Biola Broadcaster - 1965-10

Planning to retire?

Looking for convenience and economy with a Christian environment? i 1 11 1 1 I l 1 1 I l 1 1 II i iß IIJL 1 ^«nr 1 Ü * * l Only a portion ol the Holt Hotel In Hi strategic downtown locaHon. WHY YOU W ILL WANT TO CONSIDER LIVING AT THE BIOLA HOTEL

Not only do our facilities offer clear and comfortable rooms, but also the rates are extremely low. In addition, since the operation is owned by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc., managed by Christians, all proceeds go directly toward the training of students in the five Biola schools.


With an economical dining room in the building adjoining the historic Church of the Open Door, adjacent to the main Los Angeles Public Library, and at the hub of the beautifully developing urban renewal area for the city, everything is within a short walking distance. To satisfy yourself, why not plan to come for a visit as special guest?

With Bath Day Week Month

DOUBLE $ 5.00 31.00 77.50

SINGLE $ 3.50 22.00 67.50

WHhost Bath Day Week

DOUBLE Twin Beds $ 3.50 18.50 57.50

SINGLE DeLuxe $ 2.50 13.50 52.50


Reservations generally necessary. Harold F. Churchill, Mgr.

Complete rest room facilities nearby. Hot and cold water in every room.

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