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JUNE 2017



Our spa has been open for 15 years,

and in that time, I’ve seen many other practices adopt technologies that we adopted first. In fact, we were the first medical spa in southern Texas when we opened. I knew that I wanted to help people age beautifully on the outside, but also stay healthy on the inside. To that end, I’ve always looked for the new treatments that will give our clientele the best results possible. I’ve always been an innovator. I bought a carbon dioxide laser back in the early 1990s and used it to great effect. That laser could do biopsies and treat lesions that presented challenges to traditional medicine, and my patients loved the results. Back then, even the plastic surgeons didn’t understand the benefits of that technology. Today, of course, they all use lasers like mine. Then, when I started Beautique, I was on the first wave of physicians using Botox, because I saw the wonderful things it could do. Later on, our spa was an early adopter of Juvederm and Thermage. I still remember the articles published about the discovery of Botox. I read them all and took daily notes, a habit I still have, and closely followed the new treatment. I even read the scientific paper by Jean and Alistair Carruthers, the pioneers who discovered Botox’s cosmetic uses, when it was published in 1992. I wanted to know everything that I could, and I was very happy to become a Botox provider myself. As you can tell, innovation excites me, especially when I can combine technological innovation with the artistic nature of my job to achieve the right result for my clientele. I also love to talk about treatments and procedures. Sometimes, I get to go on television or write articles, like this one, and explain the benefits of what we do. This allows me to educate people on our field and help them make the right decisions about their own health. And that’s what it’s all really about: helping our patients be happy, healthy, and beautiful. I don’t know what treatments will lead to that end in the future, but I’m excited to find out! Please enjoy the rest of our newsletter.

“I don’t know what treatments will help our patients in the future, but I’m excited to find out!”

And check your mailbox next month for the July edition, where I’ll talk about the importance of vitamin D, which you probably don’t get enough of!

Have a wonderful June,

- Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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