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Mark’s Story

The first time I drove into town alone, I got pulled over. Growing up in the mountains above Route 26, I was no stranger to speed. So when I pulled into Seaside, Oregon, I may have been laying it a little heavy on the gas. Thankfully, the police officer seemed amused at finding a frightened teenager in the driver’s seat. He wagged his finger and let me off with a warning. Ah, the good old days. I’d like to say I learned my lesson that day, but to be honest, I was born with a lead foot. In 10 years, I received 13 warnings from traffic cops, but didn’t get a single ticket. Most of these, of course, were for speeding. The thing is, I wasn’t running late, I just loved the rush of flying down the open road. Now that I’m older and a little wiser, I find myself planning whole road trips around satisfying this urge to go fast. Legally. I suppose you could say driving is in my blood. My grandpa used to whisk grandma away on impromptu trips down the coast. Those lovebirds would go all the way from Medford, Oregon, to Mexico. After leaving his job as a lumber executive in his 50s, my grandfather took up a new career as a truck driver. Maybe he could make more money doing something else. But he figured he would spend his time driving the routes and highways he loved. I still remember when he used to take me and my sister on rides as kids. Not in his truck — on his motorcycle. He didn’t even have a sidecar. He’d just scoop us up into the saddle and go. The rush of wind in my ears, a raging river of asphalt just beneath my feet, those rides are some of my most vivid memories. Without them, I may not be where I am today.

If my lead foot got me anywhere, it would be traffic law. “

If my lead foot got me anywhere, it would be traffic law. The first few tickets I ever defended as a lawyer were my own. I don’t care to admit how often I ended up in traffic court. Let’s just say I got plenty of practice, so much that my lawyer buddies started to ask me to defend their speeding tickets, and then their friends’ tickets, and so on. Before I knew it, I was a bona fide California traffic attorney. As time wore on, I found myself defending more and more Class A drivers. This is no surprise, with our practice so close to the grapevine. I’m really happy about this development. Thanks to my grandpa, I’ve always had a

soft spot for the needs of truckers. My father and uncle also drive for a living, I know how nerve-wracking it can be to have your entire livelihood tied to a driver’s license. I feel privileged to represent folks who share my family’s passion for the road. So, that’s the Bigger side of our firm’s story. I’m a Oregon boy who never quite grew out of the bends and straightaways of old SR 26. Next month, you’ll hear from my partner, Paul Harman. Having never been given a traffic ticket in his life, he’s the Yin to my Yang. Together, we make an ideal team, empathetic to the needs of drivers, with a level-headed approach to the law. Safe Driving,

–Mark Bigger

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