Christmas 2016

Cream Whipper S/S Deluxe 1.0 ltr Item No.: K4101

Cake Rack 30 x 20cm / 12” x 8” Item No.: 90164

Chip Scoop Item No.: 701B

Aluminium Flour Scoop 12 oz Item No.: A105

Double Wall Small Coffee Glass Item No.: MDW2001

Dough Scraper Black Handle Item No.: C626K

Chargers Pack of 10 Item No.: K1111

Icing Set Bag & 4 Nozzles 100ml Item No.: 90068

Kitchen Tool Set 6 pc S/S Item No.: 6KTS

White Pudding Bowl 21cm Item No.: R0023

Flame Retardent Oven Mitt 17” to 200 ° C Item No.: FRM-17

Cake Tongs 21.5cm / 8 1/2” Item No.: 2623

Meat Fork S/S PP Black Handle Item No.: 429MF

Hollow Handle Utensils

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