Vibroacoustic Waterbed Instructions

Waterbed with Platform & Vibroacoustic Waterbed with Platform (8ROWBUK1, 8ROWBUK2)


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Inspect the entire unit immediately after you take it out of the box. If there is any concealed damage, please contact us immediately at 800-467-6222 to report. You only have 5 days to report damage for replacement or refund.

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Take time to familiarize yourself with the equipment, each component, and the recommended maintenance of this equipment before using or engaging any person with it. Please file this instruction sheet in an accessible location; this sheet must be read by and not alluded to anyone who is supervising or using TFH Equipment.

Two Boxes Box 1: •

Wooden base with Base Shakers installed. • Wooden legs • Bolts • Outlet for Stereo Receiver (for 8ROWBUK2) Box 2: • Foam Supports Loose Pack: • White Vinyl Cover • Heater Pad • Safety Liner • Waterbed Mattress

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


Assembly Instructions:

This unit must be installed on a flat and solid surface. The weight of the bed when filled with water is approximately 900 lb. Make sure the base is in the desired position before filling the mattress. You will not be able to move the base after the mattress has been fitted.

When the wooden base is in the correct position, you can then begin to set up the cover/foam supports and mattress.

1. Place the white vinyl cover on top of the base.

2. Lift the Velcro flap and unzip the top on 3 sides.

3. Fit the 4 foam supports inside the cover. There are 2 long ones and 2 short ones. They interlock to form the well that the vinyl mattress and liner will sit. 4. Make sure that the cover with the foam walls is sitting square on the base and that the zipper is at the front so that it can be easily closed when the bed is filled (if the long zipper and Velcro edge is against a wall, it may be difficult to close when bed is full). 5. Place the heater pad inside the well (the alloy plate must be face up). It can be anywhere as long as it is fully covered by the liner and mattress. If, however, it is placed at one end, this would make it easy to replace the heater without draining the bed completely should the need arise. Also, it makes it easier to exit the cable and thermostat. 6. Feed the cable and control around the foam so that it will exit in a top corner when the zip is closed. The thermostat MUST BE fitted to the outside of the cover. (Place between cover and the wall. This will keep it firmly in place). 7. Switch on for a few minutes to make sure that the heater is working. Then turn it off until the bed is full of water.

8. The bed is ready for the safety liner and mattress.

9. Place the safety liner inside the foam frame. The safety liner is there to contain the water should there ever been a leak. It is a large sheet of vinyl that should be evenly spread over the foam well for the mattress to side within. 10. Leave the liner loose until the mattress is filled. It can be tucked in after the mattress is filled. 11. Place the vinyl mattress within the safety liner. It has been vacuumed sealed at the factory. 12. Unscrew the cap and remove the plug on the valve. It will suck air back into the mattress. 13. Pull the valve up. It will be easy when the mattress is warm more difficult when cold.

14. Make sure the mattress is spread across the whole well area.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


15. The bed is now ready to be filled.

16. RE-CHECK that the cover and foam sides are square on the base and that the base is in the correct position. Once the bed is filled, you will not be able to move it. 17. The mattress is filled by means of a hose. Do not leave unattended while filling takes place. 18. When the mattress is ¾ full, add the bottle of water conditioner and continue filling the mattress.

19. When filled it should be nearly level with the top of the foam.

20. It is important to get the air out of the mattress. This is done by pressing gently on the mattress as it nears full. 21. When full, replace the plug, screw back on the cap and push the valve back into the mattress. 22. Tuck excess safety liner between the mattress and the outside of the foam walls. For Vibroacoustic Waterbed with Platform Bluetooth Amplifier Connection


Plug in the cord at the wooden base.

2. Connect stereo wires to the Vibroacoustic Bluetooth Amplifier.

3. Pair your phone or tablet to the Bluetooth Amplifier (Shaibang). The vibration will come through the base shakers underneath the base. 4. IMPORTANT! Do not turn the music volume up beyond the mark on the stereo receiver.

Safety Precautions - The safety of your clients is dependent on the appropriate choice of activity to match yet challenge their physical abilities. Use appropriate spotting / safety techniques. In addition, the layout of your activity area, proper installation and maintenance of your equipment is critical. TFH equipment is not intended for general recreational use. Under no condition should this equipment be used without proper supervision. This sheet is for example only. It is not meant to, in any way, replace local, State, or Federal standards. Be aware - it is your responsibility to find all pertinent safety information that pertains to your facility.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


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