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Bowler ™ Bronze Leaf White

Bowler ™ | Dark Leaf Comparison

I NTERSPEC I F I C BEGON I A F1 Begon i a × hyb r i da Bowler ™ Contrasting flowers and foliage will bowl you over. • Vigorous, bronze leaf Begonia with large flowers and a unique, branched and mounding habit. • Ideally suited for hanging basket production, yet versatile enough to also work in large packs. • Chocolate-bronze foliage contrasts beautifully with large, bright white flowers.

Bowler ™ Bronze Leaf White (Dark Leaf)

KEY COMPARISONS for Bowler ™ Benary ® BIG ® PanAmerican Seed ® Megawatt ™ Sakata ® Viking ™

Tophat ™ White (70067189)

Bowler ™ Bronze Leaf White

Up to 3% of Bowler plant populations may exhibit green leaves. Although leaf color is different, these plants still match the series for flower size, timing and plant vigor.

Bowler ™ Bronze Leaf White 70080130

Bowler ™ Bronze Leaf White (306 Packs)



Grower Success At-a-Glance


DIMENSIONS 20-24” W x 12-18” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Pelleted

EXPOSURE Sun to Shade RECOMMENDED CONTAINERS Large Packs, 1 pt., 1 qt., 1.25 qt., 2.5 qt., 3.0 qt., 1.5 gal. HB, 1.5 gal. pot, 2.0 gal. HB, 2.5 gal pot, 3.0 gal. pot

1.5 gal. HB

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