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Endtoend accountability -debrief

What does it mean to be “held accountable?” Unfortunately, most people view accountability as something that belittles them or happens when performance wanes, problems develop or results fail to materialize. After all, when things are sailing along smoothly, people rarely ask, "Who is accountable for this success?"

Employees must feel a personal stake in the enterprise's success before they can be expected to step up to the plate. Going back, we started with a list of things you can do to engender a spirit of ownership and personal accountability in your organization. - Embrace the mantra: if you see a problem you own it - Establish an ironclad rule that under no circumstances does anyone ignore or walk away from a problem, regardless of whose area it falls in

- Eliminate the blame game and finger pointing - Create a culture in what you do is what you commit to - Self belief and high level of self worth are competencies one should demonstrate in order to be accountable - Result and Relationship Orientation are equally important Only when you assume full accountability for your thoughts, feelings, actions and results can you direct your own destiny; otherwise, someone or something else will.

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"victims" when things go poorly, always looking for someone else to blame. The real "victim" is often our customer.And everyone suffers in this environment. We must create an environment where there is a high level of trust, and people are independent, yet interdependent. We have to be willing to share information, give and receive feedback for improvement, and model this behaviour as managers and leaders. When we create an environment where accountability thrives, where people have a sense of freedom about their jobs, and are responsible for meeting customer expectations, we all win. And we all have a lot more fun along the way. However, one of the biggest failures is to start the process and not follow through with it. Once accountability becomes a part of your management style and organization, you will see improved results and more satisfied employees. Accountability along with other competencies will help you move up the ladder.

The customary view of accountability fails to recognize that people can gain more from a proactive posture than from a reactive one. This new view of accountability can help revitalize the business character, strengthen global competitiveness, heighten innovation, improve the quality of products and services produced by companies worldwide and increase the responsiveness of organizations to the needs and wants of customers and constituents. As customer delivery providers, it is the ability to account for our actions, and the willingness to demonstrate an attitude of caring toward our customers. It is the desire to respond to a request for help, or information in a timely manner. It is follow-up, pure and simple. It is a privilege to serve those with whomwe interact, whether they are internal or external customers. We have to be willing to admit mistakes, and to allow others to make mistakes without being thrown under the bus. If we can't do this, we create a culture where people become

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Learning’s from “Win as much as you can” / XY game • Demonstrates the importance of trust within teams which comes with a realization that developing trust is fundamental to performance • Introduces the concept of“Win –Win”, where both the teams can collaborate and jointly accomplish the common objective • It brings about the importance of integrity while dealing with other individuals(either a part of your team or other teams) and groups • It focuses on the fact that effectiveness and high performance is possible if we are open to accepting feedback and correcting our behavior by putting the corrective feedback into practice • Focusing on the end goal and result orientation is important and actions should be taken accordingly Learning’s from “Houston We Have a Problem” • Brings clarity with respect to the importance of Collaborating with other teams • It is important to accept constraints and yet deliver. Constraints are non-negotiable • Explores group dynamics, information handling, planning, decision making, communication and influencing skills, teamwork, presentation skills, flexibility, contingency planning, risk management, time management and working under pressure • Helps in Team Building and getting groups together in a non threatening or stressful way • Importance of delivering at the right time by allotting the right job to the right person Learning’s from the ‘The Miracle Man’ Demonstrated that if one wants to, one can overcome the most challenging times. It is important to stay positive and plan long term and short term goals. Persistence and perseverance is the key here. It demonstrates Henry Fords thought ‘Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot both ways you are right.”And finally never be susceptible to negative influences of other people (SNIOP)

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