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Share the Gift of Love SM M MENTS P R E C I O U S

The official publication of the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® by Precious Moments Co., Inc.

A Letter From

Club Headquarters

Dear Club Members,


The year 2020 has certainly had its challenges thus far. Thankfully, we have family and friends to lean on in good times and bad. It is our sincere hope that Precious Moments figurines and other gifts have been able to provide joy and comfort, and that they have encouraged you to continue to seek out the good in people. It is during uncertain times that some of the most beautiful aspects of humanity emerge – young people shopping for the elderly, communities coming together to feed kids out of school, and neighborhoods joining together in song. It reminds us of a very neat story of a local high school helping out the Precious Moments Chapel with a very specific need. You can read about that on page 6. To help you keep focused on all the positive things, in this issue we are happy to share what Precious Moments means to our fans. You can read about it on page 13. We are also pleased to show you some brand new gift ideas and tell you about the fun events we have planned for the months ahead. We are hopeful that the coming seasons bring a renewed sense of peace and calm. Know that all of us at Club Headquarters appreciate you. We will continue to help you Share the Gift of Love ℠ with all those you treasure.

3 A Note From John

4 Chapel News - Family Reunion

6 Teens Step Up

8 New Product Sneak Peek

10 Ne’Qwa Art ® Sneak Peek

12 2020 Club Renewal Information 13 Moments From Our Fans

14 New From Our Partners

Be Well & Be Blessed,

15 Calendar of Events

Your friends at Club Headquarters

16 Back Cover Mother’s Day Offer

Precious Moments Collectors’ Club® Mission: Celebrate the gifts of love embodied in Precious Moments with each other and with all we encounter in our walk through life.

ON THE COVER: 2020 Precious Moments

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Symbol of Membership Figurine If Friends Were Flowers, I’d Pick You PCNR20

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Precious Moments Family of Companies, Inc. CEO A NOTE FROM John

Hello Club Members, This year has probably not started as you thought it would. I know all of us here at Precious Moments have had to adjust to new ways of doing things for the time being. But sometimes change opens the door to seeing things in a different way. Speaking of change, I trust by now you have had the opportunity to shop our new website which launched last fall. Our new www.PreciousMoments.com is a state of the art eCommerce website that will make your online shopping a much more pleasant experience. How so, you may ask? First of all the new site has a much cleaner look and feel, with larger photos and easier navigation. We know that our visitors prefer cleaner, bigger, more lifelike images so we added multiple views of many products to allow shoppers to see all the intricate details! Additionally, our teammade the site much easier to find the products you are looking for. For example, the filtering of products by occasion, price, brand, or product type is faster and more accurate, to save you time. Further, the new site makes it easier for you to renew your Collector’s Club membership and order your exclusive

Members’ Only Figurines as those screens are much simpler and easy to follow. Our new site is also “mobile optimized” which means that the site will reformat itself for your phone or tablet device so that the buttons, content, and images are enlarged and easier to use on smaller screens. It’s important that our site looks great and works well from smaller devices. Finally, for those of you who love our printed catalogs, a new feature on our site allows you to flip through our digital catalogs before they arrive in your mailbox. Now you can get an early look at what’s new! During this time when many of us are spending our days at home, please take a few minutes and go online today. We are very proud of our new site, especially how it allows us to Share the Gift of Love ℠ safely from home. Let me know what you think of the new www.PreciousMoments.com. I think you are going to love it!

All the best,

John Lanman



The Precious Moments Family Reunion is one of the most highly anticipated Precious Moments events of the year. The fun and fellowship are simply unmatched! This year we have an uplifting and motivating theme of “With God We Can Do It” – a precious take on Rosie the Riveter. Submit your registration by May 29 to secure Early Bird pricing and guarantee all your Full Packet goodies! Join us at the Chapel in Carthage, MO September 23-25, 2020 New Dates Announced for the Annual Family Reunion Event!

Exciting Auctions! For the first time ever, Master Sculptor Hiko Maeda is making a donation from his personal collection to be auctioned. There are only three of these amazing sculptures in existence! Guests will also have the opportunity to bid on a “one-of-a-kind” Precious Moments figurine, made to your specifications. This incredible experience allows the winning bidder a consultation with members of the Precious Moments design team. The winner will determine the title, character pose, theme, and colors of the figurine.

Only four of these one- of-a-kind figurines have been made to date. Will you design #5?

Bid for a chance to design your own one-of-a-kind figurine

This magnificent sculpture from Hiko’s personal collection will be auctioned!

Peggy Lambert’s You Will See Greater Things Than These was presented to her during the 2019 Family Reunion Event.



Fun Entertainment Willamae, the down-home country comedienne and vocalist, returns to delight guests with her humor. She will tell tales about herself, her family, and maybe even poke a bit of fun at some good sports. Matthew Milliner, Ph.D. will deliver an entertaining and enlightening presentation. Guests will also be treated to the musical talents of Larry Turner and Friends.

Come enjoy the show


So Much More! This year’s attendees will be able to participate in a VIP meet and greet, take part in creative classes, and make a doll with Linda Rick (The Doll Maker), and make fun crafts. Hiko will also be in attendance to sign figurines. Of course, there will be plenty of delicious food, too! SPECIAL NOTE: The Family Reunion Event has been postponed and will take place September 23-25, 2020. Quality Inn and Suites Carthage Hotel advised all reservations made will be automatically moved to new date(s); however, you should contact the hotel directly to confirm all necessary reservation changes. For full registration packet purchasers, if you are not able to attend either date, an “Event In A Box” will be shipped to you. Each “Event In A Box” contains all Event benefits: including 1 Bingo prize, an offer for you to participate in all Gift Shoppe specials, and more. Matthew Milliner

Get creative and make a doll with Linda

New! Crafty Workshop project

For more information call our Event Hotline 417-359-2855 or email Chapel@PreciousMoments.com



Teens Step Up To Rebuild Precious Moments Robots ▶▶▶ Recently, a robotics team at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School took on the task of getting some of the original Precious Moments robotic characters rebuilt and programmed for the Precious Moments Chapel Visitor Center. Three things you don’t often hear in the same sentence might be: robotics, teenage boys, and Precious Moments. Recently, a robotics team at a local school in Joplin, MO took on a special challenge. This group of students was up to the task of getting some of the original Precious Moments robotic characters rebuilt and programmed for the Precious Moments Chapel Visitor Center.

One of Sam Butcher’s grandsons, 15-year-old Cain, got the ball rolling. Cain often volunteers at the Chapel, and while he was cleaning last summer, he noticed some of the robotics weren’t working. He took it upon himself to reach out to the head of his school’s Robotics Program, Robert Carlson. Mr. Carlson called on a team of three students to tackle the project. Under Mr. Carlson’s guidance, the team disassembled one of the robots, reprogrammed it, and rebuilt it to perfect working condition. This was highly impressive as some of these robots are more than 25 years old! They even utilized the mechanisms of the Precious Moments robot, placed it in a new outer costume (a musical monkey), and tested it in the school musical. The students started working on the mechanical aspects, including replacing the motors and servos with modern versions and adjusting the range of motion. They had a working skeleton for a bear character and tested its motion and programming during the high school musical “Phantom of the Opera”. For the test, students in an art class made a monkey costume and music box mount for the robot, and the robotics students helped the musical cast and crew integrate it into the sets. Once they saw how it worked during dozens of rehearsals and two live performances of the musical, they made adjustments to the program and the movements and exchanged the monkey suit for the original bear costume.


Three students from Mr. Carlson’s Applied Programming and Robotics class worked on rebuilding Precious Moments robot characters for the Visitor Center. Students are (above, from left) Drew, Shayaan, and Abhijith.



One student said, “We only had 45 minutes a day to work on the project, so it was difficult to dedicate enough time to it. It took us about a month to complete.” The students made very good use of their limited time! It was a bit of a time crunch to get it completed before the musical, but they got it done. Another described some of their challenges. He explained, “The frame and chassis of the robot was built for the original motors and setup, so when we used the improved motors, as well as the addition of servos, the mounts didn't line up where we wanted them. We had to improvise, which delayed us a bit, but we were able to create an effective setup. Another challenge was lining up the movement of the robot with the music from “Phantom of the Opera”. We had to coordinate the speed of the servos and motors with the tempo of the music. Overall, the biggest challenge was coordinating a viable solution for the robot to work, but also to make it easy to use.”

Yet another student further explained, “We used more efficient motors on the robot that were not specifically made for it, which meant we had to improvise the way we mounted the motors, because the screw holes did not align.” The new motors and servos use significantly less power than the original motors, and each character can run while plugged into a single standard 110v power outlet. Another significant improvement is that the control system now resides on a small computer board, allowing easy access to adjust the movements of the characters. Best of all, the students were able to achieve real world experience in updating outdated technology, that all Precious Moments enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy once again! Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School Ranked Top 3% Nationwide Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School has again earned national accolades in Newsweek Magazine’s “Best STEM High Schools in America.” The entire Newsweek list of 5,000 best Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) high schools represents the top fifth of all public, private, and charter high schools in the nation.

Photos courtesy of Robert Carlson



Sneak PEEK at What’s to Come!

Share Love Throughout the Seasons The sweetest sentiments are shared through depictions of tender, whimsical, and even everyday moments. These figurines express what words alone never could! Ideal gifts between sweethearts, these porcelain gifts will start to arrive in stores this summer.

I Only Have Pies For You Figurine | 201032 I Want To Spend All Of My Sunsets With You Figurine | 201033 I’d Be Lost Without You Figurine | 201031

Sweet Dreams for Baby Not your average nightlight, this soothing design projects hearts around a baby’s nursery to fill the space with dreams of love and light. The animals of Noah’s Ark sweetly peek out as they voyage atop the

This sweet nightlight projects hearts around the room!

seas. This clever projector makes an unforgettable baby shower gift.

Let Love Light The World Soothing Projector | 201441



Images are prototypes only. Availability, product designs, details, and titles subject to change without notice.

Introducing new Dated collectibles!

Hugs for the 2020Holidays Forever commemorate 2020 with figurines and ornaments that proudly bear the year. From a young man in his newsboy cap and a sweet girl both hugging their bunny friends, to an adorable hedgehog curled up to welcome the season, this selection sweetly honors 2020. Sending Hedge Hugs Dated Animal Ornament | 201009 Every Bunny Loves A Christmas Hug Dated Boy Ornament | 201041 Every Bunny Loves A Christmas Hug Dated Figurine | 201001

Exciting new Christmas gift idea!

Mark Your Thanksgivingwith a Special Limited Edition

Countdown To Christmas The cleverest way to count the days through Advent is an adorable light up interactive calendar. Arrange the figurines however you like to create a cute wintry scene to enjoy throughout December. Makes a thoughtful housewarming gift too! Winter Moments LED Advent Calendar | 201407

Keeping gratitude in the heart is important all year round. Perhaps the best one to illustrate this is a turkey who has been invited for pie at Thanksgiving rather than being asked to represent the main course! A whimsical centerpiece for any harvest décor, this figurine is limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide. It will be in stores and online in plenty of time to grace your 2020 Thanksgiving table. Grateful To Give Thanks With You Figurine | 201034



Sneak PEEK at What’s to Come!

Have You Seen theWonders of Ne’Qwa Art®? In addition to the Precious Moments figurines and gifts you already know and love, Precious Moments Company, Inc. also offers unique glass treasures of Ne’Qwa Art ® . This awe-inspiring line uses a centuries old technique of reverse hand-painting on mouth-blown glass. That means the artwork of well-known artists is hand-painted by highly skilled artisans from the inside of the glass! Each creation is truly an amazing gift. New gifts for 2020 include a variety of designs featuring art from Lisa Alderson, Sarah Summers, Emma Leach, Helz Cuppleditch, and Susan Winget. These stunning glass ornaments are of substantial size, ranging from 5.5"H to 6.5"H! Each ornament also includes a tassled cord for easy and beautiful display. If you have yet to see one of these ornaments in person, be sure to keep them in mind for 2020 holiday gift giving. These designs will be available in stores and online at PreciousMoments.com late summer.

A. Emma Leach Merry Snowmen | 7201118 B. Lisa Alderson Santa’s Toy Shop | 7201123 C. Sarah Summers Believe In Santa | 7201126 D. Helz Cuppleditch Decked Out For The Holidays | 7201121 E . Susan Winget Angel With Holly | 7201144 F . Susan Winget Rejoice! | 7201133 G . Sarah Summers Holy And Blessed Family | 7201134


Contents not included.

© Emma Leach

Images are prototypes only. Availability, product designs, details, and titles subject to change without notice.








© 2019 Lisa Alderson. Licensed by Advocate Art Agency. | © Sarah Summers/SCCS, Inc. | © Helz Cuppleditch/SCCS, Inc. | © Susan Winget



Discover the Beauty in Nature The 2020 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ®

Many 2020 Club Members have already Discovered the Beauty in Nature. The wonders we find outside create a beauty that speaks to the heart, inspires kindness, and fills our hearts with pure joy. Summer is almost here and it’s a great time to get outside and take a walk, ride your bike, kayak your favorite waters, or whatever drives you to Discover the Beauty in Nature. As always, Club membership includes an exclusive Symbol of Membership Figurine, along with the exclusive opportunity to purchase two additional figurines only available to Club Members.

Kindness Is A Gift Everyone Can Give 2020 Members’ Only Figurine Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. CC209002 | $50.99

See The Beauty In Everything 2020 Members’ Only Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. CC209003 | $75.99

Membership* also entitles you to:

• • • • •

PERSONALIZED membership card FREE one-year subscription to MOMENTS Magazine FREE shipping on eligible purchases † FREE figurine and doll personalization on eligible products † EXCLUSIVE ability to purchase 2020 Members’ Only Figurines Kindness Is A Gift Everyone Can Give and See The Beauty In Everything EXCLUSIVE invitation to join the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® Facebook group EXCLUSIVE ability to earn Share Love Rewards Points 3 times faster

If Friends Were Flowers, I’d Pick You 2020 Symbol Of Membership Figurine Free with Paid Membership Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. PCNR20 | $59.99

If you haven’t renewed, remember that membership is only $59.99 and it also makes a fantastic gift for someone special, with benefits that last for one full year. Simply visit PreciousMoments.com or call (877) 496-8725 to renew or give the gift of membership.

*Restrictions apply. Visit www.PreciousMoments.com/promotion_club2020 for details. † Valid on eligible products purchased through PreciousMoments.com and Precious Moments Mail Order Division.


How do you share the love of Precious Moments? We would love to hear about it. Please submit your stories today to Club@PreciousMoments.com.

Our Fans Moments From

“What Precious Moments mean to me: Precious Moments have been a part of my life since they first came out. I love to decorate with them and have fun with them like this pic of my hubby and I. It’s our version of the figurine.”

Roxie H. Converse, IN

“I can always find one that gives me encouragement. One in particular that helps me is No Tears Past The Gate . This helped me through a period of loss that started with losing my parents 46 days apart. That was one of the most difficult things I’ve gone through. Many times I found comfort in knowing they were in a better place where there was no illness and that they were at rest. Many tears were shed during this time and still to this day I look forward to the day we are together again in a place where tears are left at the gates of Heaven.”

“No collectible has the ability to express life’s moments like Precious Moments. My first wedding, death of that husband, remarriage, 25th anniversary, retirement…you name it. Every event in my life gets commemorated with a Precious Moments figurine. I can trace my life events through my Precious Moments cabinets.”

Brian W. Aurora, IL

Margena S. San Antonio, TX

Photos used with permission. Precious Moments Family of Companies, Inc. reserves the right, but not the obligation to accept, review, consider, publish, edit, use, redistribute, destroy, or delete any submission, wholly or in part, and/or the name and location of the submitter (if deemed applicable) for commercial use, advertising and/or promotion of Precious Moments Collectors’ Club® and/or Precious Moments Family of Companies, Inc. All submissions become property of Precious Moments Family of Companies, Inc. and are not subject to copyright, royalty or other compensation, monetarily or otherwise. Submissions may not be acknowledged and will not be returned. All submissions are subject to the published Privacy Policy of Precious Moments Family of Companies, Inc.



What’s New

from our Licensing Partners

The licensing partners of Precious Moments have been hard at work creating beautiful gifts and home décor that bring the artwork of Precious Moments into our daily lives. These cozy designs are perfect for our littlest dreamers, inspiring sweet dreams and welcome naps. Sweet Dreams, Courtesy of Precious Moments!


Flat & Fitted Sheet Set

Celebrate a baby you love with this adorable tapestry throw blanket! This woven blanket captures Samuel J. Butcher’s beautiful art with amazing detail and soft soothing colors. Keep over a couch or rocking chair so it is always handy or use as a wall hanging to decorate the nursery. It’s the perfect gender neutral gift for baby showers or to welcome a new baby home. This cozy throw blanket is now available at Amazon.com from The Northwest Company.


Perfect for a young girl’s room, this whimsical ballerina bedding set will let your child know she is born to shine! The set includes a comforter, twin fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow sham. Give it to little ballerinas or any young one who enjoys spinning ’round and ’round in the living room. This set is now available at Amazon.com from The Northwest Company.

Fitted Crib Sheet

Crib Dust Ruffle

Diaper Stacker

The Noah’s Ark theme continues to be a popular one for the nurseries of baby boys and baby girls. This sweet set includes nursery essentials every baby and parent will love. The set includes a patchwork styled quilt that can also be used as a wall hanging, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, and a handy diaper stacker. It makes a thoughtful gift for the new little one! It will be available in mid-June 2020 at Amazon.com and Walmart.com from Everyday Kids.


Precious Moments Events Calendar

PRECIOUS MOMENTS CHAPEL EVENTS For more information, call 417-359-2855 or email Chapel@PreciousMoments.com. Precious Moments Family Reunion (Pre-registration required) Wed, Sep 23 – Fri, Sep 25, 2020 Christmas Lighting Ceremony, Carthage, MO Fri, Nov 20, 6:30 pm Choirs of Christmas at the Chapel, Carthage, MO Fri and Sat nights Nov 21 – Dec 19

Walt Disney World ® Resort, Orlando, FL Thu, Apr 30 - Mon, May 4 Thu, May 14 - Mon, May 18 Fri, May 22 - Wed, May 27 Location: Epcot Theme Park at the Flower & Garden Festival Visit the magic of Disneyland and Walt Disney World ® to meet Linda Rick as she signs her Disney exclusive creations and greets Disney and Precious Moments fans. THE DOLL MAKER SIGNING EVENTS For more information, call 800-851-5183 or email Info@TheDollMakerDolls.com

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA Thu, Jul 2 - Sun, Jul 5, 2020 Location: The China Closet, Disneyland Park

Photo courtesy of Linda Rick

Event product availability, times, dates, events, VIPs, and locations subject to change without notice.

Did you know Precious Moments launched a private Facebook Group just for Club Members like you? Share your love of Precious Moments with your fellow collectors and gain access to special offers just for you: • Private sales & specials • Giveaways just for Club Members • Exclusive sneak peeks • Request for input on new products • Other special content just for you! Join today at Precious Moments Collectors’ Club on Facebook! You’re INVITED! Get free access to an exclusive Facebook Group just for being a Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® Member.



Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® 4105 Chapel Road Carthage, MO 64836 U.S.A.

Receive 20% Off Select Mother’s Day Gifts Use code GIFT4MOM at checkout from April 10 – May 15, 2020.

Let’s Celebrate …OurMoms! Since the early 20th century, we’ve been celebrating mothers and maternal figures around the world. Let’s continue this tradition with a sweet and meaningful gift to show our moms how much we care.

Restrictions apply. Discount offer valid 4/10/2020 – 5/15/2020 at 11:59pm CT on select in-stock Mother’s Day gift guide items while supplies last, with paid 2020 Collectors’ Club membership activated through U.S. Club Headquarters. Select items discounted up to 20% of the original retail price. Club Membership verification required at checkout. Visit www.PreciousMoments.com/promotion_moments-s120 for full offer terms and conditions.

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