SF1000 Operator Manual | 8.2018

Troubleshooting Problem: Circulation blower runs constantly. NOTE: Make sure the white button on fan limit control is pulled out and in the “auto” position.


Remedies: • Remove cover on fan limit control and check for the proper setting. The point indicators should be set at 100° “Off” and 150° “On.” Do NOT attempt to adjust the fan limit by manually adjusting the temperature indicators on the dial. • Pull white button out and the blower should stop. • Check by moving “ON” and “OFF” point indicator to a temperature position where blower should turn off. If the blower continues to run, replace the fan limit. • Review wiring diagram. If unit is wired correctly, seek professional assistance.

• “Off”setting on fan limit control is low. Possible Causes:

• White button on fan limit control is pushed in. • Defective fan limit.

• Improper wiring.


Problem: Circulation blower vibrates during operation.

Possible Causes:


• Check squirrel cage alignment and position so that it does not drag on the housing during rotation, then tighten the screw sufficiently to fasten the squirrel cage securely to the shaft. • You may attempt to adjust the weights yourself to obtain an acceptable balance. If you are unsuccessful, contact your supplier. • Return the blower to your supplier for replacement.

• Screw on squirrel cage is not tight.

• Balance weights on squirrel cage have become dislocated.

• Defective main bearings.


Problem: Flames discharging from fuel door during reloading.


Possible Causes:

• Opening the door has provided additional oxygen which has ignited the accumulated gases from partially spent fuel. • Insufficient natural draft or an obstruction in the flue system. • Fire chamber filled to capacity with unburned fuel.

• Always open the door cautiously and allow the safety latch system to perform its designed function, containing gases within the fire chamber.

• See #6 and #9.

• Do not attempt to overload the furnace.


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