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I don’t tell my wife nearly enough how much I appreciate her. With Mother’s Day coming up, though, I at least want to take the opportunity to try. In all aspects of my life, Tiffany is the glue that keeps us together, and she’s the one who keeps my family and my staff going in the right direction. She’s usually in the role of “scheduler” or “coordinator” because she’s so detail oriented. I really appreciate this because it’s the complete opposite of my personality. Because we are complete opposites, we complement each other. Tiffany can talk to anyone about anything, but I’m usually more reserved. I don’t say more than I need to say. In all the stories she tells, she never forgets the specifics. For her, every detail of the story is important. A while back, I saw a joke online comparing how men and women communicate using train tracks as a metaphor. Men can only communicate like a single set of tracks going in one direction, but women can pursue multiple trains of thought at once. I thought it was funny because that’s exactly how my wife and I are, and I absolutely love that about her. I love that even though we are different, those differences are complementary. I wouldn’t want to marry myself!

On top of that, my wife is incredibly empathetic. She’s a great nurse, and when someone is sick, she takes care of them. That kind of empathy is not one of my strong suits, and it’s something I deeply admire about her. A couple years ago, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, Tiffany was one of the main people who helped my mom through “WHILE IT’S EASY TO REMEMBER THE BIG THINGS MYWIFE DOES, I THINK IT TAKES MORE INTENTION TO APPRECIATE THE THINGS SHE DOES DAILY.” the early stages of treatment. Tiffany took a lot of pressure off of my brother and me. The whole experience had a huge impact on me because it was my mom, not hers. Don’t get me wrong, Tiffany and my mother have always had a great relationship, but the fact that she could put her life on hold to help with my mom’s treatment is something I can’t thank her enough for. She helped me through an incredibly difficult time.

While it’s easy to remember the big things my wife does, I think it takes more intention to appreciate the things she does daily. She’s always there for the kids. She takes all of them to their sports practices every day and makes sure their needs are met. It’s something she really enjoys doing. I don’t automatically notice every time she does the dishes or irons the clothes or takes care of billing and HR. She definitely has a full plate, and she never complains. This Mother’s Day weekend, the kids and I will probably make Tiffany a meal and really try to put the focus on her. We want to emphasize all the reasons we’re thankful for her — big and small.

–Mark Eddy

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