Diocese of London - Asset Manager

Job Description

EMPLOYER : The London Diocesan Fund (LDF) JOB TITLE : Asset Manager RESPONSIBLE TO : Head of Asset Management (Parish Property Support team) Overview At the London Diocesan Fund (LDF), we seek to do everything we can to support the mission and growth of the Church of England in London. The Diocese of London consists of 402 parishes, each representing an independent but affiliated charity, containing 450 places of worship. There is an estimated £600m backlog of building repairs, with the average need for investment per building being c.£1m. Many of our parishes have extensive programmes of community and social outreach to support their mission and vision. However, many of the buildings are in a poor condition and currently not in a fit state to support our missional objectives and the needs of the surrounding community. Within the portfolio of property are three groups of property, Open and Closed Church Buildings, about 490 sites and the cumulative value is roughly £1Bn. Open buildings are vested with the incumbent and our role is advisory but with the c. 30 closed buildings, these are in the direct care of the diocese. In addition, there is approximately 1,500 other property assets, halls, residential, open space with access licences. These properties are held by the Diocese on behalf of a number of parishes. This portfolio has an estimated value of £1Bn and if managed better could contribute significantly to the finances of parishes.

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