NATFEN Awards Magazine Edition 8



T here seems to be continuing issues regarding the supply and demand for housing, despite mutterings that the housing market is still buoyant, it would seem that UK millennials must brace themselves for the possibility of a lifetime of renting. The supply and demand for housing remains at best fragile, despite initiatives that have been launched over the years which promote more ecologically built homes. The numbers seem to show that figures are down regarding enquiries from new buyers, which combined with the fact there are fewer properties coming onto the market, according to RICS UK earlier this year, means we are still in a state of continuing flux. Although under current conditions the probability of house prices crashing is highly unlikely, a property boom equally seems even further out of the question. There is good news on the horizon for those in the owner-occupier sector but helping first timers

onto the property ladder doesn’t seem high on many agendas at the moment.

As it stands, landlords have a greater buying power than first time buyers as they are well established, and so, with the competitive edge now virtually diminished in the first time buying sector, the void will continue to get bigger. The duel problems of too few houses at too high a price continue to restrict many, certainly the first time buyer sector. Even if interest rates remain low however, the idea of a huge property crash still seems highly improbable, with little expectation that house prices will rise. Property itself could remain a big temptation from a taxation point of view. MORE THAN JUST GRAND DESIGNS Substantial and modest designs are still being encouraged across the building sector though, for those inspired by eco-friendly renovations with glass continuing to be a premium material for many reasons.


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