SHUNTS & BUS We offer a wide array of accessories and related specialty products to support our Water-Cooled Glass Transformers. The size and capability of our accessories can be designed to meet your application’s requirements.

LOWER RESISTANCE SHUNTS To optimize the secondary circuit electrical efficiency, RoMan press welded shunts offer lower resistance than traditional riveted designs, helping to minimize voltage losses and reduce current imbalances. From standard designs to customer specific parameters, our shunts will reduce costly problems associated with traditional secondary circuit voltage losses.

BUS—FEWER BOLTED JOINTS To maximize the efficiency of the entire system, RoMan offers custom-designed water-cooled bus integrated into your application. Through an exclusive design that reduces the need for unnecessary bolted joints, and a manufacturing process that only uses high-conductivity copper to insure low secondary circuit resistance, our bus bars allow installation closer to the heat source.

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