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Wow, does time fly. I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. As the snow begins to fly and the decorations are up, the Lombardi’s are ready for Christmas. The Holidays for us are a time to take a step back from the everyday distractions in life and truly enjoy those who surround us. It is also a time to continue the traditions which have been in our family for years—which I loved as a kid and our kids have come to love as well. We kicked the Holiday spirt off quickly as we headed out on the day after Thanksgiving to go pick out our tree. For several years we actually went out and cut down our own tree, but I soon realized that the trees don’t look nearly as big out in the field as they do in the house and I would always end up cutting too big a tree for our living room. Now we go to Scammon ’s Farm in Stratham and our tree selection has been much more reasonable. We bring the tree in that night and let it drop so that it’s ready to decorate the next day. This always brings good bickering back and forth with the kids as they try to recall who’s turn it will be this year to put the angle on the tree! Christmas Eve is our next big tradition when my entire family heads up north to go skiing—which I’ve been doing since I was just a kid. We tend to mix it up a bit for which mountain we head to, but this year it looks like Loon Mountain will be the choice. This allows us to take those last minute stresses of Christmas away and truly just focus on enjoying the family. After having some fun on the slopes we head to my parents’ house for a nice Italian feast. Even my parents, who are both in their 60’s, still head up to the

mountains each year with us to hit the slopes and try to keep up with the kids! So whatever your traditions are I wish you and your family a great Holiday Season! - Dan Lombardi

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