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Hello, Spring

Celebrating the Seasons in Wyoming and Arizona

G rowing up in small-town Wyoming, nice, pleasant weather almost seemed like a myth. When temperatures would climb above freezing for the first time each spring, everyone seemed almost skeptical that our harsh, unrelenting winters were really over. Spring never really started until all the snow had melted, and sometimes that didn’t even happen until May. One year, it even snowed on June 22 — my birthday, of all days. But it’s hard to complain too much about snow and bitterly cold temperatures when every day felt like an adventure. Even just driving to the grocery store meant braving the dark, slippery roads at Instead, we go from very pleasant and warm to unbearably hot, but the real difference between Wyoming and Arizona is the duration of the unpleasant weather. Sure, Arizona is arid and unrelenting in the sun sometimes. Sometimes the few steps between your cool car and the air-conditioned store still conjure up a sweat. But those days are less frequent than the

My family and I love being in Phoenix, and Arizona has provided some wonderful family trips. We’ve explored an old ghost town and taken in the incredible history of this state. In 2019, we’re hoping to do some more camping and spend hours fishing and hiking. And despite being spoiled with snowless winters, my wife and I still try to show our children how cool and beautiful snow can be. We’ve taken our kids to Flagstaff so they can see the snowy mountains. Plus, we still have family in Wyoming and Idaho that we try to see, so snow isn’t too foreign to them. Sure, my children may never know the real fear and crazy adrenaline rushes you get when your car zigs when you wanted to zag. Snowy weather may never thwart their plans, and summer days will likely only be spent in sweltering weather. But Phoenix will always be their home, and it’s been a great one so far. Besides, if they ever really want to experience a snowy winter, I know a great place in Wyoming.

crawling speed in your car and bundling up in more layers than you could imagine. (Somehow, some part of your body was still freezing, though.) The springs and summers that we did get were wonderful, too. The temperature was just right, and we had a wonderful garden with tomatoes, green beans, and peas. We’d spend about five months enjoying the weather and nearly forgetting about the unforgiving snow — and then a sharp reminder that we lived in Wyoming would hit in the form of a freezing snowstorm.

beautiful ones. There really aren’t many places in the U.S. where you can comfortably walk around outside in the middle of winter, but Phoenix is one of them. Spring is my favorite season, and there is no better place to experience spring than in Phoenix. Although there really isn’t that spring thaw and warm-up, it’s relieving to watch the weather only change from really nice to really warm and not worry about a late-season snowstorm.

Living in Phoenix for the past two years, I’ve experienced the opposite, but equally troublesome, problem.

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