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August 2019

Lessons from My Life Coach THE CONFIDENCE TO SUCCEED E arlier this summer, I attended a three- day seminar presented by my life coach, David Neagle. When I came home, my

tastes gross, they learn to avoid it in the future. When we fear failure, we keep ourselves from having learning experiences. That spoke to me. It can be difficult to take time off work and attend a three-day conference, but the beautiful thing is that many life coaches give their messages away for free, often through blogs or podcasts. I actually first heard David Neagle on a podcast. Download a couple of different podcasts and listen for someone who really speaks to you. They might have a message that resonates with you, one that makes you think, “Oh man, that’s completely me!” When you find a life coach who’s speaking your language, look for other resources they’ve put out and see what you can learn. It’s a big step to becoming a better version of yourself. “I believe everyone can benefit from a life coach, but they need to find their life coach …”

friends had a lot of questions for me. Some people hear “life coach” and picture some sort of new-age guru. This isn’t accurate, at least not in my case. If we want to get better in school, we turn to a teacher or a tutor. If we want to get fit, we look for a trainer to guide us in the right direction. Life coaches are similar: They’re respected, experienced individuals that offer you advice on the challenges in your life. Life coaches can help improve your confidence to move toward your goals. The best life coaches will even call you to check in and make sure you are actively working on achieving your dreams. They hold you accountable for your success. Working with Neagle has helped me in a lot of ways, personally and professionally. He even helped me really understand my business’s purpose and come up with the core values for GA Injury Advocates: compassion, empathy, and gratitude. When I hire for my team, I look for people who have compassion for and empathize with our clients. Almost 80% of my team has been in an accident before, so they really know what our clients are going through. Furthermore, I believe that no matter what hardships we face, we should always remember to be grateful for the good stuff in our lives. It was refreshing to be able to put my message into words so concisely with Neagle’s help.

I believe everyone can benefit from a life coach, but they need to find their life coach, the person who really speaks to them. For example, I recently talked with a young lady whose life coach is a businesswoman who connects things back to being a mom or a woman in business. This message really connected with her because she shares that life experience. I chose David Neagle as my life coach because the first time I heard him speak, he was talking about something I’d already been thinking about. I don’t remember his exact words, but Neagle was talking about how we shouldn’t fear failure and should instead see it as a learning opportunity. This is something I’ve believed for a long time, but Neagle took it a step further. He pointed out how humans are designed to learn through failure. Babies are always touching things or putting stuff in their mouth. When they find something that’s too hot to touch or

–Ramiro Rodriguez, Jr. El Abogado Ramiro (El Abogado Amigo) y su equipo hablan español


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