Letter to artists_2017

Dear Artist, Thank you for your patience and for bearing with us whilst we rebuild the new business. We do hope that, as an artist, you are happy to continue to work with us and be part of the next chapter in our direct selling, greeting card story.

It’s been just 8 weeks since we closed the door on 22 years of Phoenix Trading and since we could turn our undivided attention to Flamingo Paperie. We already feel like we’ve climbed mountains as we have worked round the clock to deliver on our two-fold masterplan. First, to build a new business that we can introduce to the public at the official mid-January launch. And, secondly, to put in place the temporary infrastructure and create the processes to get us through to this point (that’s been the ‘fun’ bit!). The temporary business has been everything you’d expect; enormously frustrating, fast-paced, time consuming and expensive but, above all, exciting. We have had 2000 Phoenix Traders join as Flamingo Paperie Partners and we are still seeing up to 50 new Partners a week signing up. Our job has been to equip them with the resources to keep their customers supplied and their businesses going until January. This has not been without its challenges as our original Flamingo Paperie business model was based on 500 – 800 new Partners joining between 21st September and 31st December. PayPal, our payment service provider, decided we were processing too much money too quickly, and put a hold on us withdrawing funds (not, strangely, on them receiving the Partners’ funds!). Having our working capital held

hostage, by an American company that we couldn't talk to, on a money laundering pretext, is a tad annoying. On the other hand, we have been enormously fortunate in having the most supportive network of Partners and suppliers – balance in all things, grasshopper! As a result, we are in a good position to be able to launch the new permanent website and the new better Reward Programme for the Partners, come the New Year. A lot of time has been spent analysing what went wrong with Phoenix Trading; we are determined to avoid making the same mistakes again. To that end, we are not having staff or premises and are, instead, outsourcing all our support services to third parties. Fortunately for us, those support services are being run by our entrepreneurial former employees who have, with our total support and encouragement, set up distribution, finance and design businesses. (Please see contact names and details at the bottom of this communication). With the infrastructure and operation processes set up, we now need to start focusing on our own individual areas of responsibilities and fleshing the bones with a fabulous new product launch for mid- January. Hopefully, this is where you come in…

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