SF1000 Operator Manual | 8.2018

Types of Wood to Use: We advise using only dry, seasoned hardwoods in your Shelter Furnace rather than high resin woods such as pine. Firewood should be cut at least one full season prior to the time of its intended use, for optimum heat output. Firewood should be stacked to provide a free flow of air between the logs, thus allowing more rapid seasoning of the wood. If wood is stored outdoors, it should be completely covered year round to protect it from moisture and exposure to the elements.

FUEL RECOMMENDATIONS: SF1000 – 20 inch maximum log length

Follow instructions included with the moisture meter that was supplied with this unit to make sure that you are using seasoned wood to achieve the cleanest burn and highest efficiency possible. When using the moisture meter, in addition to following the manufacturer’s instructions, look for readings under 30% moisture content. Also seasoned wood will be noticeably lighter weight than green wood, generally has darker ends with cracks or splits visible. Use extreme caution when opening the door during operation, temperatures are extreme. Wait at least 10 seconds after releasing the latch, and then proceed to the fully open position. Opening the door in this manner is designed to eliminate the possibility of gaseous This wood heater needs periodic inspection and repair for proper operation. If you observe excessive smoke, check to be sure you are burning properly seasoned cordwood and that there are no gaps in the gaskets on the door of the unit. When it becomes necessary to replace the gaskets: • Order part number FCGSKT58 (fuel door) and/or FCGSKT12 (ash door) • Remove old gasket • Install new gasket in gasket channel of door • Cut off excess gasket, ensure that there is no gap where the ends of the gasket material meet 10 ignition. Heat resistant gloves are recommended when opening the fuel door, emptying the ash pan. CAUTION: HOTSURFACES. K EEPCHILDRENAWAY. DO NO T TOUCH DURING OPERATION.

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