Idyllic Iceland - 2000

Spaghetti sauce with chopped meat (probably lamb) and rice

rather than pasta, slaw, bread, hot berry soup (the spaghetti was

like our creamed tomato soup on toast)

Hot chocolate soup (really just cocoa to us) with hard dry toast,

potato salad, fish with onions and tomatoes, brown bread, tartar

sauce and French dressing

Mutton meatballs, boiled potatoes in skins, peas, red cabbage,

asparagus soup

Fried fish, boiled potatoes in skins, cold corn kernels, slaw with

apples and oranges pieces, and blueberry soup for dessert

Smoked lamb, rutabagas, boiled potatoes in skin, white cream

sauce, pancakes with sugar and strawberry jam , Salmon, boiled

potatoes in skin, tomatoes, cucumbers, fruit (canned) in cream

sauce, with pancakes and whipped cream for dessert.

There is no photo album of this trip as Kay’s camera dropped into a creek when her horse stumbled on submerged rocks. Luckily, she stayed in the saddle!

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