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A TRIP TO REMEMBER Our Family Vacation to Cancun

I f there’s one thing I love, it’s traveling around the world with my wife and kids. Just last month, we went on our yearly spring break trip abroad. This time, we skipped our usual destination, Jamaica, and headed down to Cancun for a few days instead. Though I’ve been all over the world, I’d never been to the coastal city, and I was eager to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed. As always when we travel as a family, it was an incredible experience — full of sunshine, crystal-clear water, and fun little adventures. WE’RE NOT INTERESTED IN SPEEDING FROM ONE EVENT TO THE NEXT, CRAMMING EVERY MINUTE WITH WILD EXCITEMENT. Pretty much everywhere my wife and I go, we bring the kids along. For us, it’s important to take a break from the stresses of life as a family every once in a while and spend quality time together. Since we’re all busy people, and we never have enough time just hanging out with one another, we try to keep the schedule pretty clear when we travel. We’re not interested in speeding from one event to the next, cramming every minute with wild excitement. Instead, we like to kick back on the beach and take a leisurely dip. But the few scheduled events we do plan are always a blast. Whenever we’re somewhere tropical, we make it a point to do a lot of snorkeling. It seems my entire family and I are lovers of the ocean, fascinated by the abundant marine life you never see

anywhere but the tropics. One of my fondest memories was on our trip to

Punta Cana. We took a boat ride miles out into the reef and dove in with our snorkels and paddleboards. The

water wasn’t deep, but there was an amazing array of colorful creatures, including little stingrays skittering around the shallows.

When we’re planning a trip, we always ask the kids what they’d most like to do. Sometimes they pick an activity that’s completely against my best judgment. When we went to the Dominican Republic, for example, my daughter insisted that we zip on the longest and highest zip line course in the Caribbean. Despite my protests, she managed to convince us. I can almost guarantee that this first trip on the zip line will also be my last. After 45 minutes of training, they send you on your way, and there’s no time to stop and catch your breath. Once, I got stuck halfway through. I was dangling what felt like hundreds of feet in the air until the instructor came and grabbed me. I’m sure the views were incredible up there, but I didn’t notice. I was too focused on surviving. Right now, I’m pining for that Cancun ocean breeze, but I’m also filled with the gratitude I always feel after a trip with my family. I know that not everybody has the opportunity to travel around and have fun with the people they care about more than anyone else in the world. So every time we get the opportunity, I make it count. Though my kids are getting older, I’m hoping we can keep taking these vacations for years to come.

–Subrat Bahinipati


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