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God in the Adirondack Wilderness Jonathan Zaharek

‘You can’t help but want to tell others about a love like that’ Jay Sanders on being fully known and fully loved by God

Issue 14

A Note from Don Lough, Jr.


I love this year’s theme at Word of Life Bible Institute: Fully Known . Absolutely nothing escapes God’s notice; He knows the past, present, and future. He even knows us better than we know ourselves! The truth is, He knows His plans for us; He knows the temptations we face, the trials we pass through, the victories we will experience, and He knows exactly the measure of strength we need when the pressure is on and we feel overwhelmed. This year’s theme verse, Psalm 139:1-2, says, “O Lord, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar.” In our chaotic and confused world, being fully known by God means that we can approach life with confidence and victory. It means even when not everything seems good from a human perspective, we keep moving forward in faith knowing that His good plan is in motion for our lives. Being fully known means that we can trust God completely and talk with Him about anything. In this issue of The Experience , we invite you to read how believers just like you are leaning into God, secure in the knowledge that they are fully known by Him.

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A Letter From Don Lough, Jr. A Note From Roger Peace, Jr.

'You can’t help but want to tell others about a love like that’: Jay Sanders on being fully known and fully loved by God

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Trusting Him,

Don Lough, Jr. ’84 Chancellor, Bible Institute President and CEO, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.

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The Experience

A Note from Roger Peace, Jr. – President of Word of Life Bible Institute

Dear Alumni Family,

We’ve recently begun another year of life change at Word of Life Bible Institute, and I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in students and watch God do an incredible work in their lives. In 2021, more than ever, students are experiencing feelings of disconnect and loneliness, extreme fear about the future, and overwhelming pressure to appear perfect on social media. We chose this year’s theme, Fully Known, with those current challenges in mind. Our desire is to remind students that in this world of chaos and insecurity, they can rest in the understanding that God knows them, their heart, their path, and their future. “O Lord, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar.” – Psalm 139:1-2 What a great reminder to each of us, no matter where we are in life. I hope you enjoy this issue of The Experience and that it gives you some insight into what God is doing both here at WOLBI and in the lives of alumni around the world. It is a blessing to be part of the Word of Life Bible Institute Alumni family, and I greatly appreciate your support. Please reach out if we can pray for or serve you in any way.

Serving Those Who Serve,

Roger L. Peace, Jr. ‘94 President, Bible Institute


‘You can’t help but want to tell others about a love like that’ Jay Sanders on being ful ly known and ful ly loved by God

By Bree Hayden


When Jay Sanders picks up the phone, the joy of the Lord breaks through like the Tampa sunshine he and his family love so much, even in his simple, “Hey, sis! How’s it going?” We start chatting about life – his wife, Fina '10 &'13; their newborn twins, Justice and Jude; and their spunky 5-year-old foster daughter – and quickly

move on to work. Jay is the campus pastor for the University of South Florida. In the past, he served as a college pastor at Idlewild Baptist Church and as Dean of Students at the Florida campus of Word of Life Bible Institute. God’s call in his life is clear to him – his drive, in his words, is to “inspire the next generation to live full and die empty.”

Jay Sanders '09 & '10


The Experience

which is essentially your profession of faith as a Christian, personal- ly and publically through baptism, and finally, transformation. Your life should look different after coming to Christ; that happens in community and includes reproducing repro- ducers. Living full comes through biblical relationships – foremost with Christ, but also with others.” We sit in silence for a moment as I mull over the implications of a generation of Christians who really hone in on reproducing reproducers. It reminds me of Jack Wyrtzen’s famous statement,

I smile in agreement, and Jay continues his train of thought. “It encourages me that Jesus sees that very depth of my life and loves me the same – and there’s nothing I can do about it. It gives me the humble confidence to know that I don’t need to search for approval and acceptance when I am walking into a room. I’m already in a place of approval and acceptance.” He references Psalm 139, where the Psalmist talks in awe and wonder about how God hems us in behind and before, and He knows us completely. Jay exclaims, “I feel you, Psalmist! I get you! Our minds just can’t comprehend the width and height of God’s love for us. He knows our garbage – past, present, and even what’s to come – and loves us still.” Jay mentions how the only things close to this kind of dedication on earth are wedding vows, because marriage is designed to be a picture of Christ’s perfect love for the church. “It’s like the story of Hosea,” he exclaims, voice rising with passion and excitement. “God pursues us even when we aren’t pursuing Him. We turn our backs on Him over and over again...” A pause, and his voice grows thoughtful again, and then, “... But God.” I remain quiet – he’s reeled me in with this story. It’s personal. Jay isn’t the only one who has expe- rienced a ‘but God.’ It’s you. It’s me. “I wouldn’t be – shouldn’t be – in my life, my position, if not for a ‘but God.’ I mean, come on, sis. You knowmy story. My momwas a drug addict who gave birth to me on a street corner. That day

"God pursues us even when we aren’t pursuing Him. We turn our backs on Him over and over again..."

“It is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The world would be a totally different place if students were inspired to practically live that out. It’s also a challenge to me, personally. Taking a sip of my coffee, I bring it back around to the topic at hand. “So, the idea of living full… I feel like those kinds of biblical relationships really fit with our theme at the Bible Institute this year, Fully Known. How do you think that plays into your ministry? What does being fully known mean to your students as they prepare to reproduce reproducers?” “Hmm… it’s been said,” he begins, “that to be loved and not known is superficial. To be known and not loved is what we all fear, but to be fully known and fully loved? That’s our deepest desire.” That infectious chuckle bursts forth again, and he says, “And I’m not talking about the G-rated version! That’s easy to love. I mean the deepest, darkest, grittiest version that we’re afraid to show even our closest friends. That’s the one.”

That phrase sticks out to me, so I ask him – how does he inspire students to live a life as radical as that? Jay’s voice takes on a reflective tone, and he says, “Before anything, we have to remember that the gospel moves at the speed of relationships. Once a relationship’s established, it has to do with encouraging students to take their next step with Jesus.” He continues on, saying, “First, there’s salvation – understanding that you’re a sinner in need of rescue, and trusting that Jesus paid for those sins when He died on the cross and rose from the grave – then comes identification,


“In spite of Jay, the acts committed against choices he and others had made, God knew Jay, loved Jay, and had a plan for Jay.” him, and the poor

should have held celebration, but all it held was separation. I bounced from foster home to foster home and experienced every kind of abuse.” Despite the pain, his voice rises in triumph, and I can almost see that iconic photo, Phantom Punch , of Muhammad Ali standing over a KO’d Sonny Liston. “BUT God! God took me from where I was, and knowing all about my past, present, and future, adopted me into His family as His son, and has placed me right where I am today. ” In the same vein, Jay says that his pastor shared something impactful with him when he was younger, and it’s stuck with him ever since. “In spite of Jay, the acts committed against him, and the poor choices he and others had made, God knew Jay, loved Jay, and had a plan for Jay.” That can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when you don’t feel worthy.

“So often my students say, ‘If God really knew me, He wouldn’t love me.’ And I’m like, what God are YOU talking about? ‘Cause that’s not the God of the Bible.” His voice is full of laughter, but I can tell he means every word. He continues on, saying, “Your feelings may tell you that, but they aren’t facts. I see so much guilt, shame, and pain in the students I serve. I encourage them to ask God for spiritual ears to hear, and I walk through the scriptures with them. In Romans 8, verse 31, we are identified as already being

students to become reproducing reproducers.”

We chat for a few minutes more until Jay has to head out and prepare for a conference. His work at USF keeps him busier than ever, and that’s on top of his most important ministry – at home, with Fina and the kids. Before he goes, however, he leaves me with some thoughts. “You know, we all look for cultural cues and to others instead of to our Creator for validation. But,

"... until we look vertically to Christ, we will be restless in our souls."

conquerors. We, as His children, already have good standing with God, and we can’t be separated from Him, not even by ourselves and our sin. He is madly in love with you, and I’m gonna repeat this again… there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t help but want to tell others about a love like that. That’s what pushes

until we look vertically to Christ, we will be restless in our souls. We all desire to be fully known and fully loved. That desire is fulfilled in Christ and proven through His work on the cross! We simply need to look to Him, remind ourselves of what He says about us in the Word, and rest in that.” To that I say, amen.


The Experience

Camp Meeting in Council Hall (above)

Student Testimonies

Seika Ito '20 & '21 This summer, I had the opportunity to work at The Pines, where I served as a Unit Leader, as the keyboard player on the worship team, and at the front desk. All of my jobs were very visible, but the Lord used them to teach me that even if I am not working at the front desk or on the stage for worship, the girls and guests are watching me. It was very challenging for me to show Christ- likeness every single moment, but, at the same time, that challenge was a huge blessing. I learned that I need to feed myself spiritually in order to pour into others – I cannot show Christlikeness without having Jesus Christ in me. I got to see God ministering to people through me; it was such a humbling and incredible experience. I am praising the Lord because He gave me the great opportunities I had this summer, and He is the One working all things together for our good and His glory!

Colin Smith '20 & '21 Summer camp was full of genuinely good and rewarding times, but as any season where true growth takes place, it wasn’t without its challenges. Spending my summer on the Camp Crew side of things was both difficult and sweet, but, most of all, it was a blessing to spend each day pouring into my Crewers. My summer ministry this year was photography, and the Lord taught me leaps and bounds through it. He taught me about His purposeful creation of each of us; the phrase “knit us together” (as used in Jeremiah) is such an intimate way to describe His creation of us. My eyes were opened to the way He “knitted” me with this gift and passion for photography and then gave me a way to glorify Him with it through my ministry. It was crazy how carrying a camera did not create distance between me and the campers. Instead, photography opened doors to casual conversations that then turned into gospel conversations. The Lord purposefully gave me this ‘unconventional’ summer ministry, and, despite my weaknesses, He has been glorified in and through it. Everything He does is by design, from the way He created us all the way down to something as simple as where I was placed in camp. “Everything [the Lord] does is by design, from the way He created us all the way down to something as simple as where I was placed in camp.”

Youth Camp Activities


Follow-up Counseling after Gospel Presentation (above)

By the Numbers:

Life Change Happens at Camp

NY Youth Camps: • 2,740 Campers • 450 Professions of Faith • 1,665 Dedication Decisions

Ella* messaged the Word of Life Island Instagram account the Saturday night before the last week of camp – registration for which began on Sunday. She had a scholarship for camp, but she never registered because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to come. However, the Holy Spirit was prompting her to attend, and she was ready to do anything it took to get here. The Island was 100% full, but in a leap of faith, Ella decided to come anyway, hoping and praying that something would open up so she could register. Because of a last-minute cancellation, we found a spot for her, and she was able to attend. On Thursday, Ella found the staff member who had spoken with her on Instagram and shared some very exciting news – she had completely rededicated her life to the Lord during the week, and she decided to attend the Bible Institute this year! Ella also became Camper of the Week, an award given to a camper who exhibits great life change during their week with us.

The Pines: • 3,107 Guests • 82 Professions of Faith • More than 650 Dedication Decisions The Coast (FL): • 3,668 Campers • 524 Conference Center Guests • 772 Professions of Faith • 2,655 Dedication Decisions

Life change happens at camp!

*not the camper’s real name


The Experience

Invest in Life Change

Alumni Encouragement Award

Life Change Student Fund

When you give to Student Scholarships, you are partnering with Word of Life to train, equip and inspire students to reach their world for Christ. Funds apply directly to students and help offset tuition, room and board, and other fees. If you’d like to donate directly to the Student Life Change fund, scan the QR Code below or mail us the attached Life Change Student Fund insert. Will you join us as we invest in the spiritual growth of the next generation?

You experienced life change at Word of Life Bible Institute. Why not invest in life change for the next generation? Did you know that as an alumnus of Word of Life Bible Institute, you can give a $750 scholarship to any freshman entering the Bible Institute? Students can only receive one Alumni Encouragement Award, but you can give the award to as many students as you would like! If you know any incoming freshmen, you can make a real difference in their lives by offering them the Alumni Encouragement Award. Just because you graduated from the Bible Institute doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of all that’s happening here. The Alumni Encouragement Award is just one way you can be involved.

You can also give to the Life Change Student Fund using the insert between pages 10 & 11.

You can also give Alumni Encouragement Award using the insert between pages 2 & 3.


11 The Experience

Where Are They Now? God in the Adirondack Wilderness: Jonathan Zaharek '16

By Taylor (Hurlbert '10 & '13) Price M

Most students, upon spending a year in the beautiful Adirondack Park, grow a fond appreciation for the mountains surrounding the Word of Life Bible Institute campus. Not many, however, make a career out of them. Jonathan Zaharek grew up working at Word of Life camps and was part of the 2016 Bible Institute graduating class. “My time at WOLBI was one of the best years of my life so far. It was an incredible growing experience – participating in Open Air Evangelism and serving in the dish pit! – but also being surrounded by the High Peaks.” Zaharek is a self-employed, professional land- scape photographer in the High Peaks region, based out of Lake Placid. He stays busy working as a part-time guide in the High Peaks, running a large Adirondack YouTube channel and Instagram platform, and serving as the full-time worship lead- er of Lake Placid Baptist Church. “God has blessed me with such an incredible platform to display His glory through creation and being able to serve his church and minister to the lost people of the North Country. I get to hike in the mountains for a living! Waking up in this beautiful place every single day is already far beyond what I deserve. It’s been so awesome watching God piece together my life story, even years before I was born. Every morning I wake up, I need to remind myself that God has placed me here as a tool and instrument for His will, and I need to use the gifts and abilities He has given me to glorify Him. I’ve been learning how to magnify the Lord and be a light to this dark place. I love talking about my faith


Life in the High Peaks

any moment that I get, and there’s so much opportunity to share love and to magnify God’s creation. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing believers and had so many times to share my testimony and to glorify God through photography.”

Jonathan has been extremely successful in the Adirondack landscape photography world. His talent and skill alone are amazing, but his experience and love for hiking really set his work apart. At only 24 years old, he has completed approximately eight rounds of summiting all 46 High Peaks – with “many more to come!” He’s also dived deep into the world of trail running, has participated in many competitions, and has even broken multiple records in his area. Life in the mountains, while beautiful and exciting, can also be lonely. Jonathan says people can pray for his ministry here in the Adirondacks – whether in his local church or out on the trail, as well as for spiritual health and discipline. You can also pray for his upcoming opportunity to serve as a videographer for a ministry in Buffalo, New York, as they fly to Sierra Leone this October to create freshwater wells in remote villages. You can check out Jonathan’s amazing photography work on his Instagram account, @JonathanZaharek.

How One Year Changed His Life

“Word of Life most certainly had an impact on my current career. It placed me in the area and made me passionate about Jesus and the Adirondacks. I sought many opportunities to photograph and grow my career while attending. Being at the Bible Institute for a year cemented the foundation and path for being up here full time. I’m constantly learning, growing, and experiencing highs and lows like most people. It’s ironic how God has placed me in an area that stretches my weaknesses the most. But it’s also not ironic because God wants us to grow, trust Him, and deepen our faith.”

13 The Experience

Bill Shuman '71 and family

Alumni Updates 1970’s

1980’s Kim (Sebast ’80) Weaver and her husband, Kenneth, live in Maryland. They have three adult children: Matthew, Timothy, and Jessica. Kim’s work is in providing support for young adults with special needs. She also leads a small musical group that provides music periodically to their congregation and to area seniors and nursing homes. Stephen Henry ’82 and his wife, Cheryl, live in Oregon. Stephen works as a Project Manager at AERO Bridgeworks Inc. installing Passenger Boarding Bridges at airports. Wesley Yerkes ’86 and his wife, Suzanne, live in Virginia. They have three adult children: Joshua who is married to Carla; Hannah, a 2014 grad of the BI in Hungary, who is married to Joseph Turner, a 2014 grad of the BI in Florida; and Abigail, a 2019 grad of the WOLBI-BBP in Argentina. Wesley is pastoring Brookhill Baptist Church in Roanoke. Wesley previously served in the U.S. Navy both active and reserve for almost 30 years.

four adult children and five grandchildren. She works in customer service for an insurance agency. At church, she is involved in children’s ministry, youth group, and women’s ministry. David ‘89 and Linda (Watts ’89) Mitchell have recently returned to the U.S. after ministering in Ticumán, Morales, Mexico with WEC International. They are currently living in Indiana and David is working with his son-in-law. 1990’s Crosby Newbill ’91 and his wife, Alverta, live in Maryland and have three adult children and two grandchildren. Crosby is the Director of Community-Based Programs for the Boys & Girls Club of Harford and Cecil Counties. Kyle ’92 and Sarah (Henderson ’92) Knell live in Florida and have three adult children, all WOLBI grads: Kyrah ’18, Christopher ’19, and Angela ’20 . Sarah homeschooled the last two of their children and is involved in ministry with Covenant Care Hospice.

Bill Shuman '71 and his wife, Linda, live in Michigan. They have five adult children. Bill is a retired Christian school teacher and chaplain. Randy Tate ’73 and his wife, Janet, live in Ohio. Randy works in sales for Lumen Technology Group. At church, he is a Deacon, ABF Teacher, and does pulpit supply. Lorne Trudgian ’76 lives in Alberta, Canada, where he is the English Pastor at Calgary Chinese Evangelical Free Church. He has been married since 1978 and has been a pastor since 1979. He and his wife, Cindy, have three daughters and eight grandchildren. Lon Sanora ’76 and his wife, Debbie, live in Florida. They have four adult children: Chris, Kathi, Josh, and Michelle. Lon works in IT for a large law firm. He also plays bass guitar on the church worship team. John ’76 and Deborah (Catlow ’76) Potter have recently moved to Tennessee. They have two adult children and one granddaughter.

Jacqueline (Long ’88) NeSmith is married to Eddie and they live in Florida. Jackie has

Robert Schroeder ’93 and his wife, Nancy, live in New York state. They have two adult


Colten '10 and Nicole (Wisman '10) Jamieson

Katie Anderson '14 & '16

Susan (Allenbaugh '98) Penning

Carly (Mrazovich '09) Miller

Stephen Henry '82

Crosby Newbill '91

Matt ’13 and Maggie (Bishop ’13) Losee live in New York, where Matt is the Music and Youth Pastor at New Hope Community Church. They have three children: Carmen (4), Candace (3), and Macy (1) Maggie is a stay-at-home mama and a Women’s Ministry leader. Sharon (Cid ’14) Lacovara and her husband, Tyler, live in Pennsylvania. They have a 1-year-old son, Alejandro. Sharon is a stay-at-home mom and office manager (remote) for Streamside Camp and Conference Center. Tyler is the Director at Streamside. Katie Anderson ’14 & ’16 has her certifi- cation as an ACBC Biblical Counselor and is looking for a job where she can use her residential ministry experience and biblical counseling certification. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and attended 1st year at the Owen Sound campus and then interned there before doing 2nd year in New York. She is the Women’s Ministry leader at church. Jonatan ’15 and Casey (Burke ’15) Torrejon are missionaries with Word of Life in Bolivia. Jonatan went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina for four years and

sons, Stephen and Matthew. Robert is a Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor with True North Counseling Ministries and is a semi-retired minister. Marcie (Kirkman ’94) Johnson and her husband, Brian, live in North Carolina. Marcie works as a Health Coach and Wellness Coordinator. Matthew ’97 and Susan (Allenbaugh ’98) Penning live in Pennsylvania and have two children: Eva (15) and Eli (9). Susan works as a Marketing Director and is a Public Affairs Officer as a Captain in the Air National Guard. She is also a Praise and Worship Director at church. 2000’s Katie (Funk ’02) Maloney and her husband, Padraig, have three children, Thomas (9), Elinor (9), and Declan (3). They live in Oregon, and Katie is the Nursery Coordinator at church. Stephen ’07 and Andrea (Salisbury ’06) Brown live in Pennsylvania. They have three children: Benjamin (9), Asher (6), and Abigail (2). Stephen is currently deployed with the Army National Guard. Andrea has

her master’s in counseling but is currently a stay-at-home mom. She keeps busy homeschooling the oldest two. Carly (Mrazovich ’09) Miller and her husband, Shaun, live in Florida. They have three children. Carly is a former Lifeguard Supervisor for Palm Beach. She and her husband are Awana Co-Directors at church. Craig ’09 and Elizabeth (Peer ’09) Gornall live in New Jersey. They have three children: Leah (8), Jude (7), and Jack (2). Craig works as a cabinet maker in a custom shop. 2010’s Colten ’10 & ‘12 and Nicole (Wisman ’10 & ‘12) Jamieson live in Michigan and have three children: Corban (7), Millie (5), and Evie (1). They both attended first year at the Bible Institute campus in Owen Sound, Canada. Colten is opening a local State Farm insurance office in November, and Nicole is a stay-at-home mom. Josiah Esper ’13 lives in Oregon, where he is an aviation student flying helicopters and working at Patagonia Bend. At church, he leads the young adults group and the Alpha ministry.

15 The Experience

Aaron Boyle ’18 is a graduate of the Bible Institute in Hungary. After his second year at the BI, he served as the Assistant Dean of Men on the Hungary campus, but returned home in March 2020 due to COVID-19 shutdowns. He is currently training as a machinist and welder and serving in the local church. Kristina Boyle ’19 is a graduate of the Bible Institute in Hungary. She lives in South Carolina where she works part-time in a

then joined the Word of Life team in Bolivia, where he met his future wife in 2015. They are the parents of Elena Hope (1). Tyler ’15 and Meghan (Edwards ’16) Ray have two children: Maggie (3) and Theophilus (2). They live in Maine where Tyler is a part-time Associate Pastor at New Covenant Baptist Church and works in the family business, Ray Corporation, for his dad and uncle (both WOLBI alumni) doing lead abatement and renovations.

bakery and serves in the children’s program at church. 2020’s Julianna Hurley ’19 & ’20 lives in Florida and is currently serving in Brazil as a Word of Life Cross Cultural Intern.

Seth Clark ’20 is living in Virginia and works at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Alumni Weddings 2020 October 24 – Ethan and Bryanna (Conner '19) Whitman November 7 – Ian '18 and Victoria Walker November 14 – Timothy '17 & '18 and Keila (Bascur '16 & '17) Long November 28 – Jacob '18 and Kara (Gregory '18) Bishop November 29 – Daniel '15 and Isabella Reimer December 19 – Dominic '15 and Rachel Stoudt December 28 – Cameron '18 and Alanna (Redmond '18 & '19) Riggle 2021 January 2 – Daryl II '02 & '03 and Abbianne (Huizing '07 & '08) Jackson January 9 – Wesley '13 and Payton Monzon Drew '18 and Mary Kate Deshetsky January 16 – Austin '17 and Logan (Lovett '17 & '18) Armstrong March 6 – Justin and Kortnei (Brown '05) Howard Jack '12 and Taylor (Hurlbert '10 & '13) Price March 13 – Matt '15 & '16 and Susanna (Butler '15 & '16) Landry March 17 – Micah '19 and Lauren (Elliott '19) Goepfrich April 4 – Justin '18 & '19 and Heather (Powell '18 & '19) Crow April 11 – Ben '19 and Bryden (Deardorff '19) Lamberton April 25 – Brian '09 & '10 and April Shirey May 8 – Andrew and Mae (Kolln '18 & '19) Corson Riley '17 & '18 and Andrea (Johnson '18) Winter May 15 – Jeremiah '16 & '21 and Chloe (Headings '19 & '21) Knisley May 16 – Garrett and Taylor (Lingelbach '13) Loughry

May 22 – Ismael '17 and Maya Santana

Justin '15 & '16 and Julia (Amesbury '11 & '12) Lough Daniel and Nicole (Clark ’17 & ’18) Fisher May 24 – Nathanael '18 & '19 and Shay (Russell '19) Domes May 30 – Gabriel '11 & '12 and Rachel Santiago Roberto and Kirbie (Brakefield '13 & '14) Judilla

May 31 – Elias '18 and Isabelle Clark June 3 – Ronnie '17 and Kayla Aiosa

June 5 – Collin '19 and Amanda (Moffitt '19) Hoover June 7 – Ian '19 and Hannah (Buckwalter '18) McAllister Chris and Alissa (Williams '14 & '15) LaBranche June 8 – James '16 and Annemarie Megna June 13 – Anthony and Courtney (Brown '14) Tedesco Josué ’21 and Sarah (Poludniak ’18 & ’19) Orellana June 21 – Matthew and Caroline (Wehmeyer '18) Fuguet June 26 – Eric '17 and Kirsten (Roseman '19) Parke June 27 – Brian '17 & '18 and Jacqueline (Jiménez '16 & '17) Araujo July 10 – Matthew '17 & '18 and Maria (Curtis '19 & '20) Borden Marquez and Rebecca (Stevens '16) Shannon July 12 – Braydon '18 & '19 and Anna (Ziegert '18) Hoover

July 17 – Braeden and Abbie (Anderson '19) Gann July 25 – Quinn and Laura (Chambers '10) MacKinnon July 31 – Sung-Min "Jacob" '15 and Holly Jo Chae

Wesley Yerkes '86

Aaron Boyle '18

Matt '13 and Maggie (Bishop '13) Losee

Julianna Hurley '20


Word of Life Missions Conference 2022

Making Him Known “...and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else's foundation…” Romans 15:20 (ESV)

Word of Life Florida: January 5-7

Word of Life New York: April 22-24

Ryrie Online Library The Ryrie Online Library was created to continue the legacy and influence of Charles Caldwell Ryrie. This website contains over 2,600 digitized documents including sermons, teaching notes, articles, manuscripts, and much more.

17 The Experience

Remembering Lou Nicholes Missionary, Teacher, Author, Friend


On June 30, 2021, on Jeju Island, South Korea, Lou Nicholes went Home to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He was 87 years old. In 1962, Lou joined Word of Life Fellowship in Schroon Lake, NY, where he served for 60 years as the regional Bible Clubs Director for more than 250 Bible Clubs. Lou also developed and directed the Youth Reachout short-term missions ministry, which saw over 2,000 students get involved in missions – 150 of whom are on the mission field today. For the past 8 years, Lou and his wife, Thelma, lived on the campus of Word of Life Bible Institute on Jeju Island, South Korea. Lou enjoyed mentoring and counseling students and staff, and he visited over 140 local churches and helped build strong relationships between pastors and Word of Life ministries. Lou is survived by his wife of 61 years, Thelma, their children, Steve (Rhonda) Nicholes, Mike (Alicia) Nicholes, and Beth (Chris) Steiner, 11 grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

Jeju Island


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19 The Experience

Creation Museum Alumni Gathering

Join Us at the Creation Museum in 2022

Attend our largest Alumni Gathering to date at the Creation Museum! The museum features state-of-the-art facilities and incredible programming for the whole family.

Dates, pricing, and more details will be forthcoming. Please follow our Facebook page for more information.

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