Littlejohn Law LLC - July 2020




I’ve shared the story of how I became an attorney in this newsletter before, but in light of recent global events, I’d like to share it again. When I was applying for law schools, I received rejection letter after rejection letter. My undergraduate advisor told me that I should just become a paralegal instead. But rather than letting that get me down, it made me more determined to achieve my goal. I ended up getting accepted into the Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University in Lansing. I graduated and the rest is history. However, what you probably don’t know is just how big a risk I was taking going to law school even after I was already accepted. For my entire life up until I went to law school, I had either lived with my parents or lived on their dime. They had saved up enough money over the course of my life to pay for my college education, and they had either paid for or cooked all of my meals. When I was applying for law school, I was living at home. After receiving all those rejection letters, I had already resolved to go to one of the two out-of-state law schools that had actually accepted my application. Before I left though, my dad tried to convince me to take a year off before going to law school. He said that if I retook some classes that I hadn’t scored very ALL I HAD WHEN I WENT OFF TO LAW SCHOOL THE DREAM AND THE DRIVE

high grades in as an undergrad, retook the LSAT, and reapplied to some in-state law schools that had previously rejected my application, he and my mom would pay my way through law school. I had no desire to do any of that. The way I figured, this was my life, and now was my time to start becoming a lawyer. I told my dad that I was still going to go to law school in Michigan, with or without his financial support. We had a pretty big argument about it, but my mind was made up. So, with no money, no job, and no place to live yet — with nothing more than a dream and a drive — I made my way up to Lansing. It was the first time in my life I had no financial support from my parents at all. It might not have been the easy choice or even the smartest choice, but it was the right choice. Because of my new independence, I had a deeper level of dedication and appreciation for my time in law school. I paid for my own apartment, I cooked my own meals, and I made sure I studied hard and kept my grades up. If I didn’t make it through law school, there was no plan B. I would have had to move back in with my parents! Of course, I did in fact graduate. Risking it all and betting on myself paid off. I work so hard for my clients today because I know what it’s like to be considered an underdog before the fight even starts. That’s been the experience of a lot of our clients too. So, even though the first half of this year didn’t go as planned for anyone, I know that the second half can be amazing as long as you have the dream and the drive to go all in.

–Edward Littlejohn


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