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One Mutt’s Thoughts on Trying Something New

Hello, everyone!

We dogs just go with our instincts to make a decision, but humans can get all up in their heads. Even though joining Leonard Animal Clinic was a great opportunity, Brea was

My name’s Ace, and much like my boxer friend, Stella, I came to live with Dr. Brea Smith thanks to her husband, Mike. I was all alone, and Mike found me wandering around near his work. I’m a pit-Lab-heeler mix,

and I know that can make strangers nervous. I was so excited when Mike brought me home and overjoyed when Brea said I could stay. Now instead of sleeping on the street, I get play time, cuddles, and the best care of my life. For example, when the results of my annual heartworm test came back positive, Brea started treating me right away. Learning I had heartworms was a little scary, but I’m glad Brea found it in my check- up. Dogs with heartworms who don’t get diagnosed can suffer from heart failure! This is another reason why I’m glad Mike took a chance on me. Not many people would have.

worried about taking that leap. While her last clinic wasn’t great, it was familiar. The fear of the unknown when faced with something new can be difficult to overcome. Though humans can overthink things, they also have other people they can turn to for advice, which is what Brea did. She talked to Mike, other family members, and even her mentor from when she first became a vet. Additionally, Brea took some time to pray before making her decision. “There’s a reason certain opportunities come to you when they do,” Brea says. “Praying reminded me that God puts unexpected things in your path for a reason. If you don’t take that chance, you could be missing out on something great.” Brea was anxious about making such a big change, but she was willing to take that risk. It’s better to be a little scared than keep yourself in a bad situation. She took a chance when joining Leonard, and it really paid off. Less than 24 hours after Brea applied, Dr. Julius gave her a call, already excited at the idea of having her come into the clinic. I’ve seen how much happier Brea is in the six months since we joined the Leonard family. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is take a chance on something new. –Ace

“Humans can have trouble

taking chances, but sometimes it really pays off.”

Humans can have trouble taking chances, but sometimes it really pays off. Just ask Brea! The last clinic Brea worked at wasn’t a fun place to be. It wasn’t a friendly environment, and she was stressed out all the time. I would have bolted, but Brea was willing to stay put and take care of her patients. Then she was reading an article from an online veterinary journal one evening, and an ad popped up with an offer to “find your perfect job.” I understand humans don’t typically like pop-ups interrupting their reading, but Brea made an exception for this one. She gave it a try, just to see if there were any opportunities near our home. To her surprise, a position at Leonard Animal Clinic had just opened up!


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