Healthcare Co-branded Patagoina Gear: A Guide to Ordering

This handy guide will walk you through how to set up your own team's pop-up shop for Patagonia co-branded merchandise. Pulling together a custom workwear order for your class or department can be time-consuming and tedious. This is especially so when you need to coordinate personalization (like names or departments) for every individual team member. To help, our online pop-up shops, unique to your school or healthcare facility make getting Patagonia apparel easy and stress-free. Fairware has invested in the tools and the team to make ordering all custom merchandise easier. We’re the one-stop shop for hospital, health care, and med school custom apparel and merchandise. Read on to learn how to make ordering health care Patagonia apparel easy.


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HEALTH GEAR PORTAL SETUP Hello and welcome to our guide for setting up a Patagonia Health Gear Portal! Fairware is one of North America’s only approved vendors for co-branded health gear. Because of the good you do in the world; Patagonia allows medical students and health care professionals to co-brand their products. We have built this portal to make the ordering process easier. This guide will help: • Choose the products you want on the shop. • Finalize your decoration (school logo, department name) and whether you’ll allow for personalization. • Provide the information needed to set up your own pop-up shop to collect sizing from your team and to enable them to pay for their jackets. • Identify if you need trademark and licensing approvals. • Determine the timeline and delivery details for your custom branded Patagonia gear. • Launch your pop-up shop so your colleagues can order their merch.

We also have a handy FAQ that should answer any questions your buying group may have. Let’s get started!


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Product Decoration Payment & Delivery

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CREATING A POP-UP SHOP There are three steps to setting up a pop-up shop for ordering your Patagonia Health Gear; Choose your product; Finalize your decoration/ logos and Confirm payment and delivery details.

Check out our ‘Sample Pop-Up’ to get a sense of how your shop will look and function.


We have curated a short list of Patagonia items that are our best sellers for health gear programs. The Better Sweater is the preferred choice for student cohorts and the Synchilla and Nano Puff jackets and vests are close seconds. We often add stainless steel water bottles, travel mugs and Patagonia packs or hip bags to pop up shops. Ask us for options. • The minimum order for Patagonia apparel 12 units, and we can split that across colours, gender, and sizes. • Inventory is live and only secured when your order is placed. We generally ask for back up options as needed if inventory is an issue. • Once you let us know the styles, we can get an estimate ready for review.

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A standard decoration usually includes a schools logo or crest and department name. Some also allow for person- alization where the recipients name is embroidered on the jacket or vest.

TIP: Often there are trademark and licencing departments that govern what you can (and can’t) print, make sure to check in to see if there are any guidelines for your schools branding.

Information Collection Our Patagonia Healthcare Co-branding webform collects all the info we need, and we’ll go through your options in the next section, but here’s what we’ll be need from you: • Would you like a logo or a crest on your product? We’ll need the vector artwork files for whichever you choose. • Do you want to include a Department Name/Medical Specialty? We usually receive a logo file with the deparment and main logo as lockout if you already have one. Otherwise, we’ll need to know the product, location of the imprint, and the wording we should use. • Will you allow Personalization? If yes, be advised we can only accom- modate 25 characters per line. Embroidery Details Qualifier Very detailed logos or long names can be difficult to reproduce with clarity, we will advise if an alternate decoration type is recommended.

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Fonts For embroidery, the default font is BLOCK FONT, We use black thread on grey and light colored jackets and white thread for black and navy or dark colored jackets. Please advise if you need a different font for trademark or licencing reasons. Logo Placement & Size Specific logo and additional embroidery line placements may be determined by your trademark and licensing brand guide but here are the most common placements. We may recommend decorations method and placement based on your logo size and detail. • The default placement of your logo will be on the right chest. • If allowed by your trademarks office, the default placement of your Department with be below your school logo. • If you choose personalization, the default location is right sleeve on jackets or rear nape on vests. • For personalisation The minimum height is 0.25” and the max char- acters is 25 per line for Department Name and and 25 per line for Personalization. • All personalization will follow the format of “First Name Last Name”- all personalization will be the same height to ensure standardization. • The size of your logo and the number of locations you print will determine final costs. Decoration Type The two most common decoration types are embroidery or woven patches. Embroidery is the classic style, but woven patches are great for complex or detailed logos. We’ve seen schools use a woven patch for their logo and embroidery for Personalization. Once we have your logo and Department Name we can help determine what’s best for you.

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Confirming your Decoration You will receive a virtual mock up to approve and a photo of an actual embroidery sew out of your logo to approve. before your order goes into production. Once this is finalized, we can build your store! EMBROIDERED VS WOVEN PATCH DECORATION With embroidery it can be difficult to capture detailed artwork that is often seen in emblems. It’s not uncommon to drop this element and only use the word mark. If its important to have the emblem/crest of the insti- tution, we suggest a woven patch. See below:

Logo Placement Guide | 7

LOCATION 1 : RIGHT CHEST Direct embroidery logo Max 3.5” Wide or patch of same size

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(OPTIONAL) LOCATION 2: RIGHT CHEST UNDER LOGO/PATCH 1 line of variable data in BLOCK FONT* Up to 25 characters at 0.25” High

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(OPTIONAL) LOCATION 3: RIGHT BICEP 1 line of variable data in BLOCK FONT* Up to 25 characters at 0.5” high

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(OPTIONAL) LOCATION 3: NAPE OF NECK 1 line of variable data in BLOCK FONT* Up to 25 characters at 0.5” high

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PAYMENT OPTIONS: Individual Payment by Credit Card. Our pop-up shops allow for each student and health professional to pay for their own order by credit card, this minimizes the need for the project lead to collect payment themselves in advance of the order. Using our check out function adds a credit card transaction fee of 3% but greatly reduces the workload of collecting payment manually. Pre-Payment for Total Order. If you choose to collect payment manually, please let us know and we’ll invoice you for the costs before we go into production. Confirming your Team’s Order. After your team orders, we will send a final summary of your order, with all personalization, gender and size details noted. This is for final approval. All customers will be given notice after they receive their order confirmation that they have 48 hours to review their order to ensure accuracy. Shipping: Orders are bulk shipped to one location (generally your school/ department/hospital) for distribution. Generally, once the shop is closed it takes 4-8 weeks to deliver merchandise. Receiving: Review your shipment at delivery or pick up to ensure the content of your shipment was delivered as expected. Open the boxes to recount all the jackets before distributing them. Our decorator double counts your order before shipping out and you have 1 week to notify us with any issues. Congratulations! Once we have this info we can set up your pop up shop within 1 week and we can start the orders. We will provide a FAQ/How to Guide for you to share with your team that explains how to order and what to expect in terms of timelines and shipping.

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