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June, 2018

“Hip, Knee, Elbow&Shoulder Pain Will Only Slow You Down!” TENDONITIS & SPORTS

The tendons are what connect your muscles to the bones. Under normal circumstances,your tendonscanhandlea lotofworkandforce,butwhen they are over-worked, they become inflamed, causing you pain. Tendonitiscanoccurpracticallyanywhere inthebody,but ismostcommon in the hips, knees, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. The reason for this is quite simple: poor posture over a period of time. If you are at a computer orsitting foragoodpartof theday,yourshoulders tend toslouch forward and your back muscles weaken. How’s Your Posture? Poor posture weakens your back muscles, affecting your ability to do normal everyday tasks. The weakened muscles and poor posture place abnormalstrainontheshoulders,elbows,knees,andhiptendons.Therefore, depending on where the greatest strain is placed, you will most likely experience tendonitis.

Tendonitis can be short-lived, but can also become chronic in nature and last fora long time.Chronic tendonitisactuallydisintegrates thequalityof your tendons over time and can lead to tearing. Most people experience tendonitisonagradualbasis.Atfirst itmaybesoreness,but ifthe irritation continues, it can become excruciating pain, affecting your ability to do many simple activities.Tendonitis can also come from injuries that strain the tendons.This can be from a direct blow like a fall or an overstretching injury in a sports activity. Treatment Tendonitis is very treatable with the right kind of physical therapy. Our specialists helped thousands of people with tendonitis get back to doing the things they love. Whether your problem is new or old, having a good understanding of the mechanics of your body and identifying the source of theproblem leads toaquick recovery.Call today to learnmorehowour speciality programs can quickly relieve your pain and get you back to the activities you love!

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