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April 2019

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Starting New Beginnings

Why Millennials Are Perfect

Spring is all about new beginnings, and to me, life should always have new beginnings. If someone is living their life the same way every day and is content because nothing changes, I don’t believe that’s healthy. I believe that when things remain the same, you can’t grow. You need to face situations or choices that make you uncomfortable because without them, things won’t change, and people won’t learn. When we think about something new, such as launching into a new project or joining a sports team, it can be a scary thing. But we need change to grow, learn, and become better people. Personally, I love new beginnings and believe in actively seeking them out, especially when things are too stagnant. When you everything else! Usually, the scariest part for everyone is the first moment of that new journey. If you only sit there and think about it, it’ll seem so daunting that you won’t be able to think of how you’re going to get there or how it's going to turn out once you get started. I’m commonly asked questions like, “How do you achieve so much success,” and, “How do you know what to do and what not to do?” The truth is I don’t know. That’s the big entrepreneurial secret: You don’t absolutely know what the right decision is going to be. The only thing I do know is that nobody gets anywhere without starting something first. Just by doing, you’re going to find yourself in a rut, you’ve got to find something that trounces

open a multitude of possibilities for yourself. It might be terrifying and overwhelming at first, but once you get rolling and gain momentum, you’ll find it gets easier. All this talk of new beginnings and growth leads me to another topic: millennials. I’m generally passionate about this subject, and I’ve even gone into depth about this group of people in my podcast, “All In with Rick Jordan.” While that episode “The Team Matchmaker: Remi Sorrentino” is about career advice and how millennials are afraid to get into a business profession, right now I want to talk about how amazing it is when you have this group working for you. First, I despise the term “millennial” because it's condescending. What I hear a lot about is how entrepreneurs can’t keep millennials on the payroll because “they feel entitled” or “they just want to jump from job to job.” I’ve also heard the complaint that a business leader will interview tons of candidates but that the millennials have all had something like 17 jobs they’ve worked within the past two years. But honestly, this is missing the point. I absolutely love that demographic — not just because I feel like they get a bad rap — but because it's one of the best groups to have around right now. Studies by Harvard Business School over the past 20 years show that once someone in this group is driven to challenge themselves — once they get hired, or when they feel like they have a mission they fully believe in — this

group has more longevity and loyalty than the baby boomer generation. While it's true that you might see a lot of job-hopping at the beginning, as soon as they find a place they feel like they can grow and succeed, this generation will stick around longer than almost anyone else. Millennials are hungry, and when they aren’t challenged, they seek out another job in the hope they’ll find something that does challenge them. A lot of the time, I believe this reflects on the company itself. The places where they previously worked most likely lacked leadership or a clear direction of where the business was going. So, when a millennial does find a company that has great leadership with a mission, they take off! This group is constantly seeking change and growth throughout their professional careers, and that’s why I love, love, love hiring them. And if you don’t want them, you can always send them over to me. I’ll be happy to get them on my team, provide them with something to grab onto, and take on the world!


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