personal reminder. I am so thankful to live in a country where the only barrier to my success is me. I wake up in the morning with ample opportunities regarding my education, my career, and my own personal growth, and I am completely unfettered by anything other than my own lack of ambition. The last aspect of my job for which I am thankful — the fair and honorable judicial system I get to be a part of — goes hand in hand with the fondness I feel for my country. For the people who have never had to hire a personal injury lawyer, never had a court date set for them, or never had to sit before a jury and tell their story, the equitable system at play within a courtroom might go unnoticed. But in many of my own cases, I represent a client who is up against a large insurance company. The client could be a construction worker who is making a good living but was in a car accident that left him on crutches for several months. This means he would be unable to earn any compensation during that time, so not only does he experience severe physical pain, but financial pain as well. But when he walks into the courtroom to take on a multimillion dollar insurance corporation, the system will treat him fairly. It doesn’t care how much money he makes or what his role in society is. The system only cares about justice. It is the ultimate equalizer among humanity, and I will always be thankful to play a part in that process.

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