Dova Center for Health & Healing August/September 2017

August/September 2017

A Season of Growth

Fall Brings Many Changes to Dova Center for Health and Healing

T he end of summer and the and Healing! As fall settles in and the kids go back to school and the temperatures cool down, our patients begin to fall back into their routines, and the Dova Center begins to see more and more patients. To prepare for the fall, our team has been busy all summer revamping the center in order to offer our patients the best care possible. I am excited to announce many changes you can expect to see this season! The next time you’re in, be prepared to see a new incarnation of Dova Center for Health and Healing. We will now be offering herbal foot soaks, as well as new body treatments and seasonal scrubs! We know that the additions to the spa will allow us to better serve our patients, so stay tuned for more details. “The next time you’re in, be prepared to see a new incarnation of Dova Center for Health andHealing.” beginning of fall is an exciting time at Dova Center for Health

Not only have we renovated our services, but we’ve also tweaked our customer service experience. This summer, I have been busy building our team and hiring new members with experience in many different areas

word about wellness, Dova Center will be partnering with more corporate and local organizations to host informational nights and health fairs.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of our patients for your patience with the

of health care. For instance, we’ll be adding a third acupuncturist to our team this month, and we are also hiring more medically trained assistants to work with our acupuncturists.

new software and our front desk customer care training. I know it’s been a long process, but the trainings have been amazing, and we are confident

that our check- in and checkout processes will be

much simpler now, and stress-free! I think you’ll be incredibly pleased with the staff we have assembled over the last couple of months and our new software. I hope you enjoy the renovated Dova Center as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together!

While the Dova Center already offers many high-quality services, we have a new mission to offer

more specialized medical treatments and stress-reduction techniques. We are also proud to announce a new emphasis on education in the community. To spread the

– Gina

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