Debrief - End to End Accountability

Endtoend accountability -debrief

What does it mean to be “held accountable?” Unfortunately, most people view accountability as something that belittles them or happens when performance wanes, problems develop or results fail to materialize. After all, when things are sailing along smoothly, people rarely ask, "Who is accountable for this success?"

Employees must feel a personal stake in the enterprise's success before they can be expected to step up to the plate. Going back, we started with a list of things you can do to engender a spirit of ownership and personal accountability in your organization. - Embrace the mantra: if you see a problem you own it - Establish an ironclad rule that under no circumstances does anyone ignore or walk away from a problem, regardless of whose area it falls in

- Eliminate the blame game and finger pointing - Create a culture in what you do is what you commit to - Self belief and high level of self worth are competencies one should demonstrate in order to be accountable - Result and Relationship Orientation are equally important Only when you assume full accountability for your thoughts, feelings, actions and results can you direct your own destiny; otherwise, someone or something else will.

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