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How Primary Eye Care Does Thanksgiving COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND TURKEY:

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. For one day, no one has to worry about giving and receiving gifts, and you don’t have to fight crowds or spend money. It’s just a meal with the ones you love. Or in my world, it’s two meals. Many people go to multiple locations each Thanksgiving, but in my case, I actually celebrate two holidays. Canadian Thanksgiving this year is on Oct. 8. It’s always the second Monday in October, but outside of that, there’s nothing drastically different from the American traditions. Turkey, pilgrims, and good, old-fashioned tryptophan hangovers are all common in Canada. While we usually don’t travel to Canada to see my parents in October, we still celebrate Thanksgiving with them in November. Family plays a vital role in all our lives, so I close down the practice on Thursday and celebrate our traditional American holiday at home. Then my family and I pack up and travel to Canada to have dinner with my parents that Saturday. The twins are in the college selection process, and Shaun is coming back for Thanksgiving in his first semester, so I know everyone is looking forward to the holiday this year.

surging before the running even started.

Who we choose to donate our time to is completely based on what the staff decides. We focus a lot of attention on St. Jude’s, but we got

a suggestion from one of our team members that we haven’t done much to serve those with special needs. The whole team immediately agreed and even brought their kids along for the run. We went out to eat afterward and spent some time enjoying each other’s companionship.

Whether you’re American or Canadian, Thanksgiving is a time to invest in the aspects of life that truly matter. I’m so fortunate to have a great team to work with who is willing to sacrifice their precious free time to help others. It’s easy to be thankful for what you do when you surround yourself with people as amazing and talented as they are. They enrich my life and help me be a


With the kids getting older, our Thanksgiving morning traditions have changed a little bit. I’ll get a round of golf in, but we don’t do much football or a 5K. However, our staff does a lot of charity work throughout the year, and that is definitely something I’m thankful for. We did a 5K for the Special Olympics just a few weeks ago, which was a blast. We went to Midway Airport on a Sunday morning, and the energy at the event was palpable. The dopamine was

better father and human being. When you combine that with my wonderful family, the overwhelming realization comes over me that my life will always have a wellspring of joy. Take a walk down the streets of Chicago, and the faces of our fair city tell a story that is different than mine. Not everyone has the beauty that my life brings me, and that perspective certainly helps me look at life through a different lens. I’m genuinely thankful for that and for everyone who makes my dream life a reality.

Until next time; Eye’ll see ya then!

–Steven Chander

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