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There’s just something about the adventure of finding the perfect tree and the smell of fresh pine that made those holidays so special. Now, my daughter’s at an age where she can learn to ski, and these old trips may be able to resume again! Running a law firm is a busy job, so our plans this year are still up in the air. But I’m hoping we might be able to make it up to those mountains I remember from my youth. I guess that’s what I’m wishing for this Christmas!


The Medlin Family Christmas

My daughter’s one lucky girl: She gets two Christmases every year. In our family, we honor the holiday you are most likely familiar with on Dec. 25, but since my wife is from Ukraine, we also celebrate the Orthodox version of this tradition. Orthodox Christmas lands on Jan. 7 on Western calendars, meaning our Nadia enjoys an extra 13 days of holiday magic. Of course, some of that may be beginning to fade. Nadia’s at that age where she’s definitely suspicious of Santa Claus. How does he manage to take pictures at all those different malls at once? In fact, if she’s anything like I was as a kid, my daughter’s probably already figured out the truth and just doesn’t want to rock the boat. Why mess with a good thing, right? Regardless, we’ll probably end up getting our annual picture with Santa this year. It’s been a fun tradition, and I’ll miss it when it’s gone. There’s something about sneaking around with her presents that helps the season feel that much more magical. It’s like I get to be a kid again vicariously through her experience. But while old St. Nick may soon be hanging up his big red jacket, I’m hoping to revive another tradition from my own childhood. As I wrote last year, my family used to go to a ski lodge every Christmas. We can’t really rely on the snow coming to us here in Texas, so we went to it. Every year, my mom, dad, sisters, and I would pack up and head to Red River, New Mexico, for a truly magical trip. Not only did we get to spend plenty of time on the slopes, but we’d also venture out into the wilderness and cut down our own Christmas tree — with all the right permits, of course.

But no matter where we end up bringing in the New Year, I know I’ll be grateful for 2019. Our firm has seen a lot of success this year, and we’re growing. In fact, at the time of writing, we’ve even brought on another associate attorney to the team! On the homefront, we’ve gotten to go on some great family trips this year and watch our daughter grow into a well-rounded student of the world.

I hope your year has had its bright moments of joy, as well. From all of us here at the firm, happy holidays, and may you have a great start to 2020!

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1

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