Rosie's Radical Rescue Ride

ILLUSTRATIONS Mike Howie & Flux Animation

STORY Kyle Mewburn

Down on the farm there’s plenty to do, like fixing machines and hosing out poo.

But now summer's here, it's time to make hay to keep the cows fed through the cold winter days.

Grumbling like thunder the big tractor drives, pulling a mower with blades sharp as knives.

Then all of a sudden the engine just croaks, belching and farting a plume of black smoke.

Farmhand Matt cries: "The tractor has failed! Now how will we get all the hay cut and baled? The weather report says a storm's on its way. The hay will be ruined if it's not baled today."

He's stomping and swearing (his face is bright red) when the herd wanders past on their way to the shed.

"Don't worry," moos Rosie, "we'll still beat the weather, if we just use our heads, and cow-operate together."

The cows all get hitched with thick ropes galore. They H E A V E and they H O in a fierce tug’o’war.

Yet try as they might, the mower won't budge. And heavy cow hooves trample hay into sludge.

Slipping and sliding, they sprawl in the mud, while Rosie stands thinking and chewing her cud. The cows are exhausted and Matt is dismayed. But Rosie's just spotted a different blade.

She snatches up Toby and grabs his back paws. (There's nothing's as sharp as a big tomcat's claws.) "Faster!" meows Toby. "It's incowredible fun!" As he swings back and forth like a cat pendulum.

His razor-sharp claws slash right through the hay. But at this rate it’ll take them a month of Sundays. So Rosie starts twirling like a big spinning top. Faster. And faster. Oh no, they can’t stop!

Down Rosie burrows as fast as a miner. In no time at all they'll end up in China.

With a gurgle and rumble a geyser erupts!

They crash in a heap ... then Toby throws up.

A cold wind sweeps down, the storm's nearly here. What a cowtastrophe! There'll be no hay this year!

Then an old sheet of roofing iron goes skidding past. "Mooo-reka," grins Rosie. "But we have to act fast!"

They race up the hill in an udder stampede. There's a stack of old iron. It's more than they need. "Follow me!” yells Rosie. Barking out orders. "Here comes the cavalry of boviron-boarders!”

They swoop back and forth in a half-pipe of grass, cutting great swathes of hay with each pass. They slalom and swerve. Just watch them go! Soon all the hay's lying in orderly rows.

They skid to a halt then take a big bow. Nothing works better than farming know-how.

Their winter feed's safe. What cow-riffic news. But all they want now is a lovely long snooze.



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SPECIAL THANKS TO DairyNZ, King St Advertising and Flux Animation for their contributions toward creating this book.

The hay is ready to be cut and there’s a storm on the way. It has to be done quickly . . . but what’s this? . . . the tractor has broken down!

The farmer is in despair. Can Rosie come up with another brilliant plan and save the hay?

ISBN 978-1-77553-573-7

Rosie is funded by New Zealand dairy farmers through DairyNZ

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