Process News Spring 2016 | OI Plasma Technology

Two dimensional materials and heterostructures

Dr Ravi Sundaram, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Vapour deposition techniques have gained a lot of interest for growth of two dimensional (2D) materials 1-4 . The ability to grow large area graphene has spurred research into vapour deposition of a wide variety of atomically thin layered materials. In the recent past there has been a growing interest in studying atomic planes of these Van der Waals solids and build 2D heterostructures by stacking layers with complementary characteristics to achieve novel functionality 5 . For successful scaling up of prototypical applications demonstrated to date, technologies and processes for large area deposition of these materials need to be developed. Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) has been one of the most successful techniques for the large area fabrication of nanostructured materials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and other 1D/2D nanomaterials.

The Oxford Instruments Nanofab ® is ideal for this field of research as it combines several essential features for high performance 2D material deposition: • High temperature (1200 ºC) table • Capable of handling up to 200 mm wafers • Shower head technology • Automatic load lock for wafer handling • Plasma enhancement via in chamber (parallel plate ) plasma or remote plasma via ICP • One of the key requirements for developing robust 2D materials deposition processes is the ability to efficiently deliver liquid and solid state precursors in addition to traditional gases. We offer flexible options for liquid/solid precursor delivery. Example: MoCl 5 , Mo(CO) 6 , W(CO) 6 , DTBSe, DETe etc) • Multiple precursor pod options for depositing a combination of 2D materials We have demonstrated growth of monolayer graphene and related graphene-like allotropes using this system. Recently, we have developed a thermal CVD route to synthesize hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) and we are currently investigating other 2D materials.

Nanofab with precursor delivery system.

Current library of 2D materials investigated to date 5 .


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