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This month's lead picture-stoiy article concerns the rapidly growing, God-blessed, King's Garden organization, headed by Mr. Mike Martin, founder and director. Our cover photo shows Mr. Martin, with his Bible under his arm, purchasing the extensive property at public auction in Seattle, Washington, April 14, 1958. We think you'll enjoy the in­ teresting article on this fascinating Pacific Northwest ministry. — All Rights Reserved —

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AUGUST, 1959


E d i t o r i a l :

&ie dec&ittte " eteenttai ? Once again the doctrine of the Virgin Birth is being attacked by those who should be its strongest defenders: ministers standing in Protestant pulpits, and professors teaching in theological seminaries. Those who recall the battle that raged twenty-five or more years ago feel like saying, "Here is where I came in." Apparently each genera­ tion is obliged to fight the war for the faith all over again and we would do well to reaffirm our conviction of this great fact and make the evidences for believing in the Virgin Birth of Christ enunciated in previous generations our own. These evidences are not new, nor indeed need they be new. Furthermore, they have never been been refuted.

The Bible Institute Hour

Among those giants of the faith who were glad to stand up and to be counted as be­ lievers in the Virgin Birth was the late, and great, Dr. I. M. Haldeman, pastor of the First Baptist Church of New York City for forty-nine years, who was known around the world for his defense of the faith and his scholarly exposition of the Word of God. For forcefulness of expression and clarity of t h o u g h t the writings of Dr. H a l d e m a n have never been excelled and rarely equalled. So for our editorial of

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the month we feel it is very appropriate to reproduce Dr. Haldeman's brief, clear-cut statement on the Virgin Birth. Later on, we plan, God willing, to discuss in some detail the present-day disturbing and reprehensible attacks upon the inerrant, inspired Word of God. Here, then, is what Dr. Haldeman had to say on the vital subject of "The Virgin Birth" : A large number of people, professing Christians among them, think it of no importance whether or not you believe in the Virgin Birth. They look upon it, so they say, as alto­ gether a matter of theological i n t e r p r e t a t i o n , having nothing whatever to do with what they are pleased to call the "vital" side of Christianity. I affirm it makes a great difference, a difference so great, so radical, that should the church consent to cut it out of the doctrine of Christianity, Christianity would have no decent, moral or intellectual basis on which to stand. I ask you to consider : 1. The effect on the name, the character and reputation of Mary, the mother of Jesus, if He were not Virgin Born. Mary was espoused to Joseph. Espousal in that day was something more than lip service. The parties to espousal must come before the elders of the congregation and pledge their vows. In making her vow, the woman committed herself to and assumed all the responsibility of a wife. Before the marriage ceremony was performed, she was looked upon by the elders, the congregation, and the neighborhood, as a wife. When the angel would comfort Joseph concerning Mary's condition with child, even though they had not yet come together, he said: ""Fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife" (Matt. 1:20). In the eyes of God and man, Mary had all the reputation and responsibility of a wife to maintain.


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That Joseph was not the father of Mary's Child ought to be self-evident to every logical, intellectual and decent mind. When he discovered she was about to become a mother, he determined to divorce her. Divorce in Israel was both solemn and serious. The parties to divorce must present themselves to the elders in open meeting. The case would be fully and searchingly tried. If the woman were found guilty, she would be taken out to a public place or field. The whole populace would surround her and under command of the elders, without mercy, they would stone her to death. Joseph knew this would be the doom appointed to Mary if he sought publicly to divorce her. He was not willing to do that. He believed she had proven false to him. But he still loved her. He therefore determined to put her away pri­ vately. He would put in the claim of annulment against his own vows, and set her aside, having henceforth no more to do with her. This is what the Scripture means when it says : "Then Joseph her husband (mark, even before the marriage he is recognized as "husband," as she is, as "wife") being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily" (Matt. 1:19). But the living God never allows us to be in doubt about the truth. After the angel nad spoken to Joseph and had bidden him without fear to take Mary to himself, we read in Matthew that he "took unto him his wife: and knew her not till she had brought forth her first born son: and he called His name Jesus" (Matt. 1:24, 25). This is the plain statement that marriage between Joseph and Mary had not been consummated before he brought her home ;that it was not consummated till after Jesus was born. It is the Holy Ghost demonstration that so far as Mary was concerned, she was virgin to Joseph till after Jesus was born. What more would you have? What more need you have to prove, at the least, that Joseph was not the father of Jesus? Since then Joseph was not the father of Jesus, behold where it places Mary if Jesus were not Virgin Born. It brings her into the light as Joseph's accredited wife, and it makes her guilty of breaking wedlock. It m a k e s h e r guilty of fornication. It makes her guilty of adultery. Deny the Virgin Birth, and this is the category in which by inexorable logic you are under bonds to put Mary, the mother of Jesus. Deny the Virgin Birth, and you give to Mary, the mother of Christ, a stain, a shame, that all the waters of all the seven seas can never wash out. Think you a light matter to put this indelible stain upon the mother of our Lord? Deny the Virgin Birth and this is what you do. Consider, I pray you, 2. The effect this denial of the Virgin Birth must have upon the Name and reputation of Jesus Himself. If some man other than Joseph were the father of Jesus, and He were begotten and conceived out of wedlock, then He was an illegitimate child, a child who had no legal right to come into the world. This is what you must face: Jesus Christ, an illegitimate son. But that is not all. Deny the Virgin Birth, make Mary a faithless wife, guilty of breaking wedlock, and you make her son something more than illegitimate. It is plain enough what that something more is. It is just this : If some other man than Joseph were the father of Jesus we have to reckon this — that man was not known. He was not known in that day. He has not been mother of a child of whom he was not the father. As his wife, continued on the next page

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AUGUST, 1959


Editorial: Is the doctrine of "T h e V irgin B irth " essential? (cont.) known any day since. He is not known now. No man can put his finger upon his identity, and name, and say, "This is the man who betrayed Joseph and begot Mary's illegitimate son. " There can be no question about it. He was and is unknown. It follows therefore if Jesus had an earthly father, and that father was not known, we have to say that Jesus was the son of an unknown father. And what is the name in all lan­ guages you give to the son of an unknown father? There is but one name and title. And that is "a bastard." It is an ugly name. It looks ugly. It sounds ugly. Would you know what God thinks of a bastard? Hear what He says: "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord: even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congrega­ tion of the Lord" (Deut. 23:2). A bastard could not enter into the c o n g r e g a t i o n of the Lord. The posterity of a bastard could not enter into or partake of the privileges of the congregation of the Lord for ten generations, that is, for three hundred years. This tells you what God thinks of an unmarried woman who gives birth to a child. This tells you what God thinks of a married woman who gives birth to a child by another than her own husband. This tells you what God thinks of the bastard himself. Bastardy is a shame to the mother. It is a double shame to the son. He must carry his mother's shame and advertise it wherever he goes, and he must bear his own shame, shamed of God. Illegitimacy and bastardy are two millstones heavy enough to hang about the neck of any son. What think you is the weight of these millstones about the neck of Him whom we seek to call the Son of God? Consider, 3. The effect the denial of the Virgin Birth must have upon the essential being of Jesus Himself. If He were not Virgin Born, then of course He had a human father. If He had a human father, He inherited the nature of that father. As that father had a nature of sin, He inher­ ited his nature of sin. If He had a nature of sin, He would be under the penalty of all who are born in sin. He would be under the penalty of death. When therefore He claimed that no one could take His life from Him, that He had power over His own life, He did not tell the truth. Being born in sin (if He had a human fa­ ther) , He was, as all others, doomed to die. He was therefore a lost sinner. As a lost sinner, He needed a Saviour. He needed a Saviour to save Him from death. According to His own legislation, He needed to be born again; He needed a new nature. It is terrific — but it is inexorable logic. If Jesus Christ were not Virgin Born ;if He had a sinful human father, He was as much in need of regeneration and sacrificial re­ demption as any other begotten of a human father. Deny the Virgin Birth and you paralyze the whole scheme of redemption by Jesus Christ. What claim or right of claim has any man to be the Redeemer and Saviour of men who Himself is born in sin, under the doom and penalty of sin, needing regeneration? But that is not the only consequence of hav­ ing a human father. Mark it well. If He had a human father, and as that father had a finite personality, then He inher­ ited a finite personality. If He had a finite personality, of course we are bound to say He did not have an infinite personality. He was not an infinite Person. If He were

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not infinite, He was not God. If He were not God, then He was not the Second Person of the Eternal Trinity. If He were not the Second Person of the Trinity, then none was. If none were, there is no triunity of God. If there be no triunity of Godhead, we are landed at the front door of Unitarianism, that bloodless, emotionless, soulless sys­ tem which substitutes intellect for the Spirit, and reason for faith. Prating about God, it knows Him not. Deny the Virgin Birth, and as absolutely as two and two make four, as inexorably as the arrow to the mark, you deny and reject the Trinity of God. • Do you think it a light and inconsequential thing to deny the Virgin Birth, or that it is s o m e t h i n g that matters little one way or another? Behold what takes place when you deny the Trinity. You deny and must cut out of the Bible this tremendous Scrip­ ture: "He through the eternal ^spirit offered himself with­ out spot to God" (Heb. 9:14). It is, indeed, an immense Scripture. It means the whole Godhead was engaged in the sacrifice of the cross, — the whole Godhead in the fulness of personality was engaged in the act of redemption. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, each of them an infinite Person subsisting in the indivisible Being of God. The Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of the Father offered Himself unto God as the Father. He offered Himself through the Eternal, personal Spirit. As an infinite Person, He of­ fered Himself t h r o u g h the infinite personality of the Spirit to the infinite personality of God the Father: even the God and Father who though the Spirit gave Him out of His bosom that He might make this offering. Deny the Trinity of God and you deny and make impossible that Scripture. Deny and reject that Scripture, you deny and reject the sacrificial death of Christ ; you deny it in relation to the everlasting covenant and the pledge and honor of the whole Godhead. When you do that, you sweep away the foundation of Christianity as set forth in Holy Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. You deny that Scrip­ ture when you deny the Trinity. You deny the Trinity when you deny the Virgin Birth. To deny the Virgin Birth, and to talk about the ethical value of Christianity, is worse than childish. There are no ethics left. Instead of ethics, the whole system is buried in a moral ruin, out of whose chaos there looks the face of one illegitimate, bastard-born, a helpless sinner like the rest of us, and like the rest of us bereft of any hoped-for Saviour. Without the Virgin Birth, for us there is only a Chris­ tianity whose beginning is a fiction and whose ending is the substitution of an ethical for a sacrificial Christ, a sub­ stitution that bears the stamp of its own reason and in every promise it makes mocks the hope of our soul both for time and eternity. Without the Virgin Birth, Christianity has no author­ ity, neither as an ethical or doctrinal system. Without the Virgin Birth, I repeat, Christianity has no decent, moral, spiritual or intellectual basis on which to stand. He who denies the Virgin Birth denies Bible Christian­ ity, smites the mother of our Lord with shame, snatches the crown of deity from His brow, strips Him of His sinless humanity, makes His cross a blood-stained failure and bids us face eternity with no light in the darkness.


AUGUST, 1959

Mr. Russell Hitt, managing editor of Eternity Magazine, has completed his new book, “Jungle Pilot, The Life and Witness of Nate Saint,” which will be released September 2 by Har­ per and Brothers. The thrilling story of “ Operation Auca” reveals many unusual facets of missionary jungle aviation before unknown to most people. Mrs. Gilbert Stenholm, director of the Bob Jones University Division of Cine­ ma, was selected to read a paper on acting, representing the American Colleges, during the International Congress of Motion Picture and Tele­ vision School Directors in Rome, Italy.

Rev. Joseph John­ son, Baptist min­ ister, has com­ p l e t e d a n ew book “ Christ in Gen e s i s , ” pub lished by Exposi­ tion Press. Mr. Johnson attend­ ed Biola and has served with the Africa Inland Mission in Africa. Dr. Edward John Cornell has resigned as president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. Dr. Camell, in the face of failing health, was granted a sabbatical leave until January, 1960 at which time he is expected to return to the position of professor of apolo­ getics. Dr. Harold John Ockenga, chairman of the Board of Trustees will serve as Acting President until a successor has been found. Miss Eugenia Price, w e l l k n o w n speaker and writer, is the author of a new book “Woman to Woman,” to be released soon by the Zondervan Pub­ lishing House. Miss Price discusses various aspects of a woman’s life. Mr. John Blanchard, president of Cul- ter Academy, Los Angeles, has given notice that the Christian school is fighting its way back from the order last January to evacuate most of its classrooms. Ground breaking was started recently for construction of a new building to be completed for the fall semester. Rev. Leighton Ford, evangelist with the Billy Graham Team, has held services in the city of Brisbane with a crowd in the first service of more than 22,000. This surpassed the attendance for any Protestant service during the State of Queensland’s 100 year history. 613 persons came forward at the invita­ tion to receive the Lord. Mr. Johnson

Dr. Arnold T. Olson, president of the Evangelical Free Church of America, presents President Eisenhower with a special copy of “ The Diamond Jubilee Story,” a history of the first 75 years of the EFCA. A similar copy was presented to Mrs. Eisenhower whose grandparents attended the first of the denomination’s conferences in Boone, Iowa, in 1884. Miss Ethel Wallace, missionary with the Wycliffe Bible Translators, has completed the book “Two Thousand Tongues to Go”, the story of the fast growing organization and its transla­ tion work around the world. Founded in Guatemala in 1917 by William Cameron Townsend, there are now more than 800 missionaries with WBT. Dr. Walter Montano, editor, Christian Heritage magazine, will be keynote speaker for the Latin American Con­ gress on Gospel Communications to be held in Cali, Columbia, September 13-18. Evangelical leaders from prac­ tically every republic of the southern hemisphere and the United States are expected to attend. Dr. Bob Pierce, president of World Vision, Inc., was honored recently when President Syngman Rhee of the Republic of Korea personally con­ ferred the Medal for Public Welfare Service upon him. More of the Osaka, Japan crusade will be found on page 40.

Rev. John De Brine, 34 year-old Boston Baptist Minister received a national radio award for his “ disc jockey” pro­ gram “ Songtime.” He received more than 100,000 fan letters this past year and is director of Boston’s Youthtime Saturday rallies. Mr. coward w,

Goodrick, directo] of Christian serv­ ice for Multno­ mah School oi th e B i b l e , hai b e e n appointed acting director ol the forth-coming School of Mis­ sionary Journal­

ism which the school will launch this fall. The one year course is open to graduates of colleges and Bible insti­ tutes. Mr. Goodrick Dr. Clyde S. Kilby, chairman of the department of English at Wheaton College, has had a new book published by Eerdmans Publishing Company concerning the l i f e o f Jonathan Blanchard. “Minority of One,” deals with Blanchard’s founding of Knox and Wheaton colleges.



letter recommending their findings to the county com­ missioners. “ As for Mike Martin and King’s Teens,” it read, “we find him to be incompentent, inexperienced, foolish, uneducated, unlearned, with no money. We believe it would be better to let the place go to rack and ruin than to give it to a man like this.” Heartbroken, Mike spread the letter before the Lord. “What have I done wrong?” he cried. The Lord reminded Mike that he had been trying to get use of the property on his own. He had offered $500 a month rent (money he did not have). He had secured letters of recommendation from the governor of the State of Washington and from other dignitaries. “ Let me do it. Offer them $1.00 a year,” said the Lord. Mike asked forgiveness; then he went to the County-City Building. “ I withdraw my offer of $500 a month. I offer $1.00 a year.” Strangely enough, six months from that time Mike Martin stood before the county commissioners and was told that his offer was accepted for a five-year lease. A modem miracle? Yes. The first of many concerning what is now known as the King’s Garden north of Seattle, Washingon. A King’s Garden Incorporated, with a board which con­ sisted of six men from various denominations, had been formed. What had they leased? Five beautiful, spacious English-styled buildings, formerly used as hospital buildings, besides a number of smaller buildings, vacant two years and now infested with cats — dozens of them. Floors buckled from damp­ ness. Water pipes through which the water ran — through the walls. The cause? Frozen pipes in heatless buildings.

I t w a s a tense moment. Seated on a chair was Mike Martin surrounded by the serious faces of members of the advisory board to the county commissioners. The business at hand? Disposal of the Firland T.B. Sanitarium north of Seattle, Washington. No longer needed for the treatment of T.B. patients, the forty-three acres and numerous buildings valued at between four and six mil­ lion dollars were to be leased to the most likely prospect. The board fired questions at each applicant. Represent­ ing King’s Teens Clubs, it was now Mike Martin’s turn. “How much education have you had?” “High School, three years at Bible School.” (mention of college training was noticeably lacking). “We are professional men. To operate a large institu­ tion such as this property would house, demands a man with considerable experience. How much have you had?” “None.” “You say you want .to provide a haven for boys and girls from broken homes. How much capital do you have?” Mike fingered the two dollars in his pocket, his total assets. “Not very much,” was his honest answer. Exasperated, the spokesman for the group almost shouted, “You have no education, no experience, no money. What do you have?” Calmly Martin replied, “A promise from the Lord.” Then he proceeded to quote Jeremiah 32:26,27: “ Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I will give this city into the hands . . .” They decided he was off his rocker and dismissed him. A few days later Mike Martin received a copy of a


AUGUST, 1959

Cracked toilets. Forty-three acres of once well-kept grounds now overgrown with grass knee-high. Hair-like fungus festooning the walls of the kitchen in the admin­ istration building. A cracked boiler. A dismal picture? Yes. But Mike Martin was a man with a vision. His enthusiasm was contagious. Consecrated Christians sold their homes and joined him. They scrubbed. They scraped. They cleaned and repaired. Before the end of the first year, they were ready to accept old folks and children. Each year new fields of activity have been explored. Today, ten years later, what does the visitor find? (1) A rest home where 97 elderly folks are spending the sunset years of their lives. They are happy in a Christian setting; many of them are real prayer warriors. Revenue from the operation of the Rest Home helps support some of the other operations of the King’s Garden. (2) A Christian radio station. KGDN, 630 on the dial, is powered by a 1000 watt transmitter with a 295 foot tower. Programming provides a rich feast for the Christian; a challenge to the unsaved. From Victoria, B.C. a listener wrote: “ It is six weeks since I was ‘bom again,’ and I would like to give this check to say thank you and to do a little to make sure KGDN keeps sending out all those wonderful programs.” Through the ministry of KGDN this listener made a special trip to the King’s Garden seeking spiritual help and was led to the Lord by one of the Garden workers. (3) Christian schools: King’s Grade School and King’s High School with 700 students, many of them picked up by a fleet of buses. Dormitories are filled with teenagers who attend the high school, many of whom are children from broken homes or mis­ sionaries’ children who are taken in free of charge or according to their ability to pay. The Jubilee Choir, composed of all children from the 4th through the 6th grades singing three-part harmony, has been compared favorably with the Vienna Boy’s choir. One fourth grader said: “ It makes me feel good with Christian teachers and pupils and a Christian principal.” The testimony of a senior is representative of many: “The fellowship with fine Christian young people and the training I’ve received at King’s High will never be forgotten. You always have the confidence that the teachers are praying for you.” Youngest of the schools is King’s Vocational Bible Institute. Besides offering the usual courses in Bible and related subjects, systematic on-the-job voca­ tional training is offered in printing, radio, build- ing, contracting, agriculture, nursing, dentistry, and aviation. With the rise of nationalism, many mission fields are open only to the missionary with a specialized trade or vocation. The reaction of the students is enthusiastic. (4) A well-equipped print shop is staffed by 10 workers. Another outstanding service is the Missionary Prayer Letter Service. Approved missionaries, for a nominal fee, can have their letters printed and sent out to their mailing list. This is a real boon to missionaries. (5) Astoria Girls’ School and Vancouver Boys’ Acad- emy property was donated by the government for these two specialized schools. Here girls and boys who have had a brush with the law, pre-delin­ quents who need a second chance, and most of all, an introduction to the Saviour, are accepted re­ gardless of race or creed. (6) The King’s Garden Economy Store. Used clothing


and household articles are donated for re-sale; proceeds help pay King’s Garden workers. (7) King’s Teens reaches over 2,000 teenagers in week­ day Bible clubs meeting in homes. The highlight of this work is the annual Valentine Banquet. Last year over 3000 attended, nearly 300 accepted Christ. (8) A Missions Department assists missionaries from many denominations with purchasing equipment, packing, free hospitality, arranging appointments. As Mike Martin considers the transformation of the delapidated and abandoned T.B. Sanitarium to its present operation manned by some 250 Christians dedicated to make their lives count for Christ, what is his reaction? “ It is the Lord’s doing” he says. “ God gets all the glory. I get scared when I think of anyone taking any of the glory. No sir. It all belongs to Him.” Who is this man whose child-like faith has asked so largely at the Lord’s hand and received so much? At the age of 27 he was a baptized church member, paralyzed and at death’s door, unsaved. Lying there, he realized that there was a heaven and a hell and that he was bound for hell. “ Lord, save me,” was his heart’s cry. The Lord replied, “ Alvin ( ‘Mike’ is just a nickname), if I save you, what will you do about it?” “ If you save me, I’ll serve You the rest of my life.” God wonderfully saved him and Mike got up from a sick bed to testify to his wife. Then he jumped into his car and drove to his mother’s to tell her the glad news that Jesus saves. He has been telling everyone the same thing ever since. However, he didn’t get into full-time Christian service at once. He became a successful business man, overseeing 130 stations for the Richfield Oil Com­ pany; then at the age of 37 he gave it up to attend the Simpson Bible Institute. He was older than the other students and studying came hard. One of the teachers said, “Mike, you’ll never make it. Better give up and quit school now.” Mike stuck it out. Martin, who is 52 and greying, laughs when he quotes Axel Fredeen, vice president of the King’s Incorporated Board. “Mike,” said Fredeen, “ God tells us in First Corinthians that He has chosen the foolish things of the world, the weak, the base, the despised to do His work. You’ve got all the qualifications.” It must be true. Witness another tense scene: Monday April 14, 1958 in the County-City Building in Seattle stood Mike Martin once more. The occasion? It was a sale at public auction of the property formerly known as the old Firlands TB Sanitarium. Weeks of prayer had preceded this moment. Improvements totaling a half a million dollars had made the property attractive to several organizations. Yet Mike and his fellow workers believed that God had given it to the King’s Garden. They prayed that there would be no other bidders. There weren’t! With his finger on the promise in Jeremiah 32:26,27,28a, which he calls the deed to the Garden, Mike responded to the call for bids with $1 above the starting bid of $ 100 , 000 . “ Going once,” said the auctioneer, “Going twice. Does anyone else want to bid? Are you all done? Sold to King’s Garden at $100,001.” A previous commitment of $37,500 to the Anti-Tuberculosis League for their reversionary interest made the total purchase price $137,501. The supporters of King’s Garden stood up and broke into song, “We’ll give all the glory to Jesus,” then “ Praise God from whom all blessings flow.” It was a great victory. Another modem miracle. Pray for the ministries of the King’s Garden. Its budget calls for $1600 a day. Approximately two-thirds of this amount is earned by rest-home, radio contracts, school

tuitions, the King’s Garden store and in many other ways. The rest comes as donations from interested friends. It is interdenominational and fundamental (workers represent some 40 denominations) and its motto is SERVING THE KING OF KINGS. “ I love people,” says Mike. “ I want to help them. Most of all I want to point them to the Saviour.” Mikes does just that. While the Garden workers carry on the activ­ ities, from sweeping the floors to announcing over the radio, the world beats a path to the door of Mike’s office. Those who have come out of that office with tear-stained faces, perhaps, but a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts in a new-found Saviour include a former radio and TV star (now singing regularly on KGDN) a professional gambler, a county commissioner, and many mixed-up kids from broken homes. Parents of those kids have come, too. Fearless, yet kind, Mike witnesses for his Lord. Around the world he is known as the man who dared to believe God. King’s Garden is proof of that. “ It’s not my doing,” says Mike Martin. “ It’s the Lord’s.” END. 11

AUGUST, 1959


The Appeal of Concern The outreach of faith is prompted by need, promoted by knowledge, and made positive by assurance. Faith, though forced by circumstance, will sooner or later wel­ come the invitation to “ come boldly to the throne of grace” (Heb. 4:12). The Apostle Peter asked, “To whom else shall we go, Lord?” But there is a note of sadness suggested in his inquiry. Generally, recourse to the Al­ mighty is only pursued when all other means have failed. It is no compliment to Deity to make heaven our last resort. David had previously raised the question, “What can the righteous do if the foundations be destroyed?” (Ps. 11:3). The first thing the righteous can do in the midst of life’s terrifying reverses is to ask, “Why stand we in THE K IN G 'S BU SINESS

We Are Flying Too Low In Our Christian Profession T h e r e is something explosive about David’s plea, which is not unusual when one’s heart is overwhelmed. The heart, it is said, dilates with joy, contracts with sad­ ness, breaks with sorrow, melts with discouragement, forsakes with terror, is desolate with amazement, and fluctuates with doubt. When there is a combination of certain of these coronary reactions, one could well be frustrated or even incapacitated. At such a time there is great peace and deep consolation in knowing the “Rock that is higher” — the true Source of help from above. 12

We call them beatitudes, the simplest definition of which is given as “ supreme happiness.” This is the lofty desire of our Lord for His people “ that (our) joy might be full” (Jno. 15:11). David was reaching for such a blessing. The one who proceeds in this direction is destined to exult with the victors, but, meanwhile, he must say, “Nothing in my hand I bring; simply to thy cross I cling.” The arch-enemy of God and man is ever ready to attack. David knew he must have a shelter, a strong tower, a tabernacle in which to abide, and a covert (Ps. 61:3, 4). Relief must be forthcoming — soon! It is in this crucial moment a most encouraging vision comes before his faltering heart. There, on the horizon of his weakened faith, stands the Rock that is higher ■—■higher than his enemy; higher than his needs; higher than himself — the

jeopardy?” (I Cor. 15:30). Christians may not be able to prevent themselves from plunging into disturbing situ­ ations, but they can prevent themselves from remaining there. How? By appealing to the One who is mighty to deliver. This is precisely what the Psalmist was doing when he cried, “ Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” This is what the disciples did. They, too, were in jeopardy when the dreadful storm overtook them on the lake and their little craft was beginning to fill. “Master! Master!” they appealed with pronounced alarm, “We perish!” (Lu. 8:23,24). But they didn’t. Their reach for the Rock was richly rewarded. Advances with Confession When the path of the Saviour’s design and the course of the saint’s desire fail to coincide, there is a state of broken fellowship. We have yet to learn thoroughly that while the Master’s yoke is easy it is not elastic, and those who veer from the path of true devotion will inevitably experience the way of the transgressor to be hard. To say the least, David sensed his own insufficiency. He is not content to pick a path through the jungle of reason. He confesses his need of assistance, and it is intriguing to analyze his supplication. It indicates distance, desire, and decision. It reveals a search of faith for solidity, security and support ■—- all of which he well knew were discov­ erable in the Rock. His appeal was not the hasty, ill-considered and ordinary outburst of a frustrated individual who becomes incoherent in his desperation — one that is sobbed forth meaninglessly. On the contrary, it is fraught with assur­ ance that the infinite God would be his strong defence, a present help in his moment of difficulty. Such confidence struggles for expression. It must be expressed! And when it issues full-clothed in clear, heart-prompted diction, it cannot but encourage and strengthen the one who gave it utterance. May God inspire our weak lives by the unfading record of those noble personalities who, though thrust by life’s varying vicissitudes into the quicksands of dismay, saw luminously before their tearful eyes the unfailing ROCK and knew that He was ever within the reach of their feeble hand of faith. But, indicated by our text, God’s greatest servants lapsed. They veered from the illumin­ ated course of devotion and obedience. As the Light of truth is variously manifested, so is the darkness which militates against it. There is the darkness of disobedience, of rejection, of rebellion. And what is unbelief but indif­ ference? What is disobedience but insincerity? What is rejection but infidelity? What is rebellion but insurrec-

SPIRITUAL LONGING tion. Indifference ignores the Light; insincerity evades the Light; infidelity refuses the Light; insurrection op­ poses the Light, but the Light shines on — ever on! It shines on in spite of treason, treachery, and tyranny. It is ever available to direct wayward feet from the dismal valleys to the highlands of victory and blessing.

Gibraltar of divine protection. He is the Rock of Ages. David had an intelligent awareness of the place of refuge. Of course, that, in itself, was not sufficient. Know­ ing about a place of security does not make one secure. Many people know about the Saviour but they are not saved. Decision is ever the determining factor. One towers to the apex of good judgment when one says with deter­ mination, “ In the Lord put I my trust” (Ps. 11:1). The tempter had taunted David, urging him to “ Flee as a bird to your mountain” (Ps. 11:1). This, of course, was un­ mitigated folly, and he refused to yield. Now by faith, he has decided to fly as a believer to the Rock. When the Psalmist said, “ Lead me to the Rock,” he was indicating his willingness to follow. It is this attitude ( Continued on the N ext Page)

Acknowledged Incapability “ Blessed are the poor in spirit” (Mt. 5:3), for only those who have a sense of spiritual poverty will reach for the riches of God in Christ Jesus, and theirs is the kingdom. All the beatitudinal promises of our Lord’s immortal mountain-message stem from His first utter­ ance. What issued from those sacred lips was richer far than “ apples of gold in pictures of silver” (Prov. 25:11).


AUGUST, 1959

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