2023 Q1 Impact Report





January 1 – March 31


Dear Friend, We entered 2023 with big goals to Prevent More, Shelter More and House More…and thanks to you, we are well on our way! Our hearts are full of gratitude for the progress you’ve made possible in the first three months of the year—growth we’ll continue to build on all year long.

Part of our growth is due to the increase in public-private partnerships for our Homelessness Prevention Program, partnerships with the City of Pasadena and the Office of LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger. In addition, Door of Hope received grants from several foundations and was named a preferred partner in homelessness prevention by the City of Pasadena, affirming the effectiveness of our work. Our Homelessness Prevention program is already filled to capacity,

Megan Katerjian and Mayor Gordo

and we anticipate a surge in applications as all COVID-19 Tenant Protections have been lifted as of March 31. We look forward to telling you more about this program and how you can make a difference through The Power of Prevention virtual event on April 27 at 5:30 pm. Emails with further details will be coming to your inbox. We are also excited about the completion of our year-long “Extreme Shelter Makeover” project, culminating in the unveiling of the newly refurbished Los Robles house in March. If you couldn’t join us for that event, see inside for details and a look at the incredible makeover of our oldest Door of Hope home. Because of your partnership, we’re on track to serve at least 10% more families this year, and each family we serve is experiencing tangible hope and lasting change. Please read on to see how you’re helping them rebuild a safe and sustainable future! With gratitude,

Rev. Megan Katerjian, Executive Director

“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership…” –Phil. 1:3-5

Homelessness Prevention Program Just in time! Stopping homelessness before it starts.

We’d all prefer to have our lives planned out a few steps ahead, but there are times when the future looks desolate, and God shows His hand—just in time! Noy is a single dad living in Pasadena, and a few months ago he found himself in a

situation where it felt like the walls were closing in. He and his son and younger brother needed to vacate the place they’d been living in, but Noy had been sick for a month and a half and had not only fallen behind on rent but didn’t have enough saved for that “first and last month’s rent” he knew he’d need to move.

It wasn’t as if there was anyone else to rely on. Noy’s mother died when he was 15, and he never knew his father. Frequently working twelve hour days, he’s been the “glue” holding his family together, and it looked as though the three of them were about to experience the devastation of homelessness. Then, a friend who’d also been helped by our Homelessness Prevention program told him he should contact Door of Hope. Noy says that the financial literacy classes and advice he received at Door of Hope have given him a strategy for saving and a vision for investing in his future. He is grateful that there was a program to help him get there, and to help others who are on the edge of homelessness.

“God stepped in just in time to keep us from being homeless,” says Noy. “We had to be out of our place on November 4, and Door of Hope made it possible for us to pay rent on a new place available on November 3. It was such a blessing.”

The Power of Prevention A Virtual Event April 27 at 5:30 pm RSVP at doorofhope.us/power Join us to get a special inside look at our Homelessness Prevention Program

$256,700 In Rental Assistance  Case Management Sessions 60 Support Group Sessions

85 Families Served

96% Housed 1 Year Later

Transitional Housing The transformation is complete!

309 Case Management Sessions 225 Life Skills Sessions 260 Adult Therapy Sessions 213 Child Therapy Sessions 41 Families Sheltered 6 Graduations

In March we unveiled the final phase of our Extreme Home Makeover , inviting our Door of Hope family to tour the Los Robles house and thank God with us for the completion of this major goal. Drawing on the expanding field of trauma-informed design, we made every choice thoughtfully and purposefully—color, texture, light, art, room arrangement, private bathrooms for each family at 3 out of 4 shelters— ensuring each element works together to provide a sense of safety, calm, and hope . We look forward to seeing what God will do in generations of future families as a result of this stewardship of your gifts and the exciting partnership of the Ahmanson and Parsons Foundations. will do in generations of future

One of the highlights of the unveiling event was the presence of Stan Lazarian, son of Door of Hope founders Iris and Steve

Lazarian. “My parents had an interest in starting a ministry for homeless families,” Stan shared. He related the

Iris & Steve Lazarian

words of his mother on the day they first drove by the Los Robles house: “Look, that would be a perfect home for what we want to do!” And yes, it has been perfect.

Alumni Support Change that sustains.

103 Alumni Families Served

We were excited to have José with us at the Los Robles event, sharing what Door of Hope still means to him, more than two decades later . José was just a young boy in 2000 when his family found temporary refuge at Door of Hope’s first house, Los Robles.

At our March event, he shared that one of the things he was most grateful for is that he never had to tell anyone that he lived in a “homeless shelter,” because as far as he knew, he wasn’t homeless—he was home. Door of Hope was home and gave him a sense of normalcy, and just as important, of structure.

78 Case Management Sessions 94 Spiritual Care Sessions 82 Adult Therapy Sessions 86% Housed 5+ Years Later

José speaking with tour guest

And now, as an adult, he appreciates that structure even more. He shared how it helped prepare him, and everyone around him, for success. He even remembers “snooping” around the budgeting classes and other activities for adults, soaking up all the information he could even as a child. Now in his 30s, José is a grateful volunteer at Door of Hope, living out his gratitude in ways that will help other kids who walk through the same front door that he did.

Interested in touring one of our homes? Visit doorofhope.us/events to learn more. Next tour: May 18 at Los Robles Shelter


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