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TEACHERS NOTE Ardmac is an international construction company that delivers high-value workspaces and technical environments. Ardmac will open school placements throughout the academic year in its Dublin Head Quarters located in Swords Co. Dublin. This will be an exciting opportunity for senior cycle students to join the team and shadow departments from Architecture and Engineering to Marketing and Finance.

Data Centre Solutions Cleanrooms Fit-out &

Refurbishments Building Offsite



A CAREER IN CONSTRUCTION? The construction industry is a vibrant industry sector that offers many and varied career opportunities to young people. The industry needs this new talent in order to grow the Irish economy across all sectors and to meet the needs of an increasing population. WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION There is a perception that our industry is male- orientated and does not present the same opportunities to all, but the fact is women are the answer to skills shortages in this industry. The construction Industry is more than what you might typically see on TV on a building site. It is packed with opportunities for skilled trades people, surveyors, architects, engineers and project managers. The gender stereotype of construction, coupled with an outdated image of the industry has contributed to the low number of women taking construction subjects at second level and entering into apprenticeships. Higher numbers of women in construction will lead to more productive, diverse and efficient industry. Ardmac are proud to have a diverse team, we have featured job profiles by talented, celebrated women and men in their field.



Our vision is to be the contractor of choice for clients and the workplace of choice for great people. At Ardmac, our reputation is built by delivering results and exceeding client expectations. In over 40 years, we have grown from a small Irish operation to the leading provider of high-tech cleanrooms, data centre solutions, quality fit-outs, specialised refurbishments, and turn-key construction of manufacturing facilities across Europe.

430 The number of people working at Ardmac.

65 The number of people on the Ardmac team for over 10 years.

Created by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project

05 The number of years in a row we won the RoSPA Order of Distinction Award. 450,000m 2 The amount of m 2 Data Centre space we’ve built to date.

20 The number of years in a row we won the RoSPA Gold Award for Heslth and safety.

Created by Adriansyah from the Noun Project

200,000m 2 The amount of

Created by I Putu Kharismayadi from the Noun Project

Cleanroom space we’ve built in the last 6 years.



Senior Quantity Surveyor Catherine Greene

HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED WITH ARDMAC? I have worked in Ardmac since October 2017. HOW DID YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? Throughout school I was always interested in the STEM subjects, I knew I wanted to work with numbers but just wasn’t sure in what career path. After discussing it with my Dad who works in construction he told me about Quantity Surveying and from there I read up about the course in Ulster University, enrolled and haven’t looked back since. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ARDMAC? Ardmac work in many different areas of the construction industry, from Fit-Out to Design and Build, Pharmaceutical to Cleanrooms not just in Ireland but throughout the UK and Europe too. There are always opportunities to work in the different units of Ardmac which has always been really attractive to me as it is a way of continuing to develop and learn. The vast opportunities that Ardmac can provide were definitely one of the main reasons why I chose Ardmac.

Quantity construction economists, sometimes known as construction cost consultants, work for either the client or contractor and can be based in an office or on site. surveyors and Their role is to manage all costs relating to construction projects from initial design calculations to the final account, seeking to minimise costs and enhance value for money, while achieving the required standards and quality.


WHAT IS THE CULTURE AT ARDMAC LIKE? Ardmac has a very motivating culture, they have great Graduate programmes designed to advance young people working in the different aspects of the Construction Industry which is essential to grow and progress outside of the classroom. Outside of the Graduate programmes Ardmac also offer great training programmes open to all, and are very supportive when looking at ways to develop your career and yourself as a Construction Professional offering seasoned mentors and strong teamwork to help you through. WHAT DO YOU LIKEMOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? I enjoy working on different Projects and the challenges that come with them, no two projects are the same. I also like working with different teams and clients on Projects, there is nothing better than a happy client on completion of a Project and being involved in the process from the beginning to completion. ADVICE FOR SOMEONE STARTING OUT AS A QUANTITY SURVEYOR? Coming out of College I think your first job is really important as the first few years are all about learning from people you are working with and the opportunities that each project gives, therefore my advice would be not to settle for a job or a company that you know is not right for you and your development. There is only so much you can learn in a classroom- your experience is key!

Most commonly reported Work Activities

Getting information Estimating the quantifiable characteristics of products, events, or information Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates Analysing data or information Processing information Documenting/recording information Updating and using relevant knowledge Making decisions and solving problems Communicating with persons outside organisation

Most commonly reported work activities listed from



construction manager David buckley

HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED WITH ARDMAC? I’ve been working with Ardmac since 2017. HOW DID YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? I attended Sligo IT for 4 years finishing off with an honours degree in project management. Following on from this an opportunity within Ardmac as a construction graduate presented itself and the rest is history as they say! The past 4 years in Ardmac have been by no means a walk in the park, this industry requires a lot of determination, resilience and competency to progress along with trust in the team you have. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ARDMAC? The graduate programme offered a different approach to the construction industry giving opportunity’s to newly graduated college students in a number of sectors within the 2 year programme allowing you to decide and understand better which aspects of the Ardmac team you would prefer to be a part of, where your strengths lay and what areas you needed to improve on if you were to pursue a more senior role in years to come.

Construction managers supervise, control and co-ordinate the construction of building, civil engineering, engineering and architectural projects on-site. Theymakesure thatprojectsareconstructed within time, quality and cost limits. They need to keep track of all sub contractors on site and make sure that all workers have relevant paperwork. Because they work on- site, construction managers are sometimes known as construction site managers or site managers.


WHAT IS THE CULTURE AT ARDMAC LIKE? Ardmac is definitely a fast paced collaborative and passionate team to be a part of, always striving for excellence and leading the way in all aspects of construction whether its leading technologies, innovative lean construction methods, Ardmac are always at the forefront as a modern company. WHAT DO YOU LIKEMOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? The Construction Industry is a fast paced, challenging and difficult job. Everyday varies, there are always new obstacles to overcome however that is what makes it enjoyable. The challenge and satisfaction of hitting your major milestones and delivering a project as part of a team safely and successfully. It’s the small wins on a weekly basis that keep the motivation going, refusing to be ousted by any challenge. WHAT DO YOU FEEL IS YOUR GREATEST WORK ACHIEVEMENT Being given the opportunity to manage and deliver my very first project as the construction manager, I was given this opportunity just 18months (supported by the project manager and wider team) into my 2 year grad programme which showed the trust Ardmac had in me. ADVICE FOR SOMEONE STARTING OUT AS A CONSTRUCTION MANAGER? Ensure that you fully understand the commitment required, the challenges and determination required to succeed within the construction industry. This industry is extremely demanding and you must have a strong passion for construction as a whole.

Most commonly reported Work Activities

Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates Resolving Conflicts and Negotiating with Others

Scheduling Work and Activities

Getting Information

Organising, Planning, and Prioritising Work

Communicating with Persons Outside Organisation

Developing and Building Teams

Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

Most commonly reported work activities listed from



Data Centre site Manager Tadhg Curran

HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED WITH ARDMAC? I joined Ardmac in September 2018 following completion of my BSc (Hons) in Construction Management. I spent the summer prior to joining in Boston and when I arrived home I applied to joinArdmac’s graduateprogramme. My first project appointment with Ardmac was on a pharmaceutical site in Cork where I covered my commercial and site management phase of the programme. HOW DID YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? My progression in Ardmac could be credited to hard work and dedication to the project, but equally as important are the teams I have been lucky to work with. The guidance I have received from my peers and managers and overall the friendship and comradery I found with Ardmac, that creates a comfortable work environment making it much easier to ask questions and seek advice whenever it was required. Since joining I have always had team members and senior managers who are available at any hour of the day to take a call for advice or simply just to run over the works of the day. I’ve never been afraid to try something new with Ardmac as even if I got it wrong there has been someone there to help steer me in the right direction. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ARDMAC? The industries in which Ardmac work are some of the most progressive and interesting out there. The company itself is constantly looking

Day to day, construction site managers would take on a wide range of responsibilities. Their core tasks include solving problems that occur on site.


for ways to move forward with construction management software, lean construction and off-site construction among other things. The graduate programme on offer also gave me flexibility in being able to explore different departmentswithinthecompany. This included commercial, quality & safety, planning and site management. This was attractive as coming straight from college I wanted to get a flavour of each before deciding on exactly what path I wanted to proceed with. WHAT IS THE CULTURE AT ARDMAC LIKE? I have always found the culture at Ardmac to be great. You can reach out to anyone in the company nomatter what part of the world they are in and it is as if you have been working with themevery day for the last ten years. Each team I have been part of works hard to do things the “Ardmac way”, whether that is with our approach to safety first, our quality standards or how we communicate and operate as a team. There is always a sense of we are in this together, there are no lone soldiers. WHAT DO YOU LIKEMOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Every day is a brand new day. New challenges come by the hour on a live project and working as part of a strong team to deal with the challenges to deliver a high quality product for our clients definitely keeps the brain very active. Having the opportunity to be part of delivering critical projects for some of the world’s largest clients is a great sense of achievement. Getting recognised for the hard work and seeing progression within the company is also very rewarding when you have committed to a project for so long. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU HAVE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN THE GRADUATE PROGRAMME? If you are looking to join a company which offers progression, flexibility and experience which is second to none then Ardmac is a great place for you. At Ardmac you will be exposed to some of the industry’s top technological advancements in BIM and lean initiatives while working for some of the words largest and respected clients in a variety of locations ranging from Ireland, United Kingdom and many other countries across Europe.

Most commonly reported Work Activities

Making decisions and Solving problems Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates

Resolving conflicts and negotiating with others Scheduling work and activities Getting information Organising, planning, and prioritising work Communicating with persons outside organisation Developing and building teams Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships

Most commonly reported work activities listed from



Senior Architectural Technologist Lisa Donnegan

Architectural technologists and technicians can be involved in the whole construction process from the drawing of plans to the examination of completed building work. They also work on site surveys, administrative procedures to do with building regulations, fire safety certificates, planning applications, the building contract, etc. Some technologists develop specialisations in particular areas, such as specification writing, technology, materials, regulations, or CAD management, for example.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED WITH ARDMAC? I’ve been working with Ardmac since 2016. HOW DID YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? Hard work – I qualified towards the end of the recession so it wasn’t very promising on the job front – I got an internship in Carlow IT in the facilities dept when I graduated. I realised it was going to be a while before I found a job as a Technologist. So I decided I would start contacting Architect’s firms and offer my services for free in order to have some experience for when jobs became available. So for 6 months I worked in an architectural practise during the week and continued my part time job I had in college at weekends. I then moved to an Architectural & Planning company where I was for two years before starting in Ardmac. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ARDMAC? I’d out grown planning and housing and wanted a change. WHAT IS THE CULTURE AT ARDMAC LIKE? Stressful, empowering and challenging all at the same time. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? The people, I work with a great team & seeing projects you worked on being constructed. ADVICE FOR SOMEONE STARTING OUT AS AN ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGIST? Always be willing to learn and if you make a mistake the earlier you admit it the smaller a mistake it is. It’s far easier to correct when it’s still on paper.

Most commonly reported Work Activities

Drafting, laying out, and specifying technical devices, parts, and equipment.

Documenting / recording information.

Getting information.

Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates.

Identifying objects, actions, and events.

Organising, planning, and prioritising work.

Updating and using relevant knowledge.

Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards. Estimating the quantifiable characteristics of products, events, or information.

Most commonly reported work activities listed from



THE PROGRAMME Students will join the Ardmac team for 1 week to shadow industry professionals in our architectural technology, quantity surveying, estimating and engineering departments. Students will also get the opportunity to visit one of our active sites. All safety clothings and equipment will be provided and they will experience a live, working project and meet many different personnel that make it happen. Students will be required to keep a daily diary of their tasks and learnings, and submit an end of placement survey to help us improve the student placement programme for years to come. Typical placement hours will be Monday to Thursday 9am to 3pm. Friday will be 9am - 12pm followed by a site visit.


Our vision is to be the contractor of choice for clients and the workplace of choice for great people. Please submit a short CV to human.resources@ardmac. com with your details, what area of construction you are interested in and why you would like to join the Ardmac team for your placement. We will contact students for a short phone interview and successful students will be offered the placement.


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Dublin +353 (0) 1 894 8800 Manchester +44 (0) 161 866 8086 Craigavon +44 (0) 283 834 7093 Brussels +32 (0) 10 229 705


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