The Livewell Collective - November 2019



I’m not going to lie. My family and I go hard on Thanksgiving. As a business owner, it’s the one holiday where I really let myself put work out of my mind and just be in the moment with the people I love — which means plenty of eating and drinking! Ironically, this has led to my own beverage becoming a very important part of my holiday tradition. Let me explain. Here in this newsletter, we tend to focus on the fitness function of O2. We’ve written plenty on how its oxygenated formula helps the body recover after a hard workout— but that’s only half the equation. The same oxygen-rich formula works to help the liver recover from the punishments of, well, overindulgence.

Thus, after the turkey and stuffing have been devoured and the glasses emptied, I always end the night with a can of our own product — and then another one in the morning. If you plan on waking up with more than just a tryptophan hangover, I highly recommend giving this tradition a shot. But, even if you don’t plan on needing any help getting up on morning after Thanksgiving this year, many of your members might need that extra boost. Many gym-goers are likely aware of O2’s workout recovery benefits, but highlighting this added little “bonus feature” could be a great way to keep them thinking about you over the holidays — and boost your retail sales. Have your coaches remind members that if they want to stay active after the big feast, this little life hack can make a big difference. Heck, I’ve seen affiliates build whole sales around this sort of thing. Much like grocery stores, leveraging holidays can be a perfect way to give members a little something extra while upping your earnings (more on this idea inside). Why not play into the whole theme of gratitude and give away some cans? It’s an easy way to say “thank you” to your members and keep their mind on fitness as we approach the holiday slowdown. Heck, they may even bring up your act of generosity at their feast! If I said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: O2 was almost an act of selfishness. Growing up as a young CrossFitter who worked hard and played even harder, it was the drink I always wanted. In those days, I needed to bounce back from a workout or a night out in equal measure. I may not party as much as I used to, and work has cut into my gym attendance, but come this time of year, I’m always thankful for O2’s original vision.

O2’s co-founder, Dr. Dan, says it best: “Normally your liver is doing just fine on the blood that is supplied to it.” But he points out that there are certain situations where the liver can use

“some extra help.” According to the good doctor, a prime example of this is “when there is a large number of nutrients and/or toxins

being deposited through it at once (i.e., a mammoth meal — think Thanksgiving dinner, competitive

eating, a night of binge drinking, or ingestion of a bunch of supplements/ pharmaceuticals).”

Essentially, O2 helps the liver work through the extra punishment that comes with Thanksgiving or a night on the town.

Feast responsibly,

–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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