THE POWER TO TRANSFORM ™ RoMan Manufacturing ® is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of AC water-cooled transformers and related specialty products. As a manufacturer of high-current, continuous operation transformers, we combine unparalleled knowledge and expertise with innovative technology, to deliver ready to use products to leading companies worldwide.

MELTING, BOOSTING AND FORMING Ideal for optimizing the melting, boosting and forming of glass, RoMan transformers are smaller in size and lighter in weight, allowing them to be closely coupled to the heat source. This helps reduce electrical vibrations, resulting in increased product quality and longer component life-cycles, while substantially reducing total energy consumption, installation and maintenance costs. RoMan GenFour Transformer With the launch of our GenFour Transformers, RoMan has introduced the latest technological advancement for the integration of fiber forming transformers and secondary bus systems. GenFour is designed for balanced electrical delivery and optimal heating of the bushing.

SHUNTS & BUS We offer a wide array of accessories and related specialty products to support our Water-Cooled Glass Transformers. The size and capability of our accessories can be designed to meet your application’s requirements.

LOWER RESISTANCE SHUNTS To optimize the secondary circuit electrical efficiency, RoMan press welded shunts offer lower resistance than traditional riveted designs, helping to minimize voltage losses and reduce current imbalances. From standard designs to customer specific parameters, our shunts will reduce costly problems associated with traditional secondary circuit voltage losses.

BUS—FEWER BOLTED JOINTS To maximize the efficiency of the entire system, RoMan offers custom-designed water-cooled bus integrated into your application. Through an exclusive design that reduces the need for unnecessary bolted joints, and a manufacturing process that only uses high-conductivity copper to insure low secondary circuit resistance, our bus bars allow installation closer to the heat source.

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MAIN INFORMATION Primary Voltage(s): 220 230 240 380 400 415 420 440 460 480 575 Other: ____________ Variance Taps: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ Example: +/- 5% or 10% Frequency: 50 Hz 60 Hz 50/60 HZ Other: ____________ Secondary Voltage(s) (Please list all): ______________________________________________________________________________________ _ Number of Taps: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tap Location: Primary Side Secondary Side Special configuration: _ ____________________________________________________ Phase: Single Phase Primary Three Phase Primary Other: _ ___________________________________________________________ Multi Phase Primary Configuration: Three Phase Delta Wye Other: _ ____________________________________________________ Secondary Configuration: Delta Wye Scott-T Other:_______________________________________________________________ Mounting and Termination: Metric thread Imperial thread Transformer Type: Isolation Auto Other: ____________________________________________________________________________ KVA: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KVA Over Range: ________________________________ Constant Power (KVA) Constant Secondary Current over Secondary Voltage Range Certification: CE UL Recognized CSA UL Certified Other:_ _____________________________________________________ Core Rating: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Tesla or kGauss Any Specific Testing Required: Yes No If yes, what: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Example: Hi Pot, accessories etc. Size constraints, please describe: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________ Water or Air Cooled: Water Cooled Air Cooled

ACCESSORY INFORMATION Center Tap on Primary: Yes No Center Tap on Secondary: Yes No

Voltage Meter: Yes No Ammeter: Yes No Enclosure: Yes No If yes, what type: _____________________________________________ Example: Primary connections, secondary connections, whole unit If whole unit, what rating:______________________________________ Example: IP21, NEMA 1 Primary Connection: __________________________________________ Example: Studs, lugs and terminals Secondary Connection:________________________________ _______ Example: Studs, lugs and terminals Secondary Components: ______________________________________ Example: Cables, shunts, bus work (RoMan’s Non-Ferrous Foundry) Mounting: __________________________________________________ Example: Frame, hanger, lifting eyes, etc. Breaker on Transformer: Yes No Specs of Breaker: __________________________________ Specify Breaker Supplied: Yes No Secondary Voltage Sensing Wires: Yes No If yes, what type: _____________________________________ _______ Fused (at what amperage) or not fused PT on Secondary Sensing Wires: Yes No If yes, what range: ____________________________________________ Example: 120:10

CT on Secondary with Burden Resistor: Yes No CT on Secondary without Burden Resistor: Yes No If CT what range: _______________________________________ _____ Example: XXX:1, XXX:5 PT on Primary: Yes No If yes, what range: __________________________________________ _ Example: 480:120 PT on Secondary: Yes No If yes, what range: ____________________________________________ Example: 120:10 Thermoswitch: Yes No Thermocouple: Yes No If yes, what type: _____________________________________________ Example: J type, K type Water Connections:___________________________________________ Example: Individual circuits or manifold Flow Switch: Yes No Flow Monitor: Yes No If yes, what type: _____________________________________________ Example: Visual, Digital

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