2023 Success Guide Annuals | Americas

Results You Can See Chrysal Alesco ® sprayed 2 days before shipping protected plants during 3 days of simulated shipping from the negative effects of ethylene.

Color on retail bench and high quality plants drive consumer purchases and sales. Commercial growers produce high-quality plants, but quality can quickly decline during post harvest. Shipping and retail conditions can be harsh on plants leading to significant plant losses. Provide top quality plants throughout the chain. Research shows that consumer purchases are 40% higher when a potted plant display is looking colorful, healthy and fresh. Not surprisingly, customers are far more likely to recommend retail stores with high- quality attractive plants than those without. Now with Chrysal Alesco ® there is an easy solution to improve shelf life in your store, reducing shrinkage and increasing sell through. How to Apply Chrysal Alesco ® can be easily mixed with water. The dosage is 1 ml per liter. One 200 ml bottle is premeasured for a 50-gallon tank mix (200 liters) which treats roughly 1 acre. Spray just prior to shipment (1 to 2 days). For optimal results, Alesco ® can also be sprayed 8 to 14 days prior to shipment. It is advised to perform the treatment at the end of the day while avoiding direct sunlight. Spray solution can be used up to 3 days after mixing. Do not mix residual solutions with freshly made ones. Alesco ® has a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval. Always read and follow label instructions. Use Alesco ® on ethylene sensitive crops. • Seed Geraniums— BullsEye ™ , Maverick ™ , Pinto ™ Premium, Ringo 2000 ™ • Vegetative Geraniums— Calliope ® , Moxie! ™ , Americana ® , Tango ™ , Mojo ™ • Lobelia— Techno ® , Techno ® Upright • Seed and Vegetative Petunias— Dekko ™ , Picobella ™ , Sanguna ® • Dahlia— Grandalia ™ • Marigold— Antigua ™ , Inca II ™ • Pansy— Delta ™ Pro, Delta ™ Classic, Colossus ™ • Snapdragon— Snaptini ™ , Snaptastic ™ • New Guinea Impatiens— Sonic ® , Super Sonic ® , Spectra ™


Chrysal Alesco ®

Dekko ™ Sky Blue Petunia

Pinto ™ Premium Orange Bicolor Geranium

Techno ® Upright Dark Blue Lobelia



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